Bustle's Editors On The Super Bowl + 'SNL'

Happy post-Super-Bowl Monday! If you watched the game (or even just halftime), you're probably feeling some extreme emotions today. Maybe you're thrilled about the Patriots' win, or heartbroken over the Falcons' loss, or simply still in awe over Lady Gaga's performance and all those can't-miss commercials. Whatever you're feeling, know that you're most certainly not the only one.

The Super Bowl wasn't the only thing on people's minds this Monday, though. Read on for a recap of all the news and the events that had Bustle's editors talking today — and OK, yes, the big game is first.

The Super Bowl + What You Missed

If you somehow weren't aware, last night was a little sporting event called the Super Bowl, and spoiler alert: The Patriots won. Here's what to know: Tom Brady made history (despite that Trump-related backlash), overtime happened for the first time ever, Lady Gaga totally killed it during halftime, the commercials made everyone cry, the movie and TV trailers were plentiful, and Stranger Things Season 2 looks good.

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Melissa McCarthy + That Impression

It may have happened on Saturday night, but everyone is still obsessed with Melissa McCarthy's amazingly spot-on impression of Sean Spicer, Trump's press secretary, on SNL. Now, Spicer has responded, and suffice to say he's not as into the impression as audiences clearly are.

Maddie Spears Update: On Sunday night, it was reported that Jamie Lynn Spears' eight-year-old daughter, Maddie, was critically hurt in an ATV accident. Details are still unknown, but Jamie Lynn's father told ET on Monday that the family hopes people will "pray for our baby Maddie." Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Silicon Valley + Uniting Against Trump

This is very, very cool. On Monday, it was announced that 97 (!) of America's top tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Netflix, had banded together to sign a brief discussing how the Trump travel ban is hurting their businesses. It's incredibly rare for this kind of unity to happen within a giant industry, and here's what the tech groups' amicus brief means for Trump and his immigration ban.

Pro Tip: It's no secret that we're all way too addicted to Twitter and Instagram, but here's how to use social media responsibly to save your mental health from disaster.

Women's March + Strike

The Women's March on Washington may be over, but the movement is still going strong. On Monday, the group behind the march announced plans for a one-day general women's strike, called A Day Without a Woman. The date is still TBD, but you'll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for more news.

Trend Alert: Thigh makeup is a thing now, and it's as weird as it sounds. You're welcome.

Valentine's Day + Last-Minute Shopping

It's Feb. 6 — have you bought your Valentine's Day gifts yet? If you still haven't scheduled a trip to the stores, don't fret, as these 13 simple Valentine's Day gifts are perfect for last-minute shoppers (cough, cough). And if celebrating friendship, not romance, is more your thing, check out these 23 Galentine's Day gift ideas, all under 20 dollars.

Fun Fact: New York City is the most sexually active city for millennials, according to a new survey. Congrats, Big Apple residents.

Today's WTF Moment: This is how long it would take to watch every single Netflix original series. Don't try it at home.

What to Watch: It's Bachelor night! If watching Nick Viall attempt to fall in love isn't for you, though, check out a new episode of Jane the Virgin, at 9 p.m. on the CW.