What Your Next Plant Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Space & light are important, but you also want your energies to match.

by Alice Broster
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A houseplant brings with it so much joy.
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Having plants in your home is such a joy. And if Instagram is anything to go by, some people are able to take it a whole new level, curating jungles in their tiny inner-city flats and filling rooms with healthy looking green things. But, if you’re anything like me, you’ll know the pain of buying a plant only for it to die two weeks later. It feels like the universe is stacked against you. But... maybe it is? Us millennials know better than anyone that astrology has strange ways of impacting our lives, so why not consult the stars when picking your next plant? I chatted to two plant experts who helped me think about what plant you should buy based on your zodiac sign – and the results may just give you the best shot at having an Insta-ready collection in no time. While space and lighting are important factors to consider, you also want to make sure your energies to match.

According to Google Trends, people have become much more invested in the foliage they bring into their house over the last year. This is most likely be down to the fact that we've all been stuck in lockdown, meaning we've needed to bring outdoors to us.

Below, author and plant Instagrammer Alice Vincent and Patch Plant Doctor Richard Cheshire explain different plant personalities, helping us to understand how they might match up with certain zodiac signs. Keep reading to find out which one will work for you.

Aries: Monstera Deliciosa


Aries are known for being confident. You don’t mind stepping out and making a bold statement – and you can easily find a plant to reflect this. Vincent recommends a Monstera Deliciosa, AKA the Swiss Cheese Plant.

“This jungly climber is one of those beauties that helped to usher in the houseplant resurgence of the past decade,” she says, “People often comment on how they bring them into their homes small and they swiftly take over the room: bookshelves, sofas, you name it. But they're so gorgeous you kind of can't argue with it.”

Taurus: Corn Plant

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Taureans are resilient. They don’t just survive in restricted circumstances, they thrive. Cheshire says you could consider corn plants. “They’re excellent in small or narrow spaces and also tolerate light shade and less than ideal light conditions.”

Gemini: Golden Pothos

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Adaptability is such a treasured trait in both people and plants. Geminis are known for being adaptable, as are Golden Pothos. “They’re a beautiful, resilient, and low-maintenance vine that is perfect for beginners and shady spots. [They're] small and compliant and totally pinterest-worthy,” says Vincent – a perfect plant match for an easy-going Gemini.

Cancer: Boston Fern

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Cancers are known for their fierce loyalty and emotional depth. You care deeply and expect that level or respect and attention in return. And why shouldn’t you?

Cheshire says, “Most ferns, including Boston ferns, can be quite diva-like with their care requirements, but once you’ve got this figured out, they are the most rewarding and beautiful plants around.”

Leo: Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata

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Leos are represented by the lion and are known for commanding attention. Not one to shy away from making a statement, there was only one plant Vincent had in mind, “Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata. Every time. The bigger the better.”

Virgo: Snake Plant

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No shade intended here. Virgos are classed as some of the most reliable people in the zodiac. They see what needs to be done and do it themselves. If you’d like your plant to have an equally independent attitude then Cheshire suggests the snake plant, which “thrives on neglect and actually prefers being under-watered.”

Scorpio: Anthurium


Scorpios are known for being passionate, fiery, and so much fun to be around. When you think of houseplants you might automatically think of green leaves but there are so many plants out there to match a Scorpio's colourful personality. Cheshire suggests an Anthurium, which “will reward you with glossy red ‘flowers.’”

Sagittarius: Ficus Elastica


It’s been said that Sagittarians are lovers of freedom. They don’t mind their own space and can get restless quite easily. Vincent says that “most house plants benefit from being a little pot bound but a Ficus Elastica, or rubber plant, will stretch out big time if you plant it in a big pot.” A perfect fit for any Sagittarian out there.

Libra: Boston Fern


Another Boston Fern in the mix. While Libras are often portrayed as indecisive, they’re the sign of balance. The scales which represent them highlight how they value fairness and peace. If you’d like to bring a plant into your space which embodies serenity Vincent says, “Ferns! Boston Ferns, especially. Those soft tumbling fronds are super chill.”

Capricorn: Peace Lily


Capricorns are known for being pragmatic. They’re an earth sign and are pretty grounded. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not ambitious or up for a challenge. Vincent says peace lilies strike a nice balance of being “pretty easy-going” while also producing “beautiful white flowers.” Ideal.

Aquarius: Watermelon Peperomia


Aquarians are characterised as creatives. They might not always show off their achievements but are super unique. Cheshire suggests a Watermelon Peperomia, which are “aptly named for [their] beautiful striped leaves.” It's a plant as unique as you.

Pisces: Tradescantia Nanouk


Empathy, mysticism, and romanticism characterise Pisceans. They’re known to be pleasure-seekers and to enjoy the more magical things in life. Cheshire suggests a Tradescantia Nanouk, which has a “mesmerising colour and trailing shape” that will add a “wild touch to any home.”

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