Here’s How The November 27 Full Moon Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Pay extra attention to your ascendent.

Here's how the Nov. 27 full Beaver moon will affect each rising sign, according to an astrologer.
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You probably don’t need any more stress in your life now that the holidays are in full swing, so you’ll be happy to know the next full moon, called the Beaver moon, won’t arrive until after Thanksgiving on Nov. 27 at 4:16 a.m. ET. Still, la luna’s energy may start to feel unsettled by the time you sit down for dinner on Nov. 23, so if the vibes seem off as you’re chowing down on pumpkin pie, that one uncle won’t be to blame this year. At least, not completely.

Because this lunation will be in the communicative sign of Gemini, you can plan on having a lot of in-depth conversations — and maybe even a few misunderstandings — while you’re home for the holidays, regardless of whether or not the air sign makes an appearance in your birth chart. That said, the Beaver moon is expected to affect each member of the zodiac differently, and this Nov. 27 full moon horoscope can help prepare you for what’s ahead.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving season without some deep belly laughs, and a few silly arguments at the dinner table. As a sign all about communication, the Gemini full moon could either cause some illuminating conversations or aggravating missed connections, depending on the signs of you and your guests.

Though some sun placements will feel the effects of the full moon more than others, each rising sign will be impacted by la luna’s powerful energy in some way, shape, or form. In case you need a refresher, your rising sign, or your Ascendant, influences the way you present yourself to the world. If you don’t know your rising sign off the top of your head, you can calculate yours on Cafe Astrology, so long as you know your birth time and place.

Ahead, astrologer Brilla Samay shares how the full Beaver moon will affect your Ascendant, so you can tackle this next lunation (and your highly-anticipated Thanksgiving meal) with ease.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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While the Gemini full moon will illuminate those with an Aries rising’s third house of communication, Mercury in Sagittarius will urge you to “explore higher truths” as Mercury squares Neptune in your twelfth house. At the same time, the sun and moon will also square Saturn, which may motivate you to face your fears and clarify your spiritual path, per Samay. “This is a time for you to pause, observe, and clarify,” says the expert.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

If you have a Taurus rising, prepare for Mercury in Sagittarius to make you question your beliefs and reexamine the facts. The sun and moon will also square Saturn in your eleventh house during this time, which could lead to trouble within your friend groups. But don’t let that deter you from “cultivating authentic connections,” as this is a time for “you to get specific on what values you live by,” per Samay.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Mercury in Sagittarius is sure to inspire some serious soul-searching for Gemini risings this lunation, which is extremely fitting because the full moon is about to put a spotlight on your first house of identity. But as Mercury squares Neptune in your tenth house, remember to ask yourself if you’re seeing things with a grounded lens.

Meanwhile, as the sun and the moon square Saturn in your tenth house, expect some “karmic lessons in your career and public image,” per the expert. “Strive for authenticity and responsibility in your professional pursuits,” says Samay. “This is a time to hold detailed accountability towards your larger goals in life.”

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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Mercury in Sagittarius is bound to inspire inner exploration for Cancer risings, though self-deception could also be a recurring theme as the optimistic planet squares Neptune in your ninth house. And as the sun and the moon square Neptune in the same house, your beliefs and higher learning could be put under a microscope. “You may be upholding beliefs from highly influential people in your life,” says Samay. “Embrace a disciplined approach to spiritual growth.”

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

As the Beaver moon activates Leo risings’ eleventh house of friendships, Mercury in Sagittarius will likely encourage social connections. Samay warns, however, that misunderstandings may arise as Mercury squares Neptune and the moon and sun square Saturn in your eighth house. “Strive for transparency in your connections,” the expert says. “This time can bring shocking information about friends you have been intuitively questioning.”

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

Virgo risings are about to feel like their whole lives are on display once la luna highlights their tenth house of career and public image. But they won’t mind, because Mercury in Sagittarius will help give them a boost of ambition, according to Samay. That said, be on the lookout for unrealistic goals as Mercury squaring Neptune in your seventh house may distort your reality a bit.

Speaking of the seventh house, the sun and moon will square Saturn in your house of partnerships, which could lead to some trouble within the various factions of your life. “Embrace responsibility and clarity in your relationships,” says Samay. “This is a period to lead with integrity.”

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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The ninth house of exploration will be spotlighted for Libra risings this lunation, while Mercury in Sagittarius will inspire the sign to follow intellectual pursuits. But as Mercury squares Neptune in your sixth house, Samay shares you may be met with “sudden changes” that could spike anxiety.

Your daily routines may also be put on blast as the sun and moon square Saturn in the same house, but as long as you remember to “balance [your] intellectual pursuits with practical well-being,” you’ll make it out of this lunation relatively unscathed. And if there’s one placement who knows a thing or two about balance, it’s Libra.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22)

Mercury in Sagittarius may encourage some deep conversations for Scorpio risings, but once the convo becomes about money, it’s probably best for you to disengage, as “financial illusions” will be top of mind once Mercury squares Neptune in your fifth house.

Meanwhile, “karmic lessons in creativity and self-expression” are very possible as the moon and sun square Saturn in your house of pleasure. “Embrace discipline in pursuing your passions,” says Samay. “This is a time to clarify your creative aspirations.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

This full moon is all about relationships for Sagittarius risings. Not only will la luna illuminate your seventh house of partnerships, but Mercury in Sagittarius will spark open communication with others as well.

That said, misunderstandings could arise as Mercury squares Neptune and the sun and moon square Saturn in your fourth house of home and family, per Samay. Instead of starting “emotionally charged conversations that can be avoidable,” the expert urges to use this period to “build new family foundations and traditions.”

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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Mercury in Sagittarius may inspire Capricorn risings to follow their intellectual pursuits, but Samay warns that misunderstandings could take over as the planet squares Neptune in the third house of communication.

Karmic lessons in conversations and learning may also be on the horizon for the sign, as the sun and moon will square Saturn in the third house as well. “Strive for clarity in your daily interactions,” Samay says. “Right now is a time to bring intention to details.”

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

With the Beaver moon highlighting Aquarius risings’ fifth house of creativity and Mercury in Sagittarius inspiring artistic expression, there’s never been a better time for the rising placement to embark on a new creative endeavor. However, matters of finances and self-worth may also be of importance this lunation, as the sun and moon are expected to illuminate your second house of money and material things, per Samay.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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Mercury in Sagittarius is bound to encourage some serious introspection for Pisces risings, and having the moon and sun square Neptune in the first house of self won’t exactly help that. “How do your emotions align with the person you are every day?” Samay wonders. “Embrace authenticity in your journey of self-discovery. This is a time to carve out an authentic version of yourself.”


Brilla Samay, astrologer, mentor, and spiritual advisor