Here’s Your Horoscope For May 2022

Grow up and glow up.

Your horoscope for May 2022.
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May will be a month of self-discovery and prioritizing your needs, starting with Venus’ entry into impulsive Aries on May 2. The planet of self-worth and affection will encourage you to initiate new romantic flings and practice self-love by putting yourself first, unapologetically. Reconsidering ideas you were previously sure of could knock your confidence on May 10, when analytical Mercury begins its retrograde in Gemini. However, you will feel inspired to think less and act more when Jupiter enters Aries on the same day, leaving you feeling empowered to attract positive outcomes through self-belief.

Brace yourself for May 16, as the dramatic total lunar eclipse in Scorpio — a destabilizing full moon — clicks into place, challenging you to release your attachments and resentment toward the past and grow up. Prepare for Gemini season on May 20 by igniting your inner social butterfly, but remember not to push yourself to socialize after your social battery has run dry. Mercury, the planet of mindset and communication, will re-enter Taurus on May 22 during its backward motion. Expect delays when making decisions, or waiting on others to do so. When independent and assertive Mars reigns in its rulership sign, Aries, on May 24, it will finally restore your drive and motivation, leaving you feeling energized and active.

On May 28, you may consider taking your partnerships to the next level when Venus moves into grounded and stable Taurus. Indulge in self-care rituals and work to build trust and security with the people you care about. With the vibrant new moon in Gemini happening on May 30, expect to feel more excited about your future, albeit unsure of how you’ll make it come to life. Set the intention to be true to yourself by being honest about your wants, needs, and priorities.

Happy birthday, Gemini!

Aries May Horoscope

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Take risks without being reckless this month. You may feel physically ready to follow your heart, but if you’re mentally distracted, your lack of direction will hold you back. Get ready to release the heavy memories that keep you stuck in the past. When you make peace with the things you cannot change and forgive yourself for not knowing what you know now, you’ll feel ready to start over.

Taurus May Horoscope

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You will feel more independent and self-reliant this month, which is great. But don’t be afraid to reach out for guidance or inspiration when you’re stuck or unsure of yourself — it won’t erase the fact that you’ve been working hard on your own. You and your partner might have to revisit past issues that you failed to address thoroughly the last time you talked about them. This could be an opportunity to strengthen your bond and grow together through forgiveness.

Gemini May Horoscope

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Confusion about who you are and where your life is headed shouldn't stop you from dreaming big and taking every exciting opportunity that arises. If you step outside of your comfort zone, you'll find yourself in the right place at the right time to make a long-lasting memory or friendship. You will face difficult reminders to balance setting intentions and actually getting things done in your work life. It may be time to grow up and get focused.

Cancer May Horoscope

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Doing what you love will be your driving force this month as your ambitious nature is riled up. But you’ll have to transcend any mental limitations, such as worry or self-doubt, which are holding you back from taking risks to accelerate your career. Post lunar eclipse, your focus will turn to your love life and whether you’re demonstrating your affections appropriately. Consider whether you’ve truly healed from the past or if you’ve allowed feelings of distrust, jealousy, or possessiveness to trouble you.

Leo May Horoscope

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Your optimism and self-belief will be your greatest asset this month, allowing you to push through moments of doubt concerning your goals or friendship drama that might emerge. Remember to set boundaries to protect your peace and happiness — friendships and dreams should uplift and inspire you, not leave you feeling drained. You may realize you still have some unexpected feelings rooted in childhood experiences that influence your perception of trust and loyalty today. What can you do to set yourself free?

Virgo May Horoscope

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Sometimes you have to let your passion lead the way in your career and learn through experience — even if that includes making mistakes. Trust your instincts instead of relying solely on your intellect and notice how your professional life is positively influenced by a little more heart and less analysis. As the month progresses, you’ll be challenged to give second chances to people or matters you’ve already developed a definitive opinion of.

Libra May Horoscope

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Take the lead in your partnerships. Plan an adventurous date for you and your partner or something spontaneous with your BFF. Your outlook is subject to change, which will leave you craving fulfilling experiences rather than surface-level conversations. The solar eclipse in Taurus will invite you to explore your feelings of security and how they contribute to your external attachments. What will help you to love yourself more and care less about what others think?

Scorpio May Horoscope

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A huge new beginning is headed your way. It will require you to be honest about who you’re becoming and the tendencies you have to release to become the best version of yourself. Your inner restlessness will fuel you to knock things off your to-do list but could cause mental exhaustion if you don't take enough breaks. While your natural curiosity is admirable, try to avoid getting into a habit of over-explaining your thoughts and emotions.

Sagittarius May Horoscope

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The heat will be dialed up in your romantic life this month, encouraging you to take the initiative to ask someone out or impulsively confess your feelings for them. While you’re leading with your heart and doing what feels right, you might get stuck overthinking where things are going and whether you’re ready to commit. It’s OK to be unsure of what you want in the future, so long as you live honestly and enthusiastically in the present. Consider whether your unhealed wounds surrounding past betrayals are contributing to your confusion about starting something new.

Capricorn May Horoscope

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There could be tension this month that leads you to defend yourself and the home or life that you’ve built. The flow of your daily routine will be disrupted, inviting you to reflect on the habits that could do with some adjustments. Your focus will be on living the healthiest and happiest life possible. This will require you to let go of any objectives rooted in proving others wrong rather than doing what’s best for yourself.

Aquarius May Horoscope

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Speaking your truth will position you as a leader this month. However, you’ll feel the pressure to be more responsible and intentional with the words you use. Be aware of how they can influence others. You may be quick to make decisions that seem exciting at the moment but impulsive and careless in retrospect. If an ex resurfaces, seek a second opinion from a friend on how to handle them.

Pisces May Horoscope

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Your self-assurance will soar this month, allowing you to be more assertive and goal-oriented with your daily intentions. However, you might be distracted by matters at home, or concerning your family. You might realize that you no longer resonate with what you believed during your upbringing or who you used to be. A massive shift to your outlook will mature your perspective, enabling you to seek new truths and remember who you are and your purpose.