31 Birthday Nail Art Ideas For 2023 That Give Main Character Energy


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In the wise words of a one Aubrey “Drake” Graham — “turn my birthday into a lifestyle” has become the unofficial official anthem (and overriding sentiment) when it comes to one’s birthday celebrations and antics. And while a fire ‘fit, some seriously gorgeous glam, and freshly done tresses is most definitely a must when that special day rolls around, a set of flashy birthday nails (and matching pedicure) that pops is truly the underrated icing on the Funfetti cake.

It goes without saying that this year’s birthdays are sure to have a major hot pink-hued, Barbiecore-esque influence in light of the movie’s hard-to-miss power. Even Miss Selena Gomez opted for some bubblegum pink nails and a special Barbie viewing party for her 31st last month.

Though if you’re among the few that are not so much into vivid shades of pink — celeb-loved aura nails (which are surprisingly easy to recreate at-home), classic French tips, and on-trend 3D details are a birthday-approved go-to.

Whether you’re a bold Leo, a grounded Taurus, or even a dreamy Pisces — here are 31 birthday nail art ideas, from understated “quiet luxury” vibes to bold glitter Barbie French tips, that will give main character energy for your big day.

Birthday Barbie Pink

Take cues from Selena Gomez and opt for some bubblegum pink nails for your birthday.

Birthday Suit Chrome

Elevate some “your nails but better” hues with a chromatic finish.

Rep Your Birth Year

Rep your birth year with gothic numbers and letters for an eye-catching manicure.

Disco Night

For birthday dance parties and beyond, chrome French tips are playful and unique.

Vibrant Cobalt Tips

Recently spotted on Kendall Jenner’s nails (along with Cardi B’s eyes), this shade of blue is unexpected, bold, and fit for any birthday celebration.

Butterfly Wing Art

This iridescent butterfly manicure will have you in your early 2000s feels.

Single Stud French Tips

Add an itty bit of sparkle to a classic French manicure.

Y2K Denim Daze

For a manicure that is more like a work of art, replicate denim textures on your tips for a vibe that sets you apart.

A Bit Of Quiet Luxury

Follow Margot Robbie’s lead and paint your tips with a sheer pink nail lacquer for an always-in mani.

Glitter Barbie Frenchies

Glitter and hot pink? Yes, please.

RIP To The Old You

Say goodbye to the old you and enter the next chapter of your life with a glamorous skeleton-themed set.

Wrapped In A Bow

In place of traditional white French tips, opt for some tiny ribbons instead.

On-Trend Mod Moment

Seen on celebs like Christina Aguilera and Vanessa Hudgens, this mod manicure is most definitely a breakout trend in the world of nail art trends.

Birthday Bussdown

Pick your base color (like this royal purple, for one) and adorn your tips with glittering, diamond-like rhinestones.

Holographic Unicorn Nails

These unicorn nails are like the viral glazed donut tips, but with a holographic twist.

Dark Balletcore

Balletcore manis are A-lister approved, thanks to the likes of Emily Ratajkowski.

Abstract Chrome Details

Seen on the likes of Hailey Bieber, abstract chrome details are having their moment in pop culture.

Gilded 3D Stiletto Tips

Celebrate your birthday (or birth month, if that’s your vibe) with tips that have 3D gold details.

Blackberry Glazed Donut

Take the classic glazed donut trend and opt for some darker hues instead for a mani that’s all your own.

So Extra Rainbow Swirls

If full-on color is your vibe, you may want to consider these unique rainbow nails.

Pretty Pink Aura

Whether you opt for a playful shade of pink or not, aura nails are always a vibe.

Shiny Lip Gloss Nails

Lip gloss nails are basically a fancy way of saying you like your neutral polishes with some serious high-shine.

Colorful Micro Tips

Micro French nails are the perfect way to incorporate some color into your set without drawing too much attention to your hands.

Spell Out Your Sign

“Insert Zodiac Sign Here.”

Understated 3D Details

Create some eye-catching texture on minimal tips with some cool-girl 3D lines.

Money Moves

Birthdays mark a period of leveling up in life — and what better representation of that than a mani that reminds you to get to the bag?

Patchwork Airbrush Art

Have fun with your birthday nails by painting on some very Y2K-inspired artwork on every single tip.

Bedazzled Frenchies

Who said French manicures had to be basic?

Red Hot Flames

Turn up the heat on some French tips with some red flames.

Monochromatic Optical Illusion Art

Are these not the coolest set of nails ever?

Be The Star

If you so happen to prefer low-key manis (but still want to do something special for your birthday), adding some itty bitty star-shaped rhinestones on top of your go-to nail polish hue is for sure the move.

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