11 Netflix Shows To Watch If You Love 'SATC'

While Sex and The City may be over, it is definitely not forgotten. This beloved series has left many of Sex and the City fans looking for the next TV show binge. Whether you're looking to watch a show about strong, confident women or just need to see the NYC skyline again, Netflix has you covered. Don't sit idly by watching re-run after re-run of our favorite ladies (although that's always a great option, too). Skip ahead to the next best thing.

There are plenty of shows out there ready to satisfy your SATC needs. Who needs Carrie and Mr. Big when their are plenty of whirlwind romances out there yet to be discovered (or watched — whatever)? It's time to move on from only watching these brunching beauties, and find out what else Netflix has to offer. While no show can ever replace SATC, there are definitely some that can fill the void. Whether it's a show about sexy doctors or confident female journalists, there is a TV show out there waiting for your attention. Here are a few of my favorite binge-worthy shows that are great for anyone who loves Sex and The City.

1. Lipstick Jungle

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Based off of another Candace Bushnell series, Lipstick Jungle is great for those who want to sink their teeth into the sexy lives of three career-driven women. Also, sexy Robert Buckley if shirtless from time to time. It's kind of perfect.

2. The Carrie Diaries

This is an obvious choice. If you loved Carrie in SATC, you're going to love her even more in The Carrie Diaries. This show gives us a look back at her fabulous younger years when she first moves to NYC.

3. Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane focuses on a strong woman moving to the big city to start her career as a reporter. Carrie-wannabes rejoice! This show has so many twists and turns that you'll die to be along for the ride. Also, Gabrielle Union absolutely kills it in this show.

4. Pretty Little Liars

If Spencer Hastings isn't a Miranda, then I don't know who is.

5. Gossip Girl

You know you love it. Xoxo.

6. Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is all about a group of twenty something singles trying to navigate the roads of love. While it didn't last that long (i.e. one season), it's definitely one that you're going to want to add to your queue.

7. 90210

Get your weekly dose of drama with these high school teens. In the reboot of 90210 , each episode is jam packed with romance, drama, and sexy angst. The girls from SATC would approve.

8. Emily Owens MD

Emily Owens is a sassy doctor trying to make her mark on the medical world. Throw in a complicated romance to spice things up, and you have the perfect combination for a Netflix binge.

9. New Girl

Instead of four fashionable ladies, how about a cast of lovable male roommates instead? This quirky cast is absolutely hilarious, and perfect for those who want to laugh, cry, and see the occasional naked man.

10. Call The Midwife

Looking to watch a period piece about a group of strong women? Those show is beautifully written, and great for those looking for a modern-day escape.

11. Army Wives

I was absolutely obsessed with this show when it first premiered. This group of army wives will do anything (and I mean, anything) for their friends and family. With that type of attitude, you know this show is going to bring a lot of drama.

Go grab some popcorn and Pinot. It's time for your next Netflix binge.

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