Amanda Chatel
Amanda is a writer who divides her time between NYC and Paris. She's a regular contributor to Mic, YourTango, Livingly, and TheBolde. Other bylines include: Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, The Atlantic, Forbes, YouBeauty, Huffington Post, The Frisky, and BlackBook. Her greatest dream is to win a cheesecake eating contest while holding a baby panda.

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7 Positions Your Partner Has Probably Never Tried

No matter how experienced your partner might be, there’s a good chance they haven’t tried all the sex positions out there. You have to figure if you take a look at the Kama Sutra, that boasts at least a hundred, then take into consideration sex positions that evolved from that or modified versions that people came up with on their own, there are probably hundreds and hundreds of sex positions from which to choose. Maybe even a thousand, depending on how flexible you are! Having so many sex posit…

By Amanda Chatel

9 Sex Positions For When You’re Feeling Lazy AF

I’m the first one to admit that I can be pretty lazy in bed. As someone who lives her life in black and white, with little room for a gray area, I either give sex 120 percent or 10 percent… or maybe it’s more like five percent. Although that might be generous, too. But the fact is, as someone who has a really high sex drive, I almost always want to have sex and at least 50 percent of the time I want to have lazy sex. Which is absolutely not a bad a thing, especially because I’m aware of it and I…

By Amanda Chatel

This Is The Position Women Really Want In Bed

When it comes to sex positions, men and women aren’t always on the same page. While there are definitely places where we overlap — both men and women listed doggy style as their favorite sex position in a recent survey by online doctor DrEd — there are places where we couldn’t be more different. Not just in our sex position preferences, but in how we learn about new positions, communicate them to our partners, and even how we execute them — should we find the courage to do so, in the hopes of no…

By Amanda Chatel