These 17 Netflix Original Movies Are Perfect For Your Next Date Night

What might feel dull and overdone is not to be ignored.

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With all the articles out there about exciting, unusual, and unconventional date ideas, the idea of sitting on a couch and watching a movie might seem... quaint. Yet what might feel dull and overdone is not to be ignored; after all, Netflix and chill nights are classics for a reason. Sometimes you just want to close out the rest of the world and spend a quiet night in with the one you love, and enjoy some on-screen entertainment together. And if that's the case for you, you're in luck. Here are 17 movies on Netflix perfect for your next date night.

This list includes plenty of romance, romantic comedies, romantic thrillers, and romantic dramas — after all, why not take advantage of the human brain's hardwiring for mimicry and use movie scenes as excellent examples for your and your boo to follow? There's also a smattering of the various types of love beyond romantic — the bromance and buddying up of Pee-Wee's Big Holiday, the love of a girl for her pet and bestie that pushes her to get her back at all costs in Okja, and a dad trying to win back the affection of his daughter with his newly-acquired superpowers in Psychokinesis. As these films show, love is indeed a many-splendored thing.



A screw-up during a shady deal (who thought there'd be two green bags?!) leads to a tense two-day meet-cute as hustler Danny and driver Ellie weave through New York City trying to fix their mistake.


Our Souls At Night

Superstars Robert Redford and Jane Fonda reunite in this charming tale of late love, a rare film acknowledging the loneliness of older age (and if you're into this, check out The African Queen for an earlier, similar superstar pairing of Bogie and Hepburn).



A different sort of love shines through this gonzo action thriller as a young girl goes through hell, high water, and a well-meaning guerilla animal rights squad to get back her beloved, genetically engineered superpig.


Catching Feelings

A film grappling with tough issues like institutional racism, infidelity, oppression, and what happens when two people have different visions of the future sounds like a grim watch for a cozy night in. But this film is levied with humor, warm relationships, and interesting discussion that balance it out for a great watch.


The Discovery

A doctor discovers definitive proof of an afterlife; millions commit suicide to "get there" faster. But where exactly are they headed, and how does it differ from life on Earth? A man and woman try to figure it out while coming to terms with their own trauma in this high-concept mystery that'll appeal to Black Mirror fans.



When a video he made to cheer his sick dad mocking his superhero-obsessed girlfriend goes viral, Jeremy hatches a plan to get her back... also by making a video about superheroes.


Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

Fraternal love is just as important, and the oddball delight of Pee-Wee's Big Holiday embraces it fully. Be weird, be yourself, and make some friends along the way, especially if they're hunky Joe Manganiello.


I Am Not An Easy Man

An unabashed chauvinist wakes up in a gender-flipped world, where men have always been oppressed and women aren't moving that fast to change things. He meets his match in a famous author (ah, fantasy films) who's also a chauvinist, but the sparks are real.



When a doofus dad suddenly finds himself with telekinetic superpowers, everything he wants is within reach, but his estranged daughter still remains distant. Hoping to use his newfound powers to win her back and help her life, he might end up causing more trouble than good.


Two Lovers And A Bear

Two broken people find love in one of the harshest, remotest regions in the world, but their small happiness breaks up when Lucy's past comes back to haunt her. The magical realism of this story increases as it goes, as Roman communicates with nature to try and hold on to what they have.


Set It Up

Two lowly assistants being driven insane by their bosses' demands hatch a plan: get them to fall in love, or at least have enough sex that the two of them can get a moment's rest.


Lust Stories

Four internationally acclaimed directors share tales of realistic romance and love bound by everyday woes in this earnest anthology.


To Each Her Own

Simone's life is difficult enough trying to tell her conservative Jewish family she's a lesbian, and that's before falling for a Sengalese chef, a guy, she meets at a party.


Happy Anniversary

If there's a Big Conversation you've been hoping to have (or avoid), this might be the film for you (or not). Trying to figure out whether they should break up or salvage their three-year relationship, a couple looks back on what brought them together.


Ali's Wedding

"A lie begins in the soul, then travels the world," says the protagonist of this Muslim rom-com. Promised to a girl at his father's mosque and expected to be a great doctor, Ali lies about his grades to avoid disappointing his dad, and things spiral out of control from there.



A work trip turns into a raging bender when an overly responsible corporate employee brings along her two freelance friends to the drunken orgy of Ibiza.


When We First Met

A classic rom-com premise of a guy asking "what if" about the One Who Got Away, but this time a) she's happily engaged (not that that's ever stopped a rom-com before) and b) there's a magic time-traveling photo booth involved to actually test the waters.

That's 17 (wildly) different ways to say I Love You, each perfect for an easy hang with the one you care about.