All Of The Astrological Events Happening This June

Proceed with care.

All Of The Astrological Events Happening In June 2023

Welcome to the final weeks of springtime, star babes! Eclipse season is behind you, you survived last month’s Mercury retrograde, and now the astrology of June 2023 is set to serve up some serious sunshine. The first half of 2023 is rounding out with some exciting cosmic transitions — and yes, a couple more retrogrades, too — so you’ll want to take note of June’s major astrological events.

The month opens on a sweet and spicy note, thanks to the full Strawberry Moon in free-spirited Sagittarius and love planet Venus entering glitzy Leo, all within the first week. It’s time to put a fire under your desires! Gemini season 2023 is also in full swing for most of the month, making everyone especially social and inquisitive about the world around them. Things get extra chatty once communication planet Mercury joins the sun in Gemini on June 11, so unleash your inner social butterfly. A week later, the new moon in Gemini helps to wrap up the season, giving you an opportunity to set pre-summer intentions and put your feelings into words.

Speaking of feelings, the sun enters sensitive Cancer on June 21, kicking off Cancer season 2023 and heralding in the summer. With Cancer's zodiac energy at the cosmic helm, it’s time to get in touch with your softer side and connect with the people closest to you — especially once Mercury joins the sun in this water sign on June 26. Additionally, the outer planets’ retrograde season is officially upon us, as both serious Saturn and numinous Neptune will be kicking off their annual backspins this month and pushing folks to do some inner work.

There’s a lot going on, so let’s dive into the details. Here’s the scoop on all the major astrological events in June 2023.

Starting Off With A Fiery Full Moon

This month kicks off with a gorgeous full moon in fiery Sagittarius on June 3. Nicknamed the Strawberry Moon after the fruit that ripens at this time of year, this late-spring lunation is set to be as sweet and juicy as its namesake. The June 2023 full moon connects with motivational Mars, pushing people to boldly expand their horizons and start actualizing their sparkliest aspirations. Meanwhile, a magical alignment between lucky Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny will help you connect with your greater spiritual path. Aim high, believe in yourself, and shoot for the stars!

Love Heats Up With Venus In Leo

Get ready for a red-hot summer of love, because amorous planet Venus enters bombastic Leo on June 5 — joining carnal planet Mars in this feisty fire sign throughout the rest of the month. Ooh la la! With Venus in Leo, matters of love and romance will feel especially playful and passionate, and all zodiac signs will be a little showier with their affections. Everyone craves the royal treatment in romance, so go over the top in your expressions of love.

This transit also sets the stage for the Venus retrograde period that kicks off in Leo next month, so pay attention to what comes up now in regard to love, money, and the things you value in general. You’ll be revisiting these themes through the entirety of the summer — so this cosmic love story is only just beginning.

Peak Gemini Energy With Mercury In Gemini

Gemini season is in full swing throughout the first three weeks of June, so we’ll all feel the witty and whimsical vibes of this mutable air sign. But the season really hits its chit-chatty stride once quick-thinking Mercury enters Gemini on June 11. Gemini is one of Mercury’s home-base signs, so you can look forward to clearer communication, busier social lives, and plenty of stimulating conversations over the coming weeks. With Gemini zodiac vibes on your side, you’ll be flitting from one conversation to the next and processing information at a mile a minute. Catch up on correspondence and enjoy the magic of multitasking — because in Gemini, the mental planet is truly in its power.

Mid-Month Retrograde Action

Pluto retrograde 2023 began last month, but on June 11 it’ll backspin out of Aquarius and return to Capricorn territory, where it’ll spend the remainder of its annual moonwalk. This sign shift prompts us to quietly revisit some of the power struggles or subconscious feelings we experienced back in March. As Pluto crosses over the Aquarius-Capricorn cusp, it’ll form a mystical connection with information-loving Mercury, which could bring about a long-awaited mental breakthrough or reveal some hidden truths.

Soon after, we’ll welcome another planet to the retrograde brigade — because Saturn retrograde begins on June 17. From now until November 4, tough-love planet Saturn will backspin through watery Pisces, pushing you to re-examine your boundaries and make revisions to whatever rules you’re currently living by. It’s a good time to slow down, be more thorough, and process the life lessons you’ve learned throughout the year so far.

A Magical New Moon In Gemini

Welcome to the last lunation of spring! The June 2023 new moon in Gemini hits during the final days of Gemini season, rising late-night on June 17 (or just after midnight on June 18, for those on Eastern time). A lunar squabble with illusive Neptune could make you feel a little unclear about what you want, but this is still a beautiful time to set some fresh intentions for the season ahead. After all, just because you can’t see your destination doesn’t mean you can’t take the first step! A sweet connection between Jupiter and Saturn gives faith in your ability to figure things out as you go, so connect with your truth and trust yourself.

Cancer Season Energy & The Summer Solstice

Riding on the coattails of June’s new moon is another major moment for the luminaries as the sun enters Cancer on June 21, heralding in both Cancer season 2023 and the summer solstice (aka the first day of summer). With the sun swimming through the soft-hearted seas of Cancer, all zodiac signs are likely to feel a little more nostalgic and in touch with their emotions. We’re extra sensitive now, so proceed with care!

A few days later, on June 26, communication planet Mercury follows the sun into Cancer, amplifying the watery and sentimental vibes of the new season. This is a great time for connecting with family members or other close loved ones and can be a helpful period for processing feelings. Just keep in mind that emotions could easily influence our thoughts during this period, so try not to take things too personally.

Neptune Retrograde Begins June 30

The cherry on top of June’s astrological line-up is Neptune retrograde, which kicks off on June 30 and carries on through December 6. Dreamy planet Neptune backspins for about five months each year, so its retrogrades aren’t too outwardly disruptive to our daily lives. However, this mystical influence will subtly strengthen our intuition, allowing us to see the truth behind our fantasies and check in on our spiritual senses.