All The Major Astrological Events Happening In May

It’s bringing a sense of freedom.

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All The Major Astrological Events Happening In May

We’re now officially a third of the way through the year! As we flip our calendars into a new month, we’ll also be switching energetic gears thanks to the fresh astrology of May 2021. April brought us Pluto retrograde, the year’s first supermoon, and lots of grounding Taurus energy. But the major astrological events in May 2021 are even more powerful, so you’ll want to mark your calendar for some key dates.

We kick off the month still in the middle of Taurus season 2021, which culminates with the sensual and inspiring Taurus new moon on May 11. But it won’t feel quite as chill and slow-moving as it did in April, as multiple personal planets shift into quick-thinking Gemini within the first week of May. Retrograde season picks up, too, as both Saturn and Mercury will join Pluto on backward journeys. Jupiter enters Pisces mid-month, which brings good fortune to all zodiac signs. And we officially enter eclipse territory at the end of the month with the full moon/lunar eclipse on May 26, which will bring major revelations that rock our worlds.

The planetary shifts will feel much more palpable than usual this month given that so many planets will leave fixed zodiac signs and enter the realm of mutable zodiac signs. The modalities in astrology (which are cardinal, fixed, and mutable) represent the way zodiac signs operate. Taurus season brought a lot of fixed sign energy, which made us feel focused, hardworking, and steady. But with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all entering mutable zodiac signs this month — not to mention eclipse season kicking off on the mutable Gemini/Sagittarius axis — changes will be waiting around every corner, and we’ll likely start feeling lighter, freer, and more flexible.

Ready for your May 2021 astrological overview? Read on.


Grounded Taurus Energy Vs. Flighty Gemini Vibes

The first few weeks of this month comprise the bulk of Taurus season 2021, which has us focused on building toward our goals in a thoughtful and methodical way. But this slow n’ steady energy takes on a different tone early in the month, as communication planet Mercury enters Gemini on May 3, which lights up our social calendars and gets our minds moving at a faster pace. Planet of love Venus follows suit on May 8, which will have us less interested in deep romantic commitment and more interested in being free and flirty. While Gemini season won’t start until later in the month, these planetary shifts give us a taste of the lighter and more buoyant energy that’s to come.

But Taurus season isn’t over until it’s over, and everyone will feel this sign’s earthy vibes during the May 2021 new moon in Taurus on May 11. During this lunation, the sun and moon will align in Taurus for a beautiful fresh start that’ll put us in touch with our physical senses, as well as our spiritual intuition. It’s a great time to set intentions related to love, money, and pleasure.

A Boost Of Cosmic Luck On May 13

One of the most highly anticipated transits of the year takes place on May 13, when Jupiter enters Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance, and growth, so its presence in the zodiac is almost always a cosmic blessing. But its dip into watery Pisces brings even more magic, given that Jupiter is Pisces’ traditional ruling planet — so it’s able to do some of its best work here.

From May 13 through July 28, Jupiter’s presence in Pisces will bring a general sense of wonder and fantasy to our lives in the form of immense spiritual growth, creative inspiration, and a dreamy sense of optimism. It’ll feel like anything is possible, no matter how fantastical, and it’ll bring good luck to all zodiac signs.

Gemini Season Begins May 20

On May 20, the sun leaves down-to-earth Taurus and enters the realm of social butterfly Gemini, kicking off Gemini season 2021. This mutable air sign is chatty, curious, and loves taking in new information, so it’s a great time for social and intellectual pursuits of any sort. We’ll be processing everything on hyper-speed and much better at multitasking than usual. Taurus season’s chill vibes allowed us to slow down and get in touch with the practical and pleasurable things, but Gemini season will spark all kinds of new ideas that push us out into the world in a fresh way.

The Year’s First Eclipse On May 26

The May 2021 full moon takes place in the fiery and free-spirited sign of Sagittarius, and it also marks the first eclipse of the year. That means we can expect explosive feelings and major course corrections. Eclipses in astrology always bring sudden shocks and revelations, so this lunation is likely to inspire a totally new sense of direction and purpose for all zodiac signs. We’ll want to embrace Sagittarius' optimistic and adventure-loving vibe as we navigate the eclipse-induced changes and focus on seeing the big-picture when examining our goals.

Retrograde Season In Full Swing

We wrapped up April with Pluto retrograde 2021, but the last week of May has an even more explosive finale, as it brings both Saturn retrograde and Mercury retrograde.

Saturn is the planet of rules and restrictions, and on May 23, Saturn retrograde 2021 kicks off in the rebellious sign of Aquarius. During its backspin, which lasts through October 10, Saturn asks us to reevaluate our boundaries and examine the rules we’re forced to operate under. Saturn’s tough-love approach in astrology is all about teaching us life lessons and maturity, so this retrograde is a time for reflecting on our responsibilities. It might feel like a heavy cosmic burden, but it’ll ultimately help us grow.

On May 29, Mercury retrograde spring 2021 begins, marking the second Mercurial backspin of the year. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, thinking, timing, and scheduling, so its pesky retrogrades can really throw off our day-to-day equilibrium. You already know the Mercury retrograde drill: Expect typos, tech troubles, and missed appointments galore. You’ll want to double check your texts and think through your words before firing off — especially given that this retrograde takes place in Gemini, one of the zodiac signs ruled by Mercury itself.

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