All The Major Astrological Events Happening In September

Sorry, but Mercury retrograde is back.

The astrology of September 2021 includes a Mercury retrograde and a full "harvest” moon

Change is on the cosmic horizon this month, as the astrology of September 2021 brings the end of the summer season and the start of the year’s final Mercury retrograde period. This month’s planetary dramas will affect everything from our social circles to our love lives, so all zodiac signs will want to mark their calendars for the major astrological happenings in September 2021.

We kick off the month with Virgo season 2021 still in full swing, and its pragmatic energy will come to a climax during the new moon in Virgo on September 6. Virgo’s groundedness helps us find clarity in our lives and give our routines some structure. However, we may feel some energy shake-ups mid-month, thanks to love planet Venus entering emotional Scorpio and action planet Mars entering Libra.

Our love and social lives will take priority once Libra season 2021 rolls around on September 22, which also marks the first day of autumn. During this final third of the month, Libra’s airy energy will help to bring harmony and understanding to our relationships — at least until Mercury goes retrograde on September 27 and starts throwing us off balance.

Ready to dive into your September 2021 astrological overview? Read on.

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Virgo Vibes & A Cleansing New Moon On September 6

The first few weeks of this month comprise the majority of Virgo season 2021, which has us focused on organization, wellness, and refining the details of our routines. Whether you’re using this solar vibe to tidy up your house, clean up your diet, or cleanse yourself of toxic relationships, Virgo season is the ideal time to sweep the dust out of every corner of your life so that you can truly sparkle.

On September 6, we’ll be blessed with an added dose of Virgo’s earthy energy via the September 2021 new moon. During this lunation, the sun and moon will align in Virgo and form a trine aspect with unpredictable planet Uranus — a forward-focused and hopeful vibe that encourages us to make practical plans for an exciting future. This is an especially lucky time to set personal intentions, given that it’s the last new moon of the summer.

Mid-Month Relationship Shifts With The Love & Sex Planets

Romance planet Venus and sex planet Mars (often known as the love planets in astrology) are both switching signs mid-month, which will collectively shift the energy in our personal lives through the rest of September — especially when it comes to relationships. When Venus enters Scorpio on September 10, love gets intensely emotional and deeply intimate. We’ll be craving depth and transformation in our partnerships, and won’t be satisfied with surface-level sentiments. This is a time to dive beneath the surface of romance to find the truth at the heart of our desires.

A few days later, on September 14, Mars enters Libra (which gives us a taste of the airy energy that we’ll be floating in once Libra season begins a week later). Decisive and fiery Mars doesn’t exactly thrive in sweet and diplomatic Libra, so beware of being wishy-washy about what you want or getting passive aggressive in relationships. The plus side of this transit is that it can bring more balance to our sex lives, so it’s a good time to ensure there’s a healthy give-and-take of pleasure in the bedroom.

A Dreamy Full Moon On September 20

This month’s lunar climax will deliver some big emotions, as the September 2021 full moon (also known as this year’s Harvest Moon) is rising in the poetic and sensitive sign of Pisces. Full moons are always heavy on feelings, but because Pisces is a water sign, we’ll be feeling even more sentimental than usual. As the last major lunation of the summer, this full moon asks us to purge some of the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying through the season so that there’s more room in our hearts to process the changes that lie ahead.

Libra Season & The Fall Equinox On September 22

It’s time to bring some balance to our lives using the power of the cosmic scales. On September 22, the sun is leaving down-to-earth Virgo and entering flirty Libra’s territory, marking the start of Libra season 2021. Libra zodiac energy is social, romantic, and justice-oriented, so it’s a great time to put more effort into your partnerships and try to bring more peace and harmony into your life and the world around you.

This astrological ingress also aligns with the fall equinox 2021, aka the first official day of autumn. That’s right: Summer’s over, babes! During the equinox, we have a perfectly equal number of daylight and nighttime hours, which beautifully aligns with the balanced vibes of Libra season. This is a good time to find your personal equilibrium and strengthen your social connections as we descend into the shorter days of fall and winter.

2021’s Final Mercury Retrograde Begins On September 27

I hate to be the bearer of retrograde-related news, but Mercury retrograde fall 2021 begins on September 27 in the partnerships-oriented sign of Libra, where it’ll backspin through October 18. Miscommunications in our love lives are extra likely during this retrograde, and we should expect that unresolved drama in our interpersonal relationships will come back around for review. Try to balance your perspective and look at issues from all sides before making any final decisions, as Mercury retrograde has a tendency to skew our ability to think logically.

The good news? This is the last Mercury retrograde period of 2021, so once we survive these next few weeks, we can rest easy (for a little while, anyway).