Why Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Make A Great Couple, According To Astrology

"The chemistry is off the charts."

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The astrological compatibility between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, explained.
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The upcoming release of Don’t Worry Darling — directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Harry Styles —has already generated a storm of juicy drama and an endless stream of meme-able moments. But the film also happens to be the origin of the much-discussed romance between Wilde and Styles. The couple reportedly met on the set of the film in 2020, which stirred up controversy from the start, as Wilde was still engaged to her ex-partner Jason Sudeikis at the time. Wilde announced the end of her engagement in November 2020, and was spotted holding hands and attending a wedding with Styles in January 2021, while the film was still in production. Days later, they were confirmed to be an item, and have maintained a relatively low-key relationship since. Despite some recent breakup rumors, the high-profile couple is reportedly still going strong.

With the Don’t Worry Darling drama on everyone’s lips, I had to take a look at this couple’s connection through an astrological lens. Using their birth dates and locations, I examined their relationship’s astrology using a process called synastry, which shows how the planets in their charts are interacting with one another. Based on the stars, it’s clear that Wilde and Styles have the potential for an intense and transformational bond.

“Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles share a primal, raw, and hot AF connection,” astrologer Stephanie Campos tells Bustle. “The chemistry is off the charts, and there was most likely an instantaneous knowing and feeling of this once they locked eyes.”

Keep reading for all the star-studded details of Wilde and Styles’ astrological compatibility.

Sun Signs & Air Sign Alignments

Styles (born Feb. 1, 1994) is an airy and eccentric Aquarius, while Wilde (born March 10, 1984) is an emotional and watery Pisces. Based on their sun signs alone, Styles and Wilde may not seem particularly compatible. While Aquarius and Pisces neighbor one another in the zodiac, the energy of these signs approach life in sometimes conflicting ways — with Aquarius being more aloof and objective and Pisces being more intuitive and feelings-oriented. But one major similarity between these two very different signs? Both Aquarius and Pisces are deeply creative souls who are open to doing things in a unique way.

Styles has a whopping four personal planets in the sign of Aquarius, including the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. And while Wilde’s Pisces sun may not see eye-to-eye with this air sign energy, her flirty Gemini moon and eccentric Venus in Aquarius most certainly do. The moon rules our emotions and Venus rules love, so Wilde’s significant air sign placements align beautifully with Styles’ powerful Aquarius stellium.

Getting Romantic With Love Planet Venus

Let’s talk more about Venus — aka the planet of love and relationships, and one of the most important planets when it comes to determining romantic compatibility. Both Wilde and Styles have their Venus in the intellectual sign of Aquarius. Sharing a Venus sign means they can relate to one another when it comes to how they want to give and receive affection, their flirting techniques, and generally conducting intimate relationships. This helps intimacy and romance to flow easily, and brings a sense of comfort and familiarity to their relationship rhythms.

In addition to sharing a Venus sign, Styles’ Venus forms a sweet sextile aspect to the unpredictable and quirky planet Uranus in Wilde’s chart. This brings an electric sense of excitement to the partnership, potentially drawing them together in an unusual or unconventional way. Wilde’s Venus also connects with Mercury — the planet of communication — in Styles’ birth chart. This ensures that heart-to-heart conversations flow easily between the two lovebirds, and solidifies their flirtatious and mentally-stimulating romantic connection.

The Planets Spell Deep Transformation For Wilde & Styles

While the airy Aquarian connections between Wilde and Styles’ charts bring lots of easygoing fun, there are also some other powerful planetary aspects that bring depth, intensity, and seriousness to this relationship. Saturn is the planet of longevity and hard work, and Styles’ forms a near-perfect trine aspect with Wilde’s Pluto — aka the planet of extremes. A trine is the luckiest and most harmonious connection that two planets can make to one another, and in this case, it can indicate the potential for a deeply transformative relationship. Each party is likely to learn earth-shaking life lessons and undergo massive personal changes as a result of this union.

Speaking of Pluto, this dark and mysterious planet is also involved in some other strong aspects in Wilde and Styles’ synastry. “They share Mars-Pluto connections between their charts, [which are] known to bring the heat and a dash of drama,” Campos says. Mars is the planet of sexuality, strength, and passion — so combined with Pluto’s power-hungry prowess, these connections are intense. “Mars-Pluto aspects can stir up our shadow sides within relationships and have us leaning into obsession, jealousy, and manipulation,” Campos says. “On the positive side, there is also an opportunity to alchemize these instincts and to transform together to create something new.” In other words, this couple’s chemistry is not for the faint of heart, but it can catalyze a spiritual rebirth within both parties that will change them forever.

Planetary Squares Bring Challenges & Growth

Squares are considered hard aspects in astrology, as they can be challenging and tense — but they’re also great facilitators of growth, as their energy can positively challenge us and help us to turn corners and find solutions. Wilde and Styles have some significant squares in their synastry that bring lots of intrigue to their partnership.

To start, Styles’ sun is squaring off with Wilde’s Saturn, which indicates that the couple could challenge one another in both positive and negative ways. For example, Wilde’s authority and personal rules may sometimes make Styles’ self-expression feel inhibited. That said, this dynamic can also lead to long-term creative breakthroughs for both parties — as Saturn’s tough-love energy is ultimately here to help us to level up.

Meanwhile, Wilde’s Venus is squaring Styles’ Pluto. Pluto’s energy is all about power, so this tough aspect could give the relationship an obsessive or all-consuming energy. However, this also generates a strong desire between the two partners, leading to a lot of deep romantic intensity. The pair also share another square between Pluto and Mars, which, according to Campos, “adds to the sexual tension” between them.

With such strong square aspects involving some intense planets, Wilde and Styles may want to look out for power struggles within their partnership. This is an especially intriguing and tricky dynamic to navigate, given the public discourse around the couple’s 10-year age gap, the pressures of being in the public eye, as well as the working relationship they shared on the set of Don’t Worry Darling.

The Verdict

Wilde and Styles’ astrological compatibility shows equal parts easy-flowing mental connections as well as deep, transformation growth potential. While this relationship won’t necessarily be 24/7 rainbows and sunshine, this couple has the cosmic potential to weather some heavy storms and dark nights of the soul with one another — which is arguably even more valuable. “One thing's for sure: They will both be forever changed by this partnership,” Campos says. So don’t worry, darling — the astrological charts think there’s still lots more to be written when it comes to this star-studded love story.

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