17 Cringe-worthy Moments From 'The Bachelor'

Of course, most viewers enjoy it when things get dramatic on The Bachelor. If everyone was getting along perfectly and all of Ben's decisions were easy to make, it would not make for a very exciting season. That said, there have been a few times where things went from dramatic to cringe-worthy, because there were plenty of things that should not have happened on this season of The Bachelor. Yes, the controversy makes for good TV, but there were some things that were just plain uncomfortable.

Some of the ladies were cut way too soon, other contestants lingered way too long. Then there were those instantly regrettable comments that led to some unfortunate story lines (*cough* Leah Block *cough*).

Ben made plenty of decisions that I did not agree with and I am not even talking about his double "I love you" bomb. I actually understand where he was coming from when he made the publicly maligned decision to tell two women he was in love. But let's just say if I was editing The Bachelor Season 20, there are some awkward moments I would have left on the cutting room floor, and there were other times when I would have pulled Ben aside to talk some sense into him.

1. Amber's Return

Amber was far from a stand out cast member during her last run on The Bachelor. She really didn't do much this time around either. She didn't go out of her way to get to know Ben and her presence didn't lead anywhere. All of the "welcome back" hype went to Becca.

2. The Sniffing Date

I get that this was a way to forget about people's appearance and move away from physical attraction, but this sniffing date was just so awkward. Listening to Ben describe the scents was painful.

3. The Hot Tub Session With Kevin Hart & Ice Cube

This date with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube was so ridiculous. Caila definitely deserved a redo with an actual one-on-one date.

4. Lace Leaving The Show

I fully supported Lace making the mature decision to quit the competition so she could focus on self improvement. But as a fan, I was sad because I loved watching her on the show.

5. Olivia Keeping Her Rose

We all thought that Ben was going to take a rose away from Olivia once Emily exposed her for acting like a villain and a bully. Ben even pulled Olivia aside to talk, so everyone thought he was going to return to the cocktail party alone.

6. The Pig Date

I know this show is in its 20th season, but this was the weirdest date setup. What was interacting with a pig supposed to indicate about a woman's potential as a partner? Not for me!

7. Leah Lying About Lauren B.

Leah was so jealous of Ben's chemistry with Lauren B. she decided to lie and throw the clear frontrunner under the bus. She said that Lauren acted differently in front of Ben than she did with the women at the house. This did not work out well for her. Ben saw right through it and sent Leah home before the rose ceremony. The karma was immediate on this one.

8. Ben & Amanda's McDonald's Date

I get it. Ben Higgins is in that McDonald's commercial, but that Lady & the Tramp inspired french fry kiss was way too cheesy.

9. The Leaf Montage

Again, way too cheesy to handle.

10. The Wind Interruption On Dates

There was an abundance of wind this season on The Bachelor. JoJo and Ben got toppled over waiting for a helicopter in Las Vegas. Emily and Olivia were struggling during their two-on-one date because of the crazy wind on that island. Even Caila's perfect hair was blowing around when she was on a boat with Ben.

11. Emily's Date With Ben's Parents

Why would Ben ever bring Emily to meet his parents? That sent such a misleading signal her way. He knew that their relationship was not as far as long as the other women so it was torturous to watch him parade her around when he was not that into her. Emily did not deserve the pressure of this date.

12. Ben Blindsiding Becca

Ben sent so many girls home before the rose ceremony when confronted about his feelings for them. He always tried to be honest and let them go right then and there if he did not want to be with them. So, it was pretty rough to see him eliminate Becca at a rose ceremony after she explicitly asked him not to blindside her. He should have just let her go during the date instead of making her get dressed up for a rose ceremony for a cry session in the limo.

13. JoJo's Brothers' Ben Hate Fest

It makes sense for a sibling to be hard on a prospective suitor, but these dudes really came for Ben. They were so hard on him and questioned his sincerity because he was looking for love on television. It was also extremely hypocritical since JoJo's brother Ben Patton was on another reality TV dating show.

14. The Fireworks On Caila's Fantasy Date

Ben and Caila's final date was so cringe-worthy. She was so distant, then she said she loved him and he never told her back. It was so obvious that her time on the show was coming to an end. The fireworks seemed to "symbolize" their off-the-charts chemistry... unfortunately, it was chemistry they didn't really have.

15. Caila's Surprise Visit

It was so obvious that Caila was going home, so it really killed me to watch her last ditch effort to stay with Ben. Caila's surprise visit was awkward to say the least. She gave him no notice, caught him completely off guard, and ended up getting rejected right there.

16. The Group Hug With Ben, JoJo, & Lauren

As if dating multiple women wasn't weird enough, Ben brought his final two women together for a group hug. It was beyond uncomfortable for everyone, even the viewers watching at home. A champagne toast with some respectable personal space would have sufficed in this moment.

17. Ben Constantly Saying He Is Unlovable

We can all be insecure, especially when it comes to looking for love after heartbreak, but I am so over Ben talking about how he is unlovable. He is one of the most lovable men in the world. All of the women fell for him. All of the viewers support him. Everyone and their grandmothers see great things in him. He did not need to be so down on himself this whole time.

Don't get me wrong, The Bachelor Season 20 was very entertaining and there's even more to come, but some of these moments we could have gone without. Take note, future Bachelors and Bachelorettes!

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