19 Psychological Thrillers On Netflix To Watch For A Mind-Bending Time

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For those of you who like nothing more than getting some mind-twisting horror and suspense in your movies, thrillers are typically the way to go. And if you're an avid Netflix streamer, you'll be happy to know that there are a plethora of movies that fall under the thriller genre available on the platform for you to watch this second. These films will undoubtedly make for a gripping night in if you give them a try (and you really should), but be warned — you might not want to watch these psychological thrillers streaming on Netflix alone. Bring a buddy, OK?

If you're like me and can't take much horror, a good psychological thriller is often the best alternative, as this kind of movie is usually super suspenseful without needing to pile on the gore. A movie in the thriller genre could be about an unsolved mystery, feature mind-bending twists, or focus on a deranged killer — there are plenty of options, and thankfully, the selections available on Netflix cover them all. So if you're looking for your next thrill, look no further than the platform, as Netflix is the best place to stream the 19 psychological thrillers below right now.

1. The Invitation

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The Invitation is a psychological thriller built around the awkwardness of the social interactions. How weird does a dinner party need to get before you say something — or just get up and leave?

2. Queen Of Earth

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Two childhood friends go on their annual retreat to a lake house, but during their week together, Catherine (Elizabeth Moss) and Ginny (Katherine Waterston) realize that their differences with one another run deeper than they thought — and provide some terrifying drama.

3. The Shining


The Shining is the ultimate thriller. Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) and his family stay at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado, with Jack hoping to cure his writer's block. But as Jack's finds that his writing is going nowhere, his son's visions become more and more disturbing.

4. Grand Piano

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Elijah Wood plays a concert pianist who suffers from stage fright in this film. He finds a threatening note written on his sheet music right before he is scheduled to go on stage, and truly, there is nothing like paranoia right before a big performance.

5. Basic Instinct


Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is committed to solving the killing of a famous rock star, so much so that he finds himself sleeping with the case's prime suspect: the rock star’s ex-girlfriend and crime novelist Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). Tension between the two grows throughout the movie, causing serious suspense.

6. We Need To Talk About Kevin

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We Need To Talk About Kevin explores antisocial personality disorder and how it affects those closest to the sufferer. In this case, Eva Khatchadourian (Tilda Swinton) has to come to terms with her son Kevin's (Ezra Miller) horrific crime and its aftermath.

7. Cold In July

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The killing of a home intruder puts a Texas man named Richard Dane (Michael C. Hall) and his family on the radar of the intruder’s vengeful father (Sam Shepard).

8. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

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I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is truly mind-bending. The movie follows nurse Lily (Ruth Wilson), who moves into an old house to take care of a reclusive novelist — but soon finds they're not living alone.

9. Phoenix

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A Holocaust survivor (Nina Hoss) goes through facial reconstruction surgery due to injuries sustained in a concentration camp, but when she returns to Berlin, she finds that her husband (Ronald Zehrfeld) doesn't recognize her new face. So, she decides to keep her true identity a secret and tries to find out if her husband sold her out to the Nazis.

10. Creep

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Creep follows the strange relationship between a freelance videographer (Patrick Brice) and a man (Mark Duplass) who wants to shoot a special video for his unborn son. This movie will have you second guessing any Craigslist ad you see.

11. Backtrack

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Backtrack follows Peter Bower (Adrien Brody), a psychologist who finds out his patients are all actually ghosts. How does anyone recover from that kind of discovery? Peter soon realizes that all of his patients died days apart from one another... and the cause may be him.

12. Okja

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Okja is weird as hell. Korean director Bong-Joon Ho centers the movie around a huge, genetically-engineered wild animal named Okja, who befriends a young girl before his makers decide to take him into the slaughterhouse.

13. They Look Like People

Midnight Demon on YouTube

Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews) receives calls, sees visions, and hears voices about an apocalypstic invasion of demons. Naturally, this takes a serious toll on his life.

14. The Two Faces Of January

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A con artist (Viggo Mortensen) kills a detective, and tries to get his wife (Kirsten Dunst) and himself out of Greece. But, the only way out may be through a potentially dangerous stranger (Oscar Isaac).

15. The Double

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Simon (Jesse Eisenberg) becomes paranoid after a confident look-alike takes a job at his workplace and seduces the woman (Mia Wasikowska) he desires.

16. The Sixth Sense


In this classic, young Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) is haunted by seeing and being visited by ghosts. He is too afraid to tell anyone about his what he is experiencing until he meets child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis). The movie takes several twists and turns, as everyone knows well.

17. Following

danfury on YouTube

Following is about a man whose hobby of following strangers starts out innocently enough, but quickly gets way too deep when he encounters a shady burglar and a woman in trouble.

18. Mulholland Drive

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The film follows two women who get sucked into a world filled with cowboys, dead bodies, and a questionable reality.

19. Headhunters

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Headhunters is about an experienced art thief/headhunter (Aksel Hennie) who gets on the wrong side of an ex-mercenary (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and has to fight for survival by figuring out who he can trust.

So, get your thrill on with these mind-bending flicks.