The 13 Trendiest Fall Nail Art Designs For 2023

PSL season is (almost) back.

With each day that passes, the hot days of summer are only getting closer to being replaced by the cool essence of fall. And especially for the day-dreamers and fashion-forward alike, the month of August marks a desire to look ahead, no doubt craving cozy fall perfumes, yummy pumpkin spiced lattes, binge-worthy horror series, and more on the horizon.

When it comes manicures and pedicures with those warm autumnal vibes, more often than not, the nail art obsessed are currently on the hunt for some brand new nail polish colors to replace their vibrant go-to shades better fit for beachside vacations. Of course, neutral “quiet luxury” polishes are timeless no matter the season, though experts in the industry tell Bustle that rich jewel tones, pumpkin hues, and magnetic lacquers are set to be major for the months ahead.

As for more daring fall nail art trends set to take over? Well, spoiler: Expect to see lots of eye-catching 3D details (which A-listers like Christina Aguilera, Doja Cat, and more have been wearing nonstop) all over runways, red carpets, and social media feeds.

Below are the top 13 manicurist-approved fall nail art trends for 2023, as shared by Kim Truong, Zola Ganzorigt, Brittney Boyce, and Gracie J.

Autumn Florals

Kim Truong, the celebrity manicurist behind some of Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s most-loved looks, shared an unexpected trend that is sure to gain steam come September. Her suggestion? Fall floral nail art on accent nails using muted, rusted, and autumnal hues. (Florals for fall? I mean, kind of groundbreaking.)

Classic Silver Chrome Frenchies

Brittney Boyce — the beloved LA-based manicurist behind some of Megan Fox’s headline-making manis — tells Bustle that “you can never go wrong with silver chrome, let alone on a French [tip]. I’ll always be obsessed with this look.”

Daring 3D Details

From Doja Cat’s mosaic manis to Christina Aguilera’s NSFW vulva manicure, it’s safe to say that 3D manis are having their main character moment. Zola Ganzorigt (the celeb-loved manicurist known for creating Hailey Bieber’s now-viral “glazed donut nails”) admits that the trend isn’t dying down anytime soon, noting that “creative textures and 3D details” will continue to appear through the cool fall months.

All That Glitters

According to Truong, a glitter tip is the perfect transition from fall to the major glitter and sparkle of the holiday season.

Mod Mood

From Vanessa Hudgen’s Oscars manicure to the on-trend, Euphoria-inspired hourglass tips — black and white nail art has been at the forefront of nail trends. Boyce agrees, noting that the color combo is a “super chic and fun option that anyone could pull off.”

Ganzorigt adds that pure black and “wedding white” will always be staple lacquer hues.

Abstract Art

Gracie J, a self-proclaimed “Nail ARTchitect” and founder of The Editorial Nail, tells Bustle that she is a “wear whatever color you want type of gal.” Though for autumn, she expects the season to bring with it abstract designs in “tonal” hues.

Sheer Mosaic Manicures

With Doja Cat and Megan Fox both major fans of the breakout mosaic mani trend, Boyce shares that clear nails topped with mismatched gemstones is her favorite go-to look because it’s “clean and simple, but also cool and trendy.”

Simply Studded French Nails

To effortlessly elevate a classic French manicure, Boyce says to pair the nostalgic look with a simple accent, like a stone or stud. What’s more, she explains that French tips are a solid option if you want to steer clear of traditional dark fall colors.

Gracie J agrees that French tips are absolutely timeless. “The French manicure will never phase out, no matter how many different color combinations arise,” the pro says.

Cabincore Mushroom Art

What do the current home decor and manicure trends have in common? Adorable, cabincore mushroom motifs.

Dangling Nail Jewelry

Gracie J says that fall 2023 is sure to mark more exploration into the nail jewelry space. She expects “jewelry of quality extended to the fingertips, as opposed to adorning solely with rings.”

For the at-home painters, her own brand offers two nail jewelry styles: Antoinette (gold bamboo hoops) and Bonita Applebum (gold Cuban link hoops).

Cozy Fall Aura

ICYWW: aura nails aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Come fall 2023, expect to see them in cozy nail polish shades of chocolate brown or pumpkin orange — or even dark feminine versions of the trend, like Sydney Sweeney’s most recent gothic set.

Barbiecore Pink Meets Balletcore Bows

Just because Barbie was the movie of summer, doesn’t mean that the effects of the film’s obsession will fade come fall... Expect to see lot of Barbiecore shades of hot pink, paired with soft balletcore details (similar to EmRata’s set above).

Black Matte Finishes

In lieu of shiny black lacquer, Boyce recommends playing around with matte black nail polish colors for a look that “screams fall if you’re into something a little edgy.”