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Turn Up the Volume & Get Ready To Find Love With These Songs

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Who doesn’t love being in love? That's why it’s no surprise songs about love are so common. When you meet someone you really connect with, it’s hard not to be giddy. You become the friend you were always mildly annoyed by before: the girl who brings their crush/significant other/love interest up in conversation at the weakest connection, the person who starts talking in plural first-person pronouns (We really love that movie! We went to dinner there last week!). In short, you will most likely become insufferable. But hey, that's what happens when you fall in love.

Here’s the good news: You generally get a pass. At least in the first few months, your family and friends will understand — and tolerate — your somewhat irrational behavior. And even if they don’t, you don’t care because, hey — you’re in love! You have a cool person in your life that wants to hold your hand and cuddle and tell you you’re awesome. Someone who wants to go to brunch together. A person who texts you funny pictures or emails you a video or picks up a book he or she thought you might like. And you get to do all of these things, too, in return, which is just as fun.

Of course, the giddiness fades with time as the relationship becomes deeper, but why not bring back those sweet memories with a little music? Whether you have someone in your life now or just hope that you’ll fall in love someday, here are 27 songs to remind you why new love is one of the strongest, greatest forces in the world.

1. “At Last,” Etta James

This song will give you all the feels. All. The. Feels. Just reread these lyrics:

"At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song, oh yeah
At last the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up clover the night I looked at you"

Etta, you are a goddess, and your songs are a gift to the world. The world that is in love.

2. “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Elvis Presley

Who doesn’t love The King? His voice is heavenly as he sings:

"Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you"

It honestly should make you want to slowly drift asleep with your favorite person in the world, holding hands.

3. “I Say a Little Prayer,” Aretha Franklin

If you’ve ever seen “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” you know why this song is awesome. Enough said. But if you need more of a reason, just listen to the words:

"My darling, believe me
For me there is no one but you
Please love me true
I'm in love with you
Answer my prayer, baby
Say you'll love me true
Answer my prayer, baby"

4. “Drunk in Love,” Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Hey, we’ve all been in the lust phase, right? The I-Can’t-Keep-My-Hands-Off-You-And-I-Don’t-Care-Who-Sees time in your love, usually at the beginning. The lyrics speak for themselves:

"We woke up in the kitchen saying,
'How the hell did this sh*t happen?'
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our
Beautiful bodies grinding off in that club
Drunk in love"

See? This song is the perfect soundtrack for that phase.

5. “Lovesong,” The Cure

There’s something quite perfect about this song. It’s so wonderfully '80s. And the lyrics are simply sweet:

"Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again"

6. “Wonderful Tonight,” Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton, who are you? This song is almost too sweet with lyrics such as:

"I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you"

It's the type of narrative that makes you wish, hope, and pray that someone will someday feel even a fraction of the emotions communicated in this song. Because that would be awesome.

7. “Make You Feel My Love,” Adele

It’s kind of hard to pick just one Adele song for this type of list, but this one is beautiful as she belts out:

"I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But I will never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my mind where you belong"

Adele’s voice is the kind that is just meant to sing songs about love.

8. “Just The Way You Are,” Billy Joel

Here's an excerpt of the lyrics:

"Don't go changing to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don't imagine you're too familiar
And I don't see you anymore"

This is basically the music version of that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary when Darcy tells Bridget he likes her “just as you are.” Swooooon.

9. “Baby Love,” The Supremes

There are all types of love. This song speaks to the kind where you’re not really sure if the dude is into you but he sometimes throws you a text at 2:34 a.m., so maybe he actually loves you?

"My baby love, I need ya oh how I need ya
Why you do me like you do
After I've been true to you
So deep in love with you"

Eh, let it go. But know that everyone experiences this type of terrible, gut-wrenching, one-sided love, at least once. This is your anthem.

10. “I’ll Make Love To You,” Boyz II Men

THIS SONG THOUGH. Case in point?

"Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I will do anything,
Girl you need only ask"

11. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” Aerosmith

If there’s one good thing that came out of the 1998 science-fiction-disaster-slash-thriller film Armageddon, it’s this song. Plus, the chorus is an undeniable classic:

"Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, babe
And I don't want to miss a thing"

12. “Stuck On You,” Meiko

This song will make you want to ride a tandem bicycle with an adorable person on your way to a perfectly executed picnic on a spring day. It’s just that cute.

"You are so dreamy
Feel like I'm in the movies
I feel so happy I'm stuck on you"

How sweet is that?

13. “You Are The Best Thing,” Ray LaMontagne

When you’re falling hard, that other person can do no wrong. They’re basically The. Best. Person. In. The. World. The lyrics are pretty straightforward:

"And, baby
The way you move me, it's crazy
It's like you see right through me
And make it easier
Believe me, you don't even have to try
Oh, because
You are the best thing"

14.“Bonfire Heart,” James Blunt

Honestly, this song is way better than that one James Blunt was famous for a few years ago. The lyrics are even poetic:

"Days like these lead to
Nights like this leads to
Love like ours
You light the spark in my bonfire heart
People like us we don’t
need that much just someone that starts
starts the spark in our bonfire hearts"

15. “You and I,” Ingrid Michaelson

The ukulele? Enough said. Michaelson sweetly sings:

"Well you might be a bit confused
And you might be a little bit bruised
But baby how we spoon like no one else
So I will help you read those books
If you will soothe my worried looks
And we will put the lonesome on the shelf"

16. “Home,” Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Come on, you definitely know these lyrics:

"Alabama, Arkansas
I do love my ma and pa
Not that way that I do love you
Holy moley, me oh my
You're the apple of my eye
Girl, I've never loved one like you"

The only way to listen to this song is to imagine yourself in some dive bar with a bearded fella, drinking whiskey-lemonades and making out near the ironic Big Buck Hunter game.

17. “A Walk Through Hell,” Say Anything

Ugh, one of the best things about being in love is being able to say outlandish things like “I’d walk through hell for you,” and get away with it. Say Anything understands with words like these:

"And if I could swim
I'd swim out to you in the ocean
Swim out to where you were floating
In the dark
And if was blessed
I walk on the water you're breathing
To lend you some air for that heaving
Sunken chest"

Yeah, they totally understand.

18. “I Want to Belong to You,” Katie Herzig

Look, you should definitely be your own, independent person, even when you’re in love, because hey, you belong to no one! But this song is adorable (see lyrics below), so, it gets a pass.

"Have I ever seen such kindness
Such resigned delight all in one glance
Right when you pass me
I watch, you see
You smile, I breathe
Air in my chest
I'm trying my best"

19. “Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran

Ed says it best:

"And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Oh me I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am"

It’s hard to pinpoint the reasoning, but that’s half the fun.

20. “Latch (Acoustic),” Sam Smith

Sam Smith has the voice of an angel. Try not to fall in love with whoever is the closest to you when you’re listening to this song:

"I’m so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch
Feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch
How do you do it, you got me losing every breath
What did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest?"

Just try.

21. “Love Is Beginning,” Imaginary Future

The best part of love is the moment it starts. The part when you realize what’s happening, how you’re feeling, and what it really, truly means for your life. These lyrics capture exactly that:

"Oh look how the colors are changing
New stars appear in the night sky
This heart is starting to come to life"

22. “What I Wouldn’t Do,” A Fine Frenzy

Love makes us do some pretty wild things. And some adorable things, like bake each other mud pies. No, really, that's part of the song:

"If we were children I would bake you a mud pie
Warm and brown beneath the sun
Never learned to climb a tree but I would try
Just to show you what I'd done"

23. “Us,” Regina Spektor

The song that makes you want to find your very own Joseph Gordon-Levitt, à la (500) Days of Summer. Spektor sings:

"They'll name a city after us
And later say it's all our fault
Then they'll give us a talking to
Then they'll give us a talking to
Cause they've got years of experience"

24. “P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care),” John Legend

We all know that kissing on the subway is not cute when you’re not the one doing it, but that won’t stop us when we have someone to do it with. Plus, as Legend's lyrics make clear, he doesn't care what people think:

"You know I love you when you loving me
Sometimes it´s better when it's publicly
I'm not ashamed I don't care who sees
Just hugging & kissing our love exhibition all"

25. “Be My Baby,” The Ronettes

This song should make you want to put your hair in a killer bouffant, apply some classic red lipstick and go to the drive-in with your honey.

"I'll make you happy, baby, just wait and see
For every kiss you give me I'll give you three
Oh, since the day I saw you
I have been waiting for you
You know I will adore you 'til eternity"

26. “That Thing You Do!,” The Wonders

Warning: This song will 100% be stuck in your head for days after hearing it. So prepare to be singing these words all day long:

"You, doing that thing you do
Breaking my heart into
A million pieces,
Like you always do
And you don't mean to be cruel,
Ya never even knew
About the heartache
I've been going through"

27. “I Will Always Love You,” Whitney Houston

There’s no one better than Whitney. And there’s no love song better than this one. Exhibit A:

"I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of
And I wish to you joy and happiness
But above all this, I wish you love
And I will always love you"

Exhibit B? Those vocals. Case closed.

This post was originally published on Dec. 5, 2014. It was updated on June 3, 2019. Additional reporting by Jamie Primeau

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