Your Halloween 2022 Tarot Card Reading

Here’s what the cards have to say about the spookiest weekend of the year.

The Halloween tarot card reading for each zodiac sign.

Fall has fallen and Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s most definitely time to celebrate the spookiest of seasons. The week leading up to Oct. 31 is packed with some extra tricks and treats this year — we’ve got a solar eclipse in Scorpio, multiple planets changing signs, Mars retrograde kicking off, and more. That’s a lot of important astrological action. You’re probably already reading your Halloween horoscope for insight into what your zodiac sign can expect from all the shifts, but this kind of mystical mayhem also warrants a little extra guidance via the magic of a tarot deck.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to help people gain higher-minded insight into their fates and futures, and each deck is made up of archetypal images and symbols that can be applied interpretively and intuitively to virtually any situation. Because Oct. 31 is a great day for divination and diving into the mystical arts, it’s prime time to check your Halloween tarot card reading. This annual spooky celebration aligns with the date of a cross-quarter day — meaning it occurs between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. That’s why there are so many other cultural celebrations around this exact date. One of these is the pagan festival of Samhain, which is also dubbed the "Witches' New Year." During Samhain, it's believed that the "veil" between the world of the living and the those who have passed is thinning, granting us easier access to other realms. This uptick in spiritual energy could make practicing divinatory arts like tarot even more powerful.

In order to offer some extra guidance ahead of the year’s spookiest holiday, I pulled a Halloween tarot card for each zodiac sign — scroll through for your reading, and feel free to interpret the meaning of the card intuitively and apply the details to whatever situation it feels most applicable to you.

Aries Zodiac Signs: Nine Of Swords


With your ruling planet Mars kicking off its biennial retrograde the day before Halloween, it’s no wonder that life’s stressors may be getting the best of you, Aries. However, spending Halloween weekend mentally spiraling over your problems isn’t going to solve them — as the Nine of Swords usually means you’re worrying too much. Instead of dwelling, make some fun plans that’ll help quell your anxieties, put things in perspective, and push you out of a negative headspace.

Taurus Zodiac Signs: Queen Of Swords


You’re in the midst of a very personal eclipse season, Taurus — and a major lunar eclipse is coming up in your sign just a week after Halloween, so the clear-minded and mentally receptive energy of the Queen of Swords is exactly what you need right now. Being open to new information and other people’s ideas is great when you’re grounded in your own truths. Embrace flexibility and openness in your thoughts, but don’t let yourself get carried away in someone else’s winds.

Gemini Zodiac Signs: Page Of Wands


It’s time for some free-spirited Halloween fun, Gemini. The Page of Wands is summoning your inner adventurer and thrill-seeker, asking you to explore your passions and follow your heart toward new journeys. Say yes to some enticing or unexpected Halloween weekend invites, or channel this burst of creative inspiration into a totally one-of-a-kind costume. Either way, it’ll serve you best to try something different and exciting.

Cancer Zodiac Signs: Knight Of Pentacles


Being practical and methodical about your decisions — especially as it pertains to money and material items — is definitely the right approach at the moment, Cancer. The Knight of Pentacles is committed to its goals and always willing to work hard for them, and so are you. Instead of splurging on an overpriced Halloween costume or blowing all your fun money on a single night out on the town, keep your eye on the prize and be thoughtful about how you allocate your resources.

Leo Zodiac Sign: The Emperor


Your innate leadership qualities are coming out with a roar right now, Leo. As one of the major arcana cards, the Emperor symbolizes larger themes happening in your life — especially those related to your sense of authority, as well as the structure of things in your life. It’s time to step into your power, unleash your inner lion, and embrace your bossy side. Yes, even if that simply means taking charge of your friend group’s Halloween weekend plans.

Virgo Zodiac Signs: Ten Of Cups


The current cosmic energies may be in chaos, Virgo — but your Halloween forecast looks crystal clear. The sweet, harmonious, and love-filled energy of the Ten of Cups brings potential for joyful connections with family and friends, so this can be a beautiful time to get together with the people you care about. Be present with your blessings, practice gratitude, and give yourself permission to bask in your blissful feelings.

Libra Zodiac Signs: Four Of Swords


You’re one of the most social butterflies of the zodiac, Libra, so Halloween is usually a fun excuse to spend time with friends. However, after a busy birthday season, the Four of Swords is asking you to prioritize your relaxation and restoration. While going out and about to show off your costume is great, be sure you make a little extra time in your weekend to recharge your batteries and embrace some introspective downtime, too.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs: Page Of Swords


The recent eclipse in your sign may have swept open some doors of opportunity in the mental and social realms, Scorpio — and the Page of Swords is here to give you a boost of motivation to keep exploring these fresh ways of thinking and communicating. Halloween-adjacent events may be a fun time to bounce your new ideas off of others, seek more insights from the world around you, and express yourself in a different way. Keep an open heart and a beginner’s mind.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs: Three Of Wands


How are your current plans unfolding, Sagittarius? Are things falling into place or going astray? The Three of Wands asks you to check in on your progress and look over the current status of your undertakings. Pay attention to the flow of energy over Halloween weekend so that you have some foresight as to where things stand and whether things are working in your favor. This attention to detail gives you a chance to make adjustments to ensure that your goals come to fruition.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs: Five Of Cups


Don’t cry over spilt milk, Capricorn — because there are still plenty of wonderful things happening that can fill your spirit with joy and put a smile on your face. With the presence of the Five of Cups, there may be a temptation to dwell on plans that have been foiled or things that haven’t gone your way. But if you focus too much on your losses, you’ll miss out on all the fun that’s still waiting to be had. Get out and make the most of this spook-tacular Halloween energy.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs: Seven Of Cups


The Seven of Cups indicates a wide variety of opportunities and choices being presented to you all at once, Aquarius. Just remember that not all that glitters is gold: Wishful thinking is only helpful if you’re willing to put in the hard work necessary to turn those fantasies into reality — so if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. As you approach Halloween weekend, make decisions based on your highest good instead of merely chasing the shiniest object.

Pisces Zodiac Signs: King Of Cups


As a water sign, you’re always deeply in touch with your sentimental side, Pisces. And with the King of Cups making itself seen, you can guarantee that your powerful emotional prowess is going to be extra important during Halloween weekend. You may find that your emotional intelligence serves as a touchstone for people in your life, and your innate spiritual wisdom could translate into meaningful advice for others. Put your feelings-first energy on display, and it will be appreciated.