40 Fourth Of July 2023 Nail Art Ideas That Are Festive But Not Cheugy

Stars, stripes, and more.

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The Fourth of July truly marks the start of sweet summertime. From yummy barbecues spent poolside to long beach days tanning under the warm sun, IMO, it’s one of the most underrated holidays (that always ends in fireworks).

Personally? I tend to opt for more minimal, “quiet luxury” ‘fits in lieu of loud red, white, and blue ensembles. But the real fun begins with a colorful mani-pedi moment that taps a festive hue or two (but isn’t too cheugy, either).

This summer, Baywatch-inspired shades of cherry red are very much on-trend, and of course, nothing feels quite as clean and crisp as white tips and toes. If you much prefer an eye-catching design, juicy cherries and yummy watermelon art has been spotted on the likes of A-listers like Kourtney Kardashian in recent months — and of course, the scarlet-hued fruits are a summertime staple fit for the holiday.

If you just so happen to need a bit help narrowing down nail art inspo ahead of your upcoming salon visit, you’ve come to the right place. From low-key designs that are a vibe well beyond the Fourth, to star-crossed art that is a bit more patriotic — here are 40 unique manicure ideas for the beloved July holiday.


Micro Cherries

Subtle and oh so sweet, Kourtney Kardashian’s cherry-filled mani is an instant fave for summer.


Navy Blue Aura Nails

ICYMI, aura nails are having their main character moment.


Dreamy Double French

Two is always better than one. Go double French with blue and red tips for a classic Fourth of July look.


Pressed Flowers

Elevate a minimal milk bath manicure with some blue-hued pressed flowers.



White nails alone are a summer staple. But to make them more festive, paint on gold star decals for something unexpected.


Negative Space

Paint the tips and the bottom of your nail bed with a mini half-moon with a mix of red, white, and blue to create some negative space. The contrast is dynamic.


Star Shower Tips

Warning: you will see a lot of French mani variations on this list. This one features small star showers in red, white, and blue.


Bedazzled Babe

Opt for blue rhinestones for your Fourth mani.


Soft Girl Strawberries

For all of the coquette vibes this summer, this adorable strawberry set is *it.*


Really Red 3D Details


Very ’90s Vibe

Opt for muted soft shades of the classic July Fourth colors in fun designs like gingham and stripes for a nail look that will make you happy just looking at it.


Cobalt Swirls

Cobalt swirl designs look whimsical and mesmerizing.


Sparkling Micro French

Jennifer Lopez’s micro French manicure features a sparkling silver polish that mimics midnight fireworks.


Hardcore Festive

Stripes, tie-dye, stars, and glitter — mix it all on your hand for the ultimate Independence Day nail art.


Hello Holo

Elevate clear nails with some holographic polish for an otherworldly mermaidcore vibe.


Ice Cream Chillin’

Wear your love for the iconic summer dessert on your nails with these adorable French tips with rainbow sprinkles


Ocean-Inspired Blue

Go classic and simple with a deep blue shade.


Chrome Stars

Want to be festive without being too festive? Opt for these chrome star decals against a barely-there nail polish hue.


Right Down The Middle

Muted blue and red painted on each side of the nail make a really stunning combo.


High-Shine Lip Gloss Nails


Patchwork Mani

The tongue and mouth decals give off seriously cool rocker vibes.


A French Twist

You don’t have to use red, white, and blue all at once to be festive. Stick to one color mix in different shades, like this double-blue French mani with a “cool-girl” twist.


Matte Moves

Elevate shimmery red and blue star designs and watercolor tips with a matte finish.


Sugar Sweet

The Fourth is just as much about the food — especially all the sugary goodness — as it is about the beach, fireworks, and celebrating America. Get inspired by the ice cream, sprinkles, donuts, and other desserts you’ll be eating with these fun designs that drip at an angle on the nail.


Bright Blue Stars

Trade in silver and gold shades for blue stars instead.


American Manicure

Traditionally, a French manicure features a sheer pink base color, with a stark white tip painted on top with sharp, crisp lines. On the other hand, an American manicure is meant to appear a bit softer and less contrasted, featuring a slightly more peach-colored base color, along with a more subtle off-white tip creating the look of “your natural nail beds, but much better.”


Feeling Festive Tips

Dress up a classic French mani with cherries and stars that all but scream the Fourth.


Tiffany Blue Chrome Tips

This recent Tiffany-inspired mani on Hailey Bieber is no doubt a vibe for summertime.


Red Glitter Frenchies

The more glitter the better, IMO.


Pop Of Stars

If you want to take a more quiet approach to celestial nail art, place small star decals on one finger and paint the rest a single shade. Not only will these adorable designs really pop, it’s just so clean and nicely put together.


Bright Shades

Brighter hues of blue and red make great colors for Fourth of July nails. Opt for turquoise and a cherry red to paint stripes, flowers, and stars all over.


Simple Glazed Donut Chrome

For the mani minimalists, pearly glazed donut nails are an effortless go-to year round.


Starry Night

These white star decals against a dark blue shimmery background are a dreamy Fourth of July manicure.


Cherry Picnic

Sometimes you don’t have to right on the nose. These gingham and cherry nails are season-appropriate while being more unique than the most obvious Fourth of July nails.


Neon Bright

You really don’t need to stick to red, white, and blue. This combo of neon turquoise and pink still feels festive while going the non-traditional route.


Navy Blue Midnight Sky

Navy nails are really a staple you can rock well beyond the Fourth. This dip manicure with matte shimmer is just so stunning and perfect for the night luxe aesthetic.


Draped Stars

Turn the French mani on its side and drape red and blue stripes and white stars at an angle at the top of your nail.


Fun Daisies

Daisy nails are one of the most fun trends to incorporate in any mani for a summery upgrade.


Gingham Picnic Dreams

Mix all summer’s most iconic prints — gingham, stripes, and cherries — on one hand to really ring in the holiday.


Mix It Up

Mix shades and glitter finishes on different nails for mix of festive nails that are fun and classic.

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