14 Times Hailey Bieber Channeled The ’90s With Her Hairstyles

The supermodel loves a throwback.

The most memorable of Hailey Bieber's ’90s-era hairstyles.
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Hailey Bieber has become one of the most influential fashion and beauty idols of today, most notably for her iconic ’90s aesthetic — despite having only been born six years into the actual decade. Still, the 24-year-old seamlessly embodies the ambiance of the bygone era, both in terms of her personal style (which she says is influenced by her parents) and ever-evolving beauty looks — on and off the red carpet.

From braided topknots to high pigtails reminiscent of none other than Baby Spice, it’s hard to find a ’90s hairstyle Bieber hasn’t sported herself. That said, this shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise, seeing as the model specifically told Bustle it’s her favorite fashion era. “Nineties style is still as big today as it was back then,” she explained, reiterating that much of her style “comes from ’90s inspiration.” The decade even influences the model’s beauty routine.

Bieber isn’t alone in her adoration for the era. Fellow stars Addison Rae, Olivia Rodrigo, and Millie Bobbie Brown — all of whom were born in the 2000s — have mastered their own takes on ’90s and early aughts-inspired styles, accessorizing with things like bedazzled hairpins. So hold onto those claw clips — the ’90s aren’t going anywhere.

Below, see 14 of Hailey Bieber’s best ’90s-inspired hairstyles.


High Pigtails

Bieber channeled a certain Spice Girl when she debuted these ultra-high blonde pigtails last summer. The supermodel wore the hairdo with her strands parted down the middle and slicked back to show off the flowing waves of her updo.


Flipped-Out Bob

Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

The flipped-out bob is one of the most popular ’90s hairstyles. Everyone from Britney Spears to Drew Barrymore donned the ‘do at some point during the decade — and it’s now been trickling back, partially due to Bieber’s recreation of the look at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.


Scrunchie Ponytail

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The formerly controversial scrunchie (according to Carrie Bradshaw, at least) is alive and well, and it’s been thriving with regular wearers like Bieber and Lizzo. Once considered a more casual accessory, Bieber has changed the game for the oversized hair ties, having proudly sported scrunchies to several red carpet events.


Face-Framing Pigtails

Feathered bangs were to the ’80s as tendrils were to the ’90s. And the face-framing pieces are back with a vengeance: Bieber is one of several celebs (including Bella Hadid) bringing the nostalgic style to the modern-day.


French Braids

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No roundup of ’90s hairstyles would be complete without French braids, a fad which Bieber has absolutely conquered. (If you didn’t get to school early to have your friends French braid your hair, did you even grow up in the decade?)




The half-up hairdo is another notable ’90s beauty trend — one that Bieber has already reclaimed and mastered. What was once reminiscent of The Baby-Sitter’s Club protagonists is now one of her signature red-carpet looks — here, she’s wearing the ‘do to an Oscar Party).


Pigtail With Braids

In this Instagram photo, Bieber serves up proof that pigtails are a versatile hairstyle. With this iteration, she blends mini accent braids with half-up pigtails, which basically encapsulates multiple ’90s hair trends into one cute ‘do.


Piece-y Topknot

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Bieber rocked a nostalgia-inducing messy bun with tendrils while supporting her husband at the premiere of his film, Justin Bieber: Seasons, pairing the casual hairstyle with statement hoops.


Braided Tendrils

Bieber took the fame-framing strands to a new dimension by braiding her face-framing strands — a ’90s fellow stars Ariana Grande and Tessa Thompson have also been bringing back in style.


Half-Up Topknot

Michael Stewart/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Further proof Bieber’s the queen of half-up hairdos: On yet another red carpet, the model revealed a unique take on the ’90s trend by fusing a mini French braid with a half-up topknot.


Claw Clipped Updo

The claw clip had a tighter hold on ’90s-era styles than it did actual strands of hair — a fact of which Bieber embraces while on a tropical vacation.


Middle Part Lob

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The middle part may be controversial in the present day (according to some millennials, at least), but ruled the silver screen in the ’90s. During an outing in New York, Bieber channels young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with her clean-parted lob tucked behind her ears.


Mini Pigtails

Pairing at least four tiny pigtails atop half-down hair with a retro-inspired pink bikini, Bieber’s vacation selfie belongs in a Delia’s catalogue (RIP).


Half-Up High Pony

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There’s nothing better than a half-up high ponytail crossover — especially when a scrunchie’s involved. Except maybe one thing: The fact that Bieber debuted this Barbie-esque updo on an Alexander Wang and Bvlgari red-carpet.