30 LGBTQ-Owned Beauty Brands To Support For 2024 Pride Month & Beyond

Pride, but make it year round.

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Every single month of June, Pride completely takes over.

This month, in particular, means taking the time to educate themselves on why Pride is so important, or perhaps it’s a reminder to look into which LGBTQ+ organizations they would like to support this month and beyond.

When it comes to the creative, wondrous world of beauty, of course, vivid rainbows, eye-catching glitter, and a whole lot of bold color is expected throughout this special summer month. Though of course, Pride and allyship runs a bit deeper than just that.

Consumers have so much power — more than they often realize. And when it comes to spending our hard earned money, it’s empowering to understand that we all have the ability to support whoever we’d like. This month especially, it’s all about showing love to those queer communities (who so happen to create some really, really good products, too).

To shine a light on the incredible LGBTQ+ founders and CEOs making some serious power moves in the beauty industry, here are 30 brands to support throughout the month of June (and every month, at that). And spoiler, there are quite a few names and faces you may just recognize.


Patrick Ta Beauty

A celeb-loved makeup artist turned successful brand founder, Patrick Ta Beauty has some TikTok-viral products that are innovative, pigmented, and worn on his clients (like Gigi Hadid and Lori Harvey, to only name a few).


Peace Out Skincare

Known for their zit-zapping, skin-healing patches that banish pesky pimples in a pinch — Peace Out recently launched stickers that play nice with makeup (and are nearly undetectable when on skin), as well as a vitamin C stick.


Lunar Beauty

For those who remember the golden era of beauty YouTube, you may recognize Manny MUA, too. And ICYMI: He’s created some of the most stunning, galaxy-inspired products that never skimp on pigment with his own brand, Lunar Beauty.


House Of Bō

Created by Bernardo Möller, House Of Bō is an ultra-luxurious fragrance brand that takes some serious inspiration from the founder’s Mexican heritage.


Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Andrew Fitzsimons is the hair pro behind some of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lopez’s most-loved looks, and it goes without saying that his own range of hair care products are seriously on-point.



A true artist in all that they do, Halsey has created not one — but two — makeup brands that prioritize creativity with color and texture.


Freck Beauty

Craving some super sweet faux freckles that *actually* look natural? Freck is a total essential in every single makeup bag.


Isle of Paradise

If you’re craving a summer glow sans the damaging sun rays: Isle of Paradise is a clear go-to that offers customizable tanning products.


Ghost Democracy

Products made with high standards of clean, Ghost Democracy never skimps on efficacy.



The world quickly fell in love with Jonathan Van Ness (and the entire Queer Eye cast, really) when the beloved show dropped on Netflix. Of course, JVN is known for their iconic makeovers — which is why it makes all the sense in the world that he has created his own range of hair care products.


W3ll People

With ethically sourced ingredients, W3ll People not only creates plant-powered cosmetics, but is committed to some seriously admirable clean and sustainability standards.


KimChi Chic Beauty

A brand that has gone completely viral on TikTok (with beauty lovers *especially* obsessed with the complexion-snatching powder), KimChi Chic Beauty is made by a drag queen, for any and every makeup lover.


Beekman 1802

With powerful (yet gentle) formulas that are uniquely powered by goat milk, Beekman 1802 is an under-the-radar brand to watch.



Throughout history (and largely still today), the fragrance industry has been gendered. Along with a few other trailblazers of note, Snif creates genderless perfumes and candles, too.



You may recognize the OleHenriksen name, and it’s for good reason. The brand’s cult-adored skin care is filled with antiodixant-rich essentials that aid in hydration and anti-aging.



The high-tech SolaWave Wand — a handheld four-in-one skin care tool — has become a staple for red carpet prep on stars like Sydney Sweeney, Doja Cat, Vanessa Hudgens, and more.



Yet another brand that has completely taken over the world of BeautyTok, ONE/SIZE is a total powerhouse of a beauty collection founded by an OG YouTuber powerhouse themself, Patrick Starrr.



You thought there would ever be an LGBTQ+-centric roundup without a whole lot of glitter? Well, what’s extra special about BioGlitz is that the “bio” represents biodegradable. How could you not stan?


Boy Smells

Often recognized for its highly successful collaboration with Kacey Musgraves, Boy Smells truly elevates the world of fragrance.


Madison Reed

A Target and Ulta mainstay, Madison Reed provides efficacious hair care that is made to enhance your color — whether it’s natural or chemically treated.


Thrive Natural Care

A brand that truly respects, loves, and supports planet Earth, Thrive Natural Care has revived degraded farmland in Costa Rica to not only support local farmers, but power its efficacious products. Win win.


Volition Beauty

A beauty brand that is quite unique, Volition Beauty encourages creation and entrepreneurship by allowing consumers to submit their *own* ideas for production.


Good Light

Marketed as “the gayest skincare in the market, all year round,” Good Light creates clean, vegan, and hypoallergenic formulas for everyone.


SAPPHO New Paradigm Cosmetics

The word Sappho brings with it an underlying meaning (hint: a poet by the same name is not only noted as being the first to write in first person, but is also famously quite sexually fluid)— and this brand is just as trail-blazing and unique.


Malin + Goetz

With inclusive products designed for truly everyone (even those with the most sensitive of skin), Malin + Goetz proudly notes they create for “all the ways we live.”



Oh, how I adore Drew Barrymore... and her incredible range of makeup, hair tools, and beyond.


Common Heir

Common Heir is especially known for two things: Powerful skin care, and absolutely no plastic used. Ever.


Alder New York

Designed for all ages, genders, and ethnicities, Alder New York rejects the ever-changing tides of the trends, instead prioritizing science-backed formulas that truly elevate any personal care routine.


Trixie Cosmetics

Yet another beauty brand created by a beloved Drag Race alum, Trixie Cosmetics by Trixie Mattel no doubt adds some playfulness and color to any makeup bag.


NOTO botanics

Created by makeup artist Gloria J. Noto, NOTO botanics creates skin care essentials and edgy pigments that all lend themselves to a very cool girl, editorial vibe.

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