20 Easy Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas For Brunettes That Don't Require A Crazy Wig — PHOTOS

Whether you look forward to Halloween every year or you dread the amount of work going into finding a costume, everyone can agree that finding a decent wig is the worst part. That's why you should just ditch the wig this year and find Halloween costumes where your hair color (brunette in this case) actually comes in handy.

Instead of putting up with spending a lot of money on a wig and then dealing with it feeling hot and itchy all night, you can just pick a Halloween costume that works with the hair you already have. If you happen to be a brunette, then you're in luck! There's so many killer costumes out there for girls with light brown, dark brown, and black hair. Below, you'll find 20 such Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for brunettes. Whether your hair is curly or straight, short or long, I've got you.

Best of all, most of these costumes are really easy to put together; you might even be able to save money by using items already in your closet. But if you're not into the whole DIY thing, just use this list for inspiration before running to the nearest costume supply store. Either way, you can rest assured you won't have to fork over money for a wig this year.

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1. Furiosa


If you have very short brown hair (or even better, a buzz cut) then Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road is the perfect costume for you.

You'll need: Goggles, $15, Jet | Casual T-shirt, $13, Amazon | Cargo Skinny Pants, $20, Amazon | Multiple Belts, $7, Amazon | Boots, $60, DSW

You'll also want to smear some dirt over the top half of your face.

2. Eleven


Eleven from Stranger Things is such a popular character right now that this costume is sure to score big at your Halloween parties, especially if you have her extremely close-cropped or buzzed brown hair.

You'll need: Pink Dress with a White Peter Pan Collar, $96, Etsy | Striped Knee Socks, $17, Amazon | Converse Sneakers, $55, Z appos | Blue Windbreaker, $59, Macy's

You can also carry a box of Eggos around.

3. Betty Boop


Betty Boop is a cute and classic Halloween costume that's really easy to create: You only need a few items. Ideally you should have short dark brown or black hair, parted in the middle and curled at the ends — plus red lipstick.

You'll need: Red Strapless Dress, $27, Amazon | Red Pumps, $51, Amazon | G old Hoop Earrings, $9, A mazon | G old Bracelets, $27, Amazon

4. Rosie The Riveter


This is another classic costume that's easy to do. Blondes can do it too but it's really most accurate on a brunette.

You'll need: Denim Coveralls, $82, Amazon | Polka Dot Bandana, $10, Etsy | Boots, $30, Amazon

5. Snow White


If you have a short, dark bob then Snow White is the perfect Disney princess for you to go as this Halloween.

You'll need: Blue Sweater, $23, Amazon | Yellow Skater Skirt, $15, Amazon | Red Headband, $13, Amazon

6. Velma


If your short, dark bob has bangs then you should definitely be Velma from Scooby Doo.

You'll need: Orange Turtleneck, $35, JCrew | Red Pleated Mini Skirt, $12, Amazon | Orange Knee Socks, $8, Knee High Socks | Red Mary Jane Flats, $32, Amazon | Thick Black Glasses, $8, Amazon

7. Mia Wallace


This is another great costume choice for brunettes with a fringed bob, plus it couldn't be easier to put together.

You'll need: White Button-Down, $11, Amazon | Black Pants, $20, Amazon | Oversized Trench Coat, $150, London Fog

8. Mary Poppins


For a Mary Poppins costume, you just need dark hair that's long enough to pull back into a bun.

You'll also need: White Button-Down, $11, Amazon | Black Skirt, $20, Amazon | R ed Belt, $7, Amazon | Red Bow Tie, $4, Party City | B lack Boater Hat, $18, Amazon

9. Holly Golightly


Tease your hair into a big beehive updo and brush your bangs slightly off your face for the iconic Breakfast At Tiffany's hairstyle.

You'll need: Sleeveless Black Dress, $18, Amazon | Pearl Necklace, $9, Amazon | Tiara Comb, $5, Amazon | Long Black Gloves, $13, Party City

10. Flo The Progressive Insurance Lady


Everyone knows Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials, and if you have shoulder-length brunette hair then this costume is perfect for you.

You'll need: Hanes White Polo Shirt, $9, Amazon | White Pants, $16, Amazon | White Apron, $3, KNG | Blue Converse, $50, Kohl's | Blue Headband, $7, Amazon

11. Belle


Belle is one of the most popular brunette Disney Princesses; you just need dark hair that's long enough to pull back into a ponytail. Don't worry about finding her yellow ballgown; her blue and white ensemble works just as well and is easier to put together.

You'll need: White Button-Down, $11, Amazon | Blue Pinafore Dress, $14, Amazon | White Waist Apron, $2, KNG | Black Flats, $10, Amazon

12. Cookie Lyon


Cookie is the breakout star of Empire, hands down, and if you want to be her for Halloween you'll need a lot of animal print and a healthy dose of (faux) fur — and lots and lots of attitude.

You'll need: Leopard Print Fedora, $6, Amazon | L eopard Print Bodycon Dress, $11, Amazon | Leopard Print Clutch, $40, Nordstrom | Faux Fur Coat, $41, Amazon

13. Olivia Pope


If you have shoulder-length brunette hair and love Scandal, then you should definitely be Olivia Pope this Halloween. Don't forget the wine glass and her motto: "It's handled."

You'll need: White Trench Coat, $88, Amazon | Black Pants, $20, Amazon | White Floppy Hat, $11, Amazon and some wine.

14. Katniss Everdeen


If your brunette hair is long enough to put into a messy braid then being Katniss from The Hunger Games is a no-brainer.

You'll need: Black T-Shirt, $8, Amazon | B lack Windbreaker, $35, Amazon | O live Cargo Pants, $24, Amazon | B oots, $20-35, Amazon | Bow and Arrow, $6, W almart

15. Wednesday Addams


This costume is perfect for people with dark, shoulder-length or longer hair and deadpan personalities.

You'll need: White Collar, $8, Amazon | L ong Sleeve Black Dress, $15, Amazon | Black Tights, $10, h&m | Black Shoes, $17, target

16. Hermione


Ignoring the fact that Emma Watson is kinda blondish, the OG Hermione was described as having bushy brown hair.

You'll need: Gryffindor tie, $7, Walmart | Witch Hat, $5, partycity | White Button-Down, $11, Amazon | Gryffindor Robe, $20, Coswig

Bonus points if you add a wand.

17. Jasmine


If you have a lot of thick, long, and dark hair that you can put into a voluminous braid (and you either live somewhere warm or don't mind being chilly) then you should be Jasmine from Aladdin.

You'll need: Teal Top, $3, Amazon | T eal Baggy Pants, $8, Amazon | Gold Choker, $13, Amazon | Gold Hoop Earrings, $250, M acy 's | H eadband, $10, Etsy

18. Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones from the hit Netflix show of the same name is a great costume for brunettes with long hair because it's easy to put together and will also keep you warm and comfortable all night.

You'll need: Leather Jacket, $40, Target | Jeans, $79, Macy's | Gray T-Shirt, $10, A mazon | Black Moto Boots, $44, Amazon

19. Rihanna


If you have dark hair then Rihanna is a good costume choice — but which Rihanna? How about copying one of her 2016 VMA outfits, to stay topical?

You'll need: T-Shirt, $17, Etsy | White Belted Mini Skirt, $10, Amazon | White Thigh High Boots, $19, Candy Apple Costumes

20. Beyonce


This is another topical costume choice for brunettes: Beyonce as seen in Lemonade. Her gorgeous yellow dress from "Hold Up" is a particularly good one to try to emulate. This is also a great costume if your hair is more ombre than just straight-up brown or blonde.

You'll need: Yellow Ruffled Dress, $16, Amazon | Black Platform Heels with Ankle Strap, $21, Amazon | Baseball Bat, $17, Amazon

Images: Courtesy Brands