10 Fall 2022 Eyeshadow Trends That Bring The Drama

From minimalist glaze to ’70s glam.

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The biggest fall 2022 eyeshadow trends.
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By now, the leather jackets have been purchased, the hair colors have been cozied, and the pumpkin has been spiced. That’s right, dear readers: Fall is in full swing. Alongside evolving wardrobes and coffee orders, it’s also the season for shaking up your makeup looks to match the autumn mood. One could go on forever about vampy lipstick and grungy winged eyeliner (for good reason!), but let’s chat eyeshadow — the real estate on your lids and up to your brow bone (and beyond) is open to a world of artistic opportunity, after all. Bustle pinged a handful of makeup experts for their fall 2022 eyeshadow trend predictions, and one thing rings true: This season’s looks are far from boring.

You’ll spot some welcome holdovers from past seasons (like ’90s throwbacks, matte finishes, a minimalist aesthetic, bright Y2K-inspired blue, and plenty of sparkles), but you can also expect some totally fresh, completely inspiring newcomers, predicted by industry insiders — think high-glam metallics and other head-turning looks. Ahead, discover 10 makeup artist-approved fall eyeshadow trends that are sure to warrant lots of mirror playtime. Makeup brushes and Pinterest boards at the ready.


Jewel Tones

Jewel tones — especially shades of green and purple — are having a moment this fall, says Jason Hoffman, vice president of beauty and product for Amyris, the synthetic biology company behind a host of clean beauty brands including Rose Inc. His take? These hues are the new neutrals. “These colors are amazing because they make the eyes pop and accentuate every eye color,” he tells Bustle.

If you’re new to wearing eyeshadow colors, consider limiting the pigment to only your lids and adding a touch of shimmer to the center “to give an easy pop of dimension,” says Hoffman.


Graphic Black

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When fading into the background just won’t do, consider severe black eyeshadow, accentuated by just-as-black eyeliner. Turn it up another notch by pairing it with bleached eyebrows à la Kendall Jenner at the 2022 Met Gala. “We are seeing a lot of bleached, lightened brows this season,” says celebrity and editorial makeup artist Nick Barose. “The contrast between lighter brows and extra dark eyes makes it look dramatic.”

Of course, actually bleaching your brows is a big move. To achieve the look without the commitment, Barose says to opt for painting your brows with a rich longwear concealer.


’90s Matte Nudes

To balance a strong lip — and lean hard into ’90s minimalism — celebrity and editorial makeup artist Aaron Paul says to try pairing it with matte nude eyeshadows. “Fall tends to lean toward more matte textures in makeup, and they can really diffuse and soften a makeup look. Think ’90s supermodel,” Paul says.

Snag an eyeshadow palette with colors that complement and enhance your skin tone. Paul likes the Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palette, BTW. To nail the look, “Apply a flesh-colored base shadow all over the lid. Then, sweep a slightly deeper contour color into the crease,” says Paul. Lastly, instead of the typical shimmery highlight under the brow bone and at the tear ducts, he recommends a lighter matte shade.


Shadow Shapes

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For an ultra-modern take on eyeshadow this fall, Hoffman says to ease up on the blending. “It’s OK to have your shadow extend in a graphic, less perfected way. I love this trend because it feels a bit rebellious and allows for more expression,” he notes.

To recreate the look, begin with a pigmented cream shadow and a dense brush, says Hoffman. “Literally paint a shape across the lid and extend it out,” he explains. “Instead of blending the cream, take a cotton bud and clean the edges to make the shape more defined. If you have oily lids, set the cream with a bit of loose powder or a powder shadow.”


Smoldering Scarlet

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Admittedly, reaching for red eyeshadows can feel intimidating, but Paul promises that if applied strategically, they can create a “mysterious smoky look” that really makes your eye color pop — perfect for that moody, end-of-year feeling.

Paul says you can use blush or a traditional eyeshadow palette to achieve the look. For a guaranteed smoke show, sweep a lighter red hue along your lower lid and into your crease, and then hit your lash line and the outer corners of your eyes with a deeper color. The true trick, according to Paul, is to smudge black eyeliner into the lash roots (something like the Pat McGrath PermaGel Eyeliner Pencil) and apply a generous amount of mascara. “Keeping the lash line black grounds the shadow and keeps the red from making eyes look tired,” he explains.


Shimmer & Shine

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Whether vibing with rhinestones, crystals, foil, or glitter, Hoffman says fall 2022 is all about the sparkle (think Euphoria-inspired glam). “It’s one of my favorites because it brings true theater and fun to makeup,” he says.

If you haven’t quite worked your way up to 3D accouterment, Hoffman says shimmery eyeshadow is an easier way to get in on the trend. He says to try swiping a cream shadow all over the lid and then going over that with a dusting of shimmer, pearlescent metallic eyeshadow, or loose powder. Otherwise, pile on all the eye gems your heart desires.


’70s Glam Metallics

The playfulness and glamour of the ’70s disco era are back in full effect this season by way of funky metallic eyeshadows. Think Studio 54 in its heyday, notes Barose. “It’s the kind of glamour that’s a lot but also the kind that you can dance and sweat in.”

Barose used the Lancôme Hypnôse 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette in Kaki Electrique to nail this look on Lupita Nyong’o. “To get that creamy, extra metallic ’70s glam, apply it with a dampened eyeshadow brush or sponge-tip applicator,” he says, adding to be sure to smudge the edges with a cotton swab so it’s rubbed but not too precise. “It’s sexier and more ’70s-carefree that way.”


Colorful Flush

For another fun and funky ’70s nod, Barose says to opt for this statement-making draped look that literally blurs the line between blush and eyeshadow. “The key is to go extra bright by using something like hot pink or coral. Don’t go with natural tones as it’d read like your eyes are bruised,” he says.

Barose tends to stay away from formulas that are too shiny or creamy; instead, he sticks to matte shades or ones with a super subtle sheen for added drama. He suggests using a fluffy, medium-sized brush and, for dimension, pinpointing one area that’ll be the brightest versus evenly applying the color.


Minimalist Glaze

If you’re of the philosophy that the cooler fall months are all about a bold lip, that’s totally fair. And the perfect complement, according to Paul, is a clean eye. It’s “classic French girl beauty with a twist,” he notes. In this case, use a highlighter on your lids for just a touch of gorgeous luminescence.

To keep it super simple, apply your favorite shimmer highlighter onto the lower lid and blend it into the crease. And... done. “This gives the illusion of a glossy eye but without all of the melty mess,” Paul notes. To modernize the look, he says to skip the eyeliner and instead focus on the lashes by curling them and grabbing the mascara. He likes the Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Volumizing Mascara in Burgundy.


Shades Of Blue

From cornflower to periwinkle, various hues of blue eyeshadow have been all over the runways and beyond, and makeup artist Lisa Aharon doesn’t think the bright, Y2K-party-girl color is going anywhere anytime soon.

To nail blue eyeshadow for yourself, it’s simple: Just have fun with your favorite cobalt shade — which is true to the early 2000s vibe.

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