13 Movies On Netflix To Watch When You Need A Girl Power Boost

When women come together, amazing things can happen. However, finding movies about strong women on Netflix isn't always an easy feat — even if you're scrolling through the category labeled "Movies Featuring A Strong Female Lead." While Netflix's selection of girl power movies certainly exists, the options for movies about independent and loving characters remain rare and few, which can make picking a movie for your girls' night in one heck of a hassle. Luckily for you, help is on the way. Instead of you spending hours scrolling through each category, I compiled a list of the girl power movies that I'm sure you've been craving.

Netflix has a number of different films at your disposal to help prove that there's nothing a woman can't do, and that there's nothing women can't acheive when they come together. Girl power movies feature women defying the odds, breaking the mold, and not being afraid to fearlessly love one another. And yes, these emotional, inspirational stories certainly are out there. These tales include women of all ages and backgrounds coming together for a greater cause. So get your best girlfriends together to join you for your next Netflix movie-watching experience. These films will have you feeling the girl power in no time.

1. Bring It On (2000)

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In Bring It On, a group of cheerleaders come together to win the championship trophy, and the best team prevails in the end. Watching the ups and downs of these cheerleading masters will make you feel like you can do anything — even and especially when you play by the rules.

2. Mean Girls (2004)

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A movie about teenage mean girls might not immediately scream "girl power" to you. However, Mean Girls encourages us to build a society in which girls work with one another instead of constantly fighting, which is a perfect message to push you to embrace your feminist potential.

3. A Royal Night Out (2015)

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Even royalty deserves a girls' night out every once in a while. A Royal Night Out follows the adventures of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret as they explore London and get away from their royal duties. Running a country shouldn't take away from a girl's ability to have fun.

4. Mothers and Daughters (2016)

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Mother-daughter bonds may be unbreakable, but that doesn't mean that they are immune to hardships. When a photographer decides to look at the relationships between multiple mothers and daughters, the audience gets a sneak peek into the complexities of each one.

5. Tracks (2013)

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Nothing can hold a woman back from her need for adventure. Tracks follows Robyn's (MIa Wasikowska) 1,700-mile journey across Australia, alone and refusing to let anyone stand in her way.

6. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (2011)

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Your family can help you feel the girl power, too. Three generations are reunited in Peace, Love & Misunderstanding's tale about respecting the people around you and viewing life from another's perspective.

7. Short Term 12 (2013)

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One woman (Brie Larson) makes a world of a difference for a community when she refuses to ignore the needs of others. Short Term 12 speaks to the notion of standing up for yourself while simultaneously working to have everyone else's back, too.

8. The Girl In the Book (2015)

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Alice (Emily VanCamp) must remain strong when the misfortunes of her past come back to her present. The return of a man from her childhood puts who she is today — and all that she's worked for — on the line. The Girl In the Book will have you fighting alongside her and hanging on for more.

9. Colonia (2015)

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Lena (Emma Watson) challenges preconceived gender roles when she comes face-to-face with the Colonia Dignidad and takes saving her captured boyfriend into her own hands. Nothing can stop this woman from reuniting with the man she loves.

10. For A Good Time, Call... (2012)

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Two frenemies (played by Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor) are in for the time of their lives when they embrace their sexuality and start a business together. For A Good Time, Call... is a hilarious story of what happens when women help other women — and they don't let the standards of society bring them down.

11. Frances Ha (2012)

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Sometimes, the love of a friend is the only thing you'll ever need. Frances (Greta Gerwig) is struggling through life in New York City with nothing but the love of her best friend (Mickey Sumner) to guide her. It's a tale of love, life, and finding yourself against all odds.

12. Under The Tuscan Sun (2003)

Are you looking for a bit of change in your life? A newly divorced writer (Diane Lane) takes her own leap of faith when she decides to move to Tuscany and renovate her villa. It's a story about starting over without the fear of failure.

13. Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

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Julia Roberts stars as Katherine Ann Watson, an art professor determined to give her students the chance for a better life outside of their all-girls institution. This film may be set in the 1950s, but it soon becomes clear that a woman's place isn't just in the home.

Girl power is shown in a number of different ways, and, thanks to Netflix, these strong female characters are just a click away.

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