All The Astrological Events Happening In May

Mercury retrograde is back, eclipse season continues, and Jupiter makes a big move.

A collage of planets in a woman's hand. All the astrological events happening in May 2022.
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The astrology of April launched us into eclipse season, served the first retrograde in months, and drowned us in the magical mysticism of the Pisces stellium. However, they say April showers bring May flowers, so trust that the cosmic excitement is still blooming — as the upcoming astrological events in May 2022 are just as powerful. You’ll want to mark your calendars, because there’s a lot to plan for.

We’re entering the month of May fresh off the topsy-turvy vibes of the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus that rose on April 30, so emotions may be running high. Taurus season 2022 will be in full swing for the first few weeks of the month, which helps us get in tune with our physical senses and work toward our goals in a steady and methodical way. The down-to-earth and grounded energy of Taurus season will come in especially handy mid-month: The year’s second Mercury retrograde kicks off on May 10, followed by a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15-16. Taking it slow and steady will help us manage unexpected twists and catch any cosmic curveballs.

Once Gemini season hits on May 20, we’ll likely feel more outgoing, energized, and ready to connect with people — so long as Mercury retrograde’s infamous scheduling snags and timing trip-ups don’t make things too difficult. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will be making big moves as they switch signs this month, so there’s lots of fresh energy to work with when it comes to love, passion, and more. Finally, this busy month wraps up with a refreshing new moon in Gemini, which brings us exciting new beginnings and an opportunity to set intentions post-eclipse season.

Are you ready for all the planetary magic the coming month has to offer? Here’s your full May astrological overview.

Venus Enters Aries On May 2

We’re kicking off the month with a vibe-switch from love and beauty planet Venus, which enters bold and brazen fire sign Aries on May 2. Venus’ stint through watery Pisces over the past weeks brought a dreamy and romantic energy to our love lives and gave us rose-colored glasses in relationships. However, with Venus in Aries through May 28, we’ll likely feel things heating up. Expect to take on a more dominant approach in relationships and be a little more impulsive when it comes to love and dating. Don’t be afraid to prioritize your own pleasure and be more forward about asking for what you desire.

Mercury Retrograde Is Back

On May 10, the planet of communication, thinking, and timing will begin backspinning through its home sign of Gemini — serving up three and a half weeks of mental mix-ups, communication struggles, and logistical issues. Mercury will retrograde through airy Gemini for the first half of this transit, which can make it harder to express ourselves clearly or think logically. On May 22, once Mercury moonwalks back into earthy Taurus, money and resources may get dragged into the retrograde confusion, too. We’ll have to work with this wonky backward-moving energy until June 3, so be sure to double check your receipts, be precise in your communication, and re-read those text messages before sending.

Jupiter Enters Aries On May 10

There’s been a lot of significant Jupiter action in the skies lately, as it was an important part of the powerful Pisces stellium that dominated the past couple months, and just joined forces with spiritual planet Neptune for a once-in-a-lifetime alignment. The planet of luck and abundance will follow in Venus’ footsteps and enter leadership-oriented fire sign Aries on May 10. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so this ingress represents the completion of a full zodiac rotation for Jupiter, and ushers in the potential for energetic and bright new beginnings for all zodiac signs. In general, it’s a very auspicious time to start big projects and follow your excitement toward new beginnings — but because Mercury retrograde begins on the very same day, we’ll have to temper our excitement and take things slow over the first month of this special transit. Jupiter will be in Aries through Oct. 28, at which point it will retrograde back into Pisces until Dec. 20.

A Total Lunar Eclipse On May 15-16

Eclipse season spring 2022 is roaring on, and this chaotic energy will climax right smack in the middle of the month. The full moon and total lunar eclipse in the mysterious sign of Scorpio peaks on the night of May 15-16, and it’s here to help us purge emotional baggage to make room for growth. This is the first lunar eclipse of the year, and it’s building on the events that took place during the solar eclipse on April 30. Eclipses in astrology can bring sudden shifts and shocking revelations, so some deep truths are likely to be revealed under this powerful lunation. Look out for plot twists, heightened feelings, and intense transformations under the May 2022 full moon lunar eclipse.

Gemini Season Starts May 20

On May 20, the sun leaves earth sign Taurus and ingresses into the social and quick-thinking realm of Gemini, which means Gemini season 2022 will be in full swing. This mutable air sign is chatty, curious, and loves to connect with its surroundings, so it’s a good time for intellectual pursuits and springtime socializing. Gemini zodiac energy ups our ability to multitask and process new information, but we’ll have to be mindful of Mercury retrograde’s influence — which has a tendency mix our signals, cloud our thinking, and throw wrenches into our plans!

A Homecoming For The Love & Sex Planets

On May 24, passionate planet Mars will enter its feisty home sign of Aries, the cardinal fire sign. Mars is the planet that rules sex, action, and making moves, so all zodiac signs will feel bolder and more assertive about going after what they want — whether that’s a hot date with a crush or a dream job opportunity. After spending more than a month treading through passive and sensitive Pisces, having Mars in its fierce and fearless domicile will feel like a major cosmic energy boost that ups our motivation and fires up our competitive spirit.

A few days later, on May 28, love planet Venus will enter its luxurious and earthy home sign of Taurus. During this transit, our sensuality is at an all-time high, and we’re craving physical pleasures and decadence. We’re also keeping in real in romance and taking a more down-to-earth and sensible approach to love. Because both motivated Mars and vixen-like Venus will now be in their zodiac signs of rulership, their planetary qualities will be expressed more easily and actively — so we can look forward to a more empowered period when it comes to pursuing relationships, chasing our passions, and expressing our values.

The New Moon In Gemini On May 30

And just like that, the month is coming to an end — and thankfully, so is eclipse season! We’re wrapping things up with an energetic and optimistic new moon in Gemini on May 30. Given that this is the first lunation to hit since eclipse season, the May 2022 new moon is our first opportunity to manifest and set lunar intentions since mid-April (as moon magic isn’t advised during eclipses, given their chaotic nature). Focus on connecting with the goals you want to pursue as we approach the summer and work with the people around you to make it happen.