21 Quirky British Comedies To Watch After 'Sex Education'

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No matter where you are in your sexual journey, every viewer of Sex Education probably learned a thing or two. And now that you've finished the charmingly real comedy, you may be longing for more. Well, get ready to take some notes because there are plenty more quirky British comedies to watch after Sex Education. Just like Otis, we've put the necessary research in to keep you feeling satisfied long after you've watched all eight episodes of Netflix's Sex Education. So get ready for your TV viewing world to be rocked all over again.

With Asa Butterfield as the sexually repressed Otis and Gillian Anderson as his sex therapist mom, Sex Education exquisitely portrays the complicated realities of intimacy for both teenagers and adults. While it's mostly a comedy, Sex Ed is also true to life. So its frank discussions and plot points can also be pretty devastating. Yet, when you've finished the first season, you'll be left with a contented smile and thirsty for more. That's where this list of 21 other British TV series comes in.

Not all of the below list are coming-of-age stories or even about sex. But don't fret — they are all chock full of British (and sometimes Irish) accents and the quirkiness that helped make Sex Ed a pop culture sensation. So as you anxiously await for more Sex to come along, scratch that itch by watching these other British shows available for streaming.


'The End Of The F*cking World'


This dark comedy about two teens who run away from home together is about as dark as you can get since James is planning to kill his new girlfriend Alyssa along the way. Ah, young love.

Where to watch: Netflix


'Moone Boy'


Chris O'Dowd plays the imaginary friend of the painfully awkward 12-year-old Martin Moone as he grows up in Ireland in the late '80s and early '90s.

Where to watch: Hulu



Amazon Prime Video

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is taking over the world. And her brilliant series Fleabag (based on her one-woman play) shows exactly why. But beware: Fleabag's bite may leave you hurting.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


'The Inbetweeners'


This coming-of-age show kicks off with new-kid-at-school Nick making friends with three other social outcasts. Their school experiences and failed sexual conquests will definitely remind you of Sex Ed.

Where to watch: Netflix


'Bad Education'


Like Bad Teacher and A.P. Bio, Bad Education follows a young teacher (Jack Whitehall) who does not adhere to the rules of the school when it comes to educating his pupils.

Where to watch: Netflix


'Fresh Meat'


If you want a college-aged show that mixes up the casts of The Inbetweeners and Bad Education, look no further than Fresh Meat, where six (mostly) eccentric roommates are just trying to survive university.

Where to watch: Netflix




Another show from Waller-Bridge that is also about roommates is Crashing. Not to be confused with the Pete Holmes-HBO series of the same name, this Crashing has six people in their 20s living in a vacant hospital.

Where to watch: Netflix



Mark Johnson/Amazon Prime Video

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are delightfully authentic as two singles whose lives are turned upside down after she becomes pregnant.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video




Call the Midwife Fans will be familiar with Miranda Hart, but this sitcom follows her during her many awkward exploits. Here's just one glorious example: Within the first two minutes of the first episode, she has lost her pants on the dance floor of a club and pulls them up in time to "Stop" by the Spice Girls.

Where to watch: Hulu


'Sick Note'


If you've been dreaming of a collaboration between Ron Weasley and Lindsay Lohan, well then — Sick Note was made for you. Lohan doesn't pop up until Season 2, but the dark comedy stars Rupert Grint as a slacker who is misdiagnosed with cancer by an inept doctor (Nick Frost) and then proceeds to make the most of people's sympathies.

Where to watch: Netflix




Coupling is pretty much the Friends of the U.K. with six friends who spend most of their time talking about sex in the early aughts. Some of their social commentary is dated, but it's essential British TV.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


'Bridget & Eamon'


This spoof of a couple living in Ireland in the '80s is a real wacky look at the world of a dysfunctional marriage.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video




Lovesick starts with main character Flynn being diagnosed with chlamydia and attempting to reach out to all of his past sexual partners. How's that for some sex ed?

Where to watch: Netflix



Stephen Ambrose/Netflix

American audiences will recognize a few faces in Cuckoo with Andy Samberg (only in Season 1), Taylor Lautner (who enters the scene after Samberg), and Helen Baxendale (Emily from Friends). Samberg's hippie character "Cuckoo" causes issues for a British family when their daughter marries him during her gap year.

Where to watch: Netflix


'My Mad Fat Diary'


Enter the mind of 16-year-old Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney) as she adjusts to life back at home after being hospitalized for an eating disorder. This realistic picture of one girl's experiences comes from the book by the real-life Earl. Jodie Comer of Killing Eve also stars.

Where to watch: Hulu




Wanderlust leans a little more to the drama side of things. But this Toni Collette-starring series about a married couple who tries an open relationship shows that many adults don't have their sex lives figured out either. Bonus: Similar to Anderson's character, Collette portrays a therapist.

Where to watch: Netflix




You want a dash of sci-fi? Check out Misfits, which is about a group of young delinquents performing community service who end up getting supernatural powers. Game of Thrones fans should prepare to feel the impossible as they may experience pangs of empathy for Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon).

Where to watch: Hulu


'Derry Girls'


Four Northern Irish girls (and one British boy) somehow always lands themselves in outrageous shenanigans as they grow up during the Troubles in the 1990s.

Where to watch: Netflix


'The Mighty Boosh'


If you're looking for quirky to the extreme, then go with this surreal show from Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding (recently of the rebooted The Great British Baking Show).

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video and Hulu




Two cousins and their friend in their early 20s need to figure out adulthood after college — and they quickly realize that adulting is not so easy.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


'Chewing Gum'

Mark Johnson/Channel 4/Netflix

Michaela Coel's Tracey Gordon desperately could have benefited from Otis' advice as she tries to lose her virginity in the most outlandish of ways.

Where to watch: Netflix

No matter which show you pick to watch, you're guaranteed some hijinks, some laughs, and maybe even a little education that would make Otis and his mom proud.