This Slang Word Has Nothing To Do With Goats

In a world with ever-changing vocabularies and new slang being generated with every meme, rap song, and Vine video, it's hard (but important!) to keep up with everything the kids are saying these days. Today on the agenda: what does "GOAT" mean and how do you use it? I hate to break it to you, but it has nothing to do with actual goats. Sorry about that.

So: What exactly can we define "GOAT" as? Let's turn to our handy friend, the Urban Dictionary, to see if we can piece together the meaning of this slang term:

  1. "An acronym for G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime"
  2. "Greatest Of All Time. Not a title that should be easily given out."

By these definitions, the acronym GOAT should only be used to talk about those who truly are the greatest of all time

— not just those who are "kind of great" or "approaching greatness." GOAT has appeared a few different times in popular culture, the most prominent example being LL Cool J's eighth album, G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time). Using the word itself is actually quite simple: All you have to do is find the person who is the best at what they do and give them the prestigious title.

Why does this term matter? Because we should all aspire to be the GOAT in what we do and how we live. For some inspiration, lets take a look at some important GOATS in their respective fields who we might learn from, admire, and hold close to our hearts.

1. Malala Yousafzai

Malala is an 18-year-old Pakistani activist who was shot three times by a gunman who intended to kill her because he didn't believe girls should be getting an education. But a near-death experience didn't stop this incredibly strong woman, who started advocacy for women's rights and female education right after leaving the hospital. Did I mention she's also the youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate? Talk about seriously being the GOAT.

2. Nicki Minaj

How could we mistake this woman for anything but a GOAT? She recently shut down a reporter for asking problematic questions, schooled Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus on racial issues in pop culture, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of her genre to create more interesting and empowering art.

3. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is an unstoppable force in the media right now. From her flawless portrayal of Sofia in Orange Is The New Black to her new documentary, The T Word, which highlights the lives of trans youth, Cox is making waves, all while keeping in touch with those she inspires.

4. Tig Notaro

If you haven't heard of comedian Tig Notaro, go look her up right now. Tig's story is pretty incredible — in 2012, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and, in a historic stand-up show, addressed the cancer during a routine in a poignant, beautiful, and somehow still humorous way. Comedians like Louis C.K. called it one of the best shows they had ever seen. Tig's bravery changed the landscape of women's roles in comedy, as well as helped people cope with their own stories of cancer.

5. Beyonce

She's Queen Bey. She has publicly declared herself a feminist more than once. She is committed to empowering young girls and women everywhere. She is definitely the GOAT.

Images: Pexels; g (5)