11 Signs Your Partner Might Be Losing Interest In You & How To Fix The Problem

Is there anything more heartbreaking than feeling unwanted or ignored? I'm pretty sure there isn't, and that's why it hurts so much when your partner shows signs they're losing interest in you. It can crop up out of nowhere, or come about slowly. But either way, you probably want to know how to fix things — and fast.

This is a totally normal (and understandable) response, especially if you truly love your partner. So you'll be happy to know that a few changes really can do the trick. Take, for example, the nagging feeling that you've both lost touch. Planning more date nights can quickly remedy the situation, and reignite your initial spark. Or maybe the problem lies in your SO's new desire to be all detached and distant. Figuring out ways to better communicate can reel them back in, and help them feel more understood. See what I mean? The list of potential fixes is endless.

Of course, there are situations where none of this is worth the trouble, and the best option is to move on. After all, you don't want to be with someone who clearly isn't interested. And the last thing you want to do is clamor for affection, only to look back and realize you were totally wasting your time. That decision is up to you. Until then, here are some signs your SO is losing interest, as well as what to do to (hopefully) fix the problem.

1. The Romance Is Dwindling

Less frequent sex, zero date nights, a decided lack of cuddling — it's becoming far too clear that your SO's desire to be near you has greatly diminished. "It may just be a temporary reaction to stress, but if it's been going on for some time, it could indicate a relationship decline," said Robert Taibbi, LCSW, on Psychology Today.

What To Do

While most relationships get comfy (and terribly unsexy) after the initial honeymoon phase, it doesn't mean you have to live platonically forever. Plan date nights galore, and see if they don't bring back that spark.

2. They Don't Make Time For You

You have a sneaking suspicion that your partner is ignoring you, or coming up with bogus reasons to bail on plans. Since couples should want to see each other (duh), this doesn't exactly feel right. "You don’t need to spend every second with your significant other, but you should spend a lot of them," said Clayton Olson on ThoughtCatalog.com.

What To Do

Chat with your SO and see why they are backing away. There could be any number of reasons he or she is being flaky, and it's within your rights to know why.

3. They Seem Super Annoyed

It's normal for couples to pick on each other every now and then. But when things get mean or rude, it could be a sign that your partner is thinking about leaving. "An increased sensitivity to trivial stuff is your brain is trying to connect the dots between your emotions and external behaviors," Taibbi explained. "You feel disconnected ... and so, thanks to the power of cognitive dissonance, you need to bring your thoughts and feelings in line." Cue your partner getting mad at every little thing.

What To Do

The next time your SO picks a silly fight over the dishes or the laundry, ask them what they real issues is. It may open the doors for a frank conversation that can help get to the bottom of what's really bugging them.

4. They Put Their Friends Before You

Couples should have lives outside of the relationship — friends, hobbies, interests, etc. that don't involve each other. It's normal, and healthy. What's not normal, however, is a partner who chooses his or her friends over you nearly 100 percent of the time, according to Ariane Marder on Glamour.

What To Do

Let your partner go out, and don't be mad about it. "Just putting a single day of 'alone time' in between every couple of days will give you some breathing time and let you miss each other," said Sarah Butcher on HuffingtonPost.com. If you two simply needed some breathing room, this could really do the trick.

5. They Never Give You A Call

"Of course, we all know it takes less than thirty seconds to send a text and a minute to call and say hi," said Marder. So it doesn't bode well for the relationship when your partner can't be bothered to pick up the phone.

What To Do

The most adult way to handle this is to be clear about your desire to have more communication, according to Christie Griffin on Cosmopolitan. If this person is worth your time, they should be willing to send out a few more texts, or muster the ability to call. If they can't, they may no longer be worth your time.

6. Things Have Gotten... Awkward

Your partner used to chat happily for hours. Now, things feel a bit forced. "Everyone is awkward and walking on eggshells 24/7, and there are continuous 'reasons' not to do things together," said Taibbi. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this isn't a good sign.

What To Do

Switch things up and try a new date location (instead of that restaurant you've both been to 55,000 times). "The new setting will help you to stay engaged and interested, rather than relying on old habits and assumptions," said Esther Boykin on MindBodyGreen.com. "It’s also a great conversation starter as you both explore a fresh experience together."

7. He Or She Doesn't Talk About The Future

When it comes to talks of the future, your partner seems to view it as more of a solo event. "If he favors the pronoun 'I' over 'we' and doesn't want to commit to anything more than a month in advance, then he's probably not thinking long term," Marder said.

What To Do

See if your partner is down for some serious relationship stuff, like meeting your parents or going on a long vacation. This might just show them how serious you are about the relationship. And here's hoping some of the positive energy will rubs off.

8. You Don't Feel Supported

Supporting a partner is difficult, and time consuming. So someone who is ready to checkout may find it impossible to muster the strength.

What To Do

Continue supporting your SO, no matter what. "When your partner is stressed, consider proactively offering support, instead of waiting for [them] to come to you," noted an article on YourTango.com. Showing that you're still available, despite the current rocky state, may help them realize what they've got.

9. They Don't Want To Label Things

Not everyone feels the need to label relationships, and that can be totally OK. But sometimes, those who don't feel the need to label things may secretly want out.

What To Do

Chat with your partner. "Express why it’s important to you to acknowledge your status ... in public and how you value the relationship," said dating expert Julie Spira on HuffingtonPost.com. If they aren't willing to see your point, or are pretending things are more casual than they actually are, it may be time to move on.

10. They Refer To You As A "Friend"

What's more painful than not getting that label of boyfriend or girlfriend? Being called a friend, especially if you've been dating for a while. It could mean any number of things — your SO isn't taking things seriously, he or she is taking things slow, or they're losing interest. It can be tough to say, but it's almost always painful to hear.

What To Do

Unless you guys have been perfectly clear about a friends with benefits thing, then it's time to speak up. Do you want to be considered more than a friend? Tell them so. It may be difficult to do, but at the very least it'll save you from wasting your time.

11. You Don't Feel Like A Priority

What's the giant takeaway from all of this? Above anything else, you want to feel like a priority in your partner's life. When that's not the case, it's a huge, glaring sign that they are probably losing interest.

What To Do

As I said above, don't bend over backwards for someone who clearly isn't putting in the effort. When you meet the right person, everything will feel easy, and you will clearly be his or her top concern.

It is OK, however, to work on minor issues and to make an effort during rough patches. But whatever you, don't put up with a relationship that's constantly struggling. If that's the case, move on to someone who is more worth your time.

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