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12 Shows & Movies That Are Perfect For Bold Type Fans

These titles are sure to satisfy long after that emotional finale.

There are several shows and movies similar to 'The Bold Type' to stream after the series finale. Pho...

Spoilers ahead for The Bold Type series finale. With one final Closet Talk and big decisions made by each of Scarlet’s core three — Jane’s still a writer! Kat’s editor-in-chief! Sutton’s back with Richard! — The Bold Type ended its fifth and final season on a sweet note in 2021. Following its debut on Freeform in 2017, the series became a fast favorite for being a lot like the magazine it depicted: glossy and light, always, but not without acknowledging many of the real-world issues that women face every day.

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The Bold Type’s unique blend of genres — with workplace dramedy, industry fantasy, found-family, and rom-com vibes throughout — made its appeal as eclectic as finds from the Fashion Closet. It’s that same blend that makes it so easy to seek out shows and movies similar to The Bold Type, which you’re probably looking for now that the series is over. Fortunately, there are plenty of picks you can stream right now — and there’s something for every kind of Bold Type fan, whether you loved the show’s themes of girl-power and friendship above all or were fascinated by its many memorable romances. Here are several titles to get you started.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Kate Hudson’s Andie Anderson was the Jane Sloan blueprint: a women’s magazine writer who dreams of being taken more seriously as a journalist — and whose personal life becomes fodder for her work in a few major, messy ways. Add in that iconic yellow dress and a charming Matthew McConaughey (whose character, Ben, even has a little Pinstripe in him), and you’ve got the makings of an enjoyable early-aughts rom-com. Rent it on Prime Video.


Mark Johnson/HBO Max

Rose Matafeo serves as star and writer of this delightful series in which a young Londoner strikes up a relationship with a movie star by accident one New Year’s Eve — a fantasy of a premise, sure, but Bold Type fans never relied too heavily on gritty realism, right? While Jessie and Tom’s (Nikesh Patel) budding romance is the focus of Starstruck, the show also echoes The Bold Type’s themes of female friendship and trying to figure it out in your 20s. Watch it on HBO Max.

Someone Great

Sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, Someone Great is a cathartic Netflix original you’ll want to add to the very top of your to-watch list. Just like The Bold Type, there are several love stories going on in this one-day adventure through New York. The most important one, though, belongs to the three best friends played by DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow, who lean on each other for everything from breakups to big career moves. Watch it on Netflix.

Broken Hearts Gallery

Another trio of friends forms the heart of this sweet rom-com — this time around, played by Geraldine Viswanathan, Phillipa Soo, and Molly Gordon. Viswanathan’s Lucy has a hard time letting go of treasures and trinkets from her old relationships and even devotes a gallery to the pieces of other people’s past loves. The film’s fresh, authentic take on friendship will win over Bold Type lovers, while its nods to rom-coms past (like 27 Dresses-esque karaoke or relationship interstitials à la When Harry Met Sally) make it a worthy must-see for fans of the genre. Watch it on Starz.


Allyson Riggs/Hulu

Like Jane, Shrill’s Annie (played by Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant) is a writer who experiences many misadventures in love and sex on her way toward discovering — then loving — herself. But she’s not doing it alone. Annie’s best relationship on the show is with her friend and roomie Fran (Lolly Adefope). “Even when [Fran] learns about Annie's insecurities and how she feels about herself, she doesn’t try to rebuff it or tell her, ‘Well, just be more confident.’ She’s very realistic," Adefope told Bustle in 2019. Watch it on Hulu.

The Devil Wears Prada

You never need an excuse to rewatch The Devil Wears Pradabut here’s one anyway. This beloved film pairs the aspirational parts of The Bold Type (like that gorgeous Fashion Closet and luxurious trips to Paris) with a work environment that is very decidedly not Scarlet. Miranda Priestly is the opposite of Jacqueline and her kind, encouraging leadership style on The Bold Type — it’s what makes revisiting Meryl Streep’s iconic role so fun. Watch it on Starz.

How To Be Single

If you were inspired by Jane’s ultimate decision to pick up and travel the world — unencumbered by her job or a guy (even a nice one) — How to Be Single is for you. The star-studded rom-com follows Dakota Johnson’s Alice, a recent college graduate who’s learning to navigate relationships of all sorts, including the one with her ex, friend, sister, new beau, and, most importantly, herself. Watch it on HBO Max.


Just like The Bold Type took inspiration from former Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles’ life and work, so too does Sweetbitter borrow from the experiences of author Stephanie Danler. Here, Tess is new to everything — to New York, to its culinary scene, to living on her own — and even though the series might be steamier than The Bold Type, it deals in similar themes of finding yourself and “making it,” whatever that looks like. Watch it on Starz.

Jane The Virgin


If you resonated with Jane’s passion for writing, you’ll find similar on-screen inspiration in The CW’s Jane Villanueva. Jane’s optimism and desire to get it right — even when she gets it way, way wrong — make her the relatable hero of her own story, while her relationships with her mother and grandmother speak to The Bold Type’s theme of women helping each other through it all. Watch it on Netflix.

Frances Ha

The 20s experience in Frances Ha is a messy, artsy answer to the glamorous sheen of The Bold Type — an exploration of friendship and identity that’s sure to ring true for anyone who’s ever felt like they aren’t “a real person yet.” Starring Greta Gerwig and co-written with her future partner, Noah Baumbach, this meditative film is a reminder that it’s OK if you’re still searching for your dream job or dream life. Watch it on Showtime.

Obvious Child

The Bold Type has always worked to empower its protagonists and their choices surrounding reproductive health — from Kat’s abortion and Jane’s egg freezing to Sutton’s miscarriage and ultimate decision not to have children at all. 2014 rom-com Obvious Child is another refreshing entry to the conversation. Starring Jenny Slate, the film follows the first steps of a blossoming couple — from a classic meet-cute to a cozy movie night in — as well as their response to an unexpected pregnancy. Watch it on Showtime.


TV Land

Just like The Bold Type paired its tendencies for media fantasy with outlets and events inspired by the real world, Younger worked to root its whimsical central conceit — a 40-year-old single mom has a career resurgence while pretending to be in her 20s — in an on-screen publishing industry that reflects real-life authors and trends. Supportive friends and no shortage of love interests make Younger a breezy series similar to The Bold Type. Watch it on Hulu.

Even though The Bold Type is over, the countless films and series that inspired its themes of friendship, love, and career are yours to stream.