28 Cottagecore Nail Art Ideas For Your Hopeless Romantic Era

Romanticize your life (and nails).

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Now that August has arrived, summer’s imminent end will soon be replaced by crunchy, copper-hued leaves and the aroma of pumpkin spiced lattes pouring from your favorite local coffee shops.

With the fall season, too, there’s this overwhelming sense of playful summertime energy coming to a close, instead replaced by a desire to enjoy nature’s colorful changes. This exact sentiment — the feeling of turning to nature and a desire to embrace the simple living that the countryside is so associated with — beautifully encapsulates what the cottagecore aesthetic is.

In the world of fashion, cottagecore clothes most often refer to whimsical, floral dresses with romantic puffy sleeves (immediately, my mind goes to all things Bridgerton, or even Snow White with her furry forest friends, baking gooseberry pies in her cottage, and frolicking through the woods). Similarly, cottagecore makeup is simple and natural, with fully-flushed blush and charming faux freckles that nod towards a youthfulness.

As for manicures? Well, cottagecore nail art can range from understated details (like Margot Robbie’s most recent sheer pink set), to classically feminine patterns and adornments, like picnic-esque gingham or darling pearls.

Below, find 28 nail art ideas that beautifully complement the beloved cottagecore aesthetic.

Abstract Butterfly Wings

With a subtle, unicorn-esque holographic finish, these abstract monarch wings are truly stunning.

Charli D’Amelio’s Simply Studded Frenchies

A classic option for an mani, update a crisp French tip with a single tiny rhinestone on each nail.

“Strawberry Girl” Scarlet Set

Clear Nail Floral Art

Adorn understated clear polish with artfully drawn florals.

Retro Butter Yellow Floral Tips

No doubt a nod to the retro vibes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, these butter yellow nails are oh so sweet.

Pressed Petals

For a bit of eye-catching color, dress up your tips with some pretty pressed flower petals.

Daisy Realism

ICYMI: Daisies are a trending nail design (that also are very much cottagecore).

Modern Clementine Print

Akin to a cottage’s whimsical wallpaper, these modern clementine-inspired tips are a total vibe.

Dua Lipa’s Barbiecore French

Replace a sheer pink French nail base with something a bit deeper for an updated version on the tried-and-true classic.

Pretty Pearl Details

Dress up an understated manicure with tiny pearls.

Chromatic Ribbons

For a cottagecore-approved mani that still has a bit of edge, opt for feminine details in silver chromatic hues.

Falling For Mushroom Art

A manicure fit for the cool fall months, this mushroom mani with chic tortoiseshell details honor the beauty of nature.

Artful French Tips

Reminiscent of blue and white tableware you might find while antiquing, these tips are nothing short of a work of art.

Lovely Aura Nails

According to the experts, aura nails aren’t going anywhere for fall.

“More Is More” Forest Fairy Vibes

Take cues from A-listers like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski and opt for some “more is more” nails.

Cute Frog Friends

These playful frog and toad tips are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Hot Pink Florals

Stay on trend with some Barbie-inspired hot pink nail polish colors.

Ariana Greenblatt’s Darling 3D Details

3D ribbons are the perfect way to add some girly charm to any manicure.

Airbrushed Dreamscape

A manicure fit for making your life your own personal fairytale.

Girly Greenery

Add a bit of greenery to your set.

Blue Skies Ahead

Tapping a color palette that is inspired by the calming aura of blue skies (and oceans, too), this playful mani is an easy go-to.

Dainty Black Velvet Ribbons

In place of traditional white French tips, opt for some tiny ribbons instead.

Sweet Peter Rabbit Art

Tap a beloved childhood character for a sweet garden-inspired mani.

Margot Robbie’s “Back To Basics” Sheer Pink

Living a cottagecore aesthetic lifestyle is all about turning to nature and romanticizing a more simple existence. Why not go for understated, sheer pink nails (like Margot Robbie wore throughout her tour de Barbie)?

Just A Bit Of Gingham

Explore gingham patterns that match pretty cottagecore dresses.

Dark Cottagecore Vibes

Embracing the darkness of autumn, these edgy, 3D nails are no doubt inspired by fire-red leaves.

Bashful Aura

For an aura mani that looks like your nailbeds are blushing, try the viral “blush nails” K-Beauty trend.

Monogrammed Mani

Keep your mani low-key with a wash of color topped with a tiny letter initial (your lover’s or otherwise).

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