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The Wholesome & Hilarious Moments To Remember Of 2020

Remember #FindChanel? And the craze over Connell’s chain? Here are the moments that made this year a little more bearable.

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I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded how long and awful this year has been. But before we throw our collective trauma of 2020 into the fire, it's important to pay respects to the moments which made us smile in the past 12 months. Yes, there were a few.

It's hard to recall, I know. But take a moment and hark back to January 2020, which may as well have been a century ago. Ched was wooing Jess in modern day Shakespearian on Winter Love Island, Brexit felt (and remains, you could argue) a million years away, Harry and Meghan were still senior members of the royal family, and Little Mix was a firm foursome. How. The. World. Turns.

The on-again, off-again lockdown did bring a few moments of light relief, though. There was the wild ride of Tiger King, the endless creation and consumption of banana breads, and the rise of the zoom pub quiz. It wasn't all fun and games, of course. It was punctuated with seriously sobering moments, too: we clapped for the carers, stood in solidarity with the The Black Lives Matter movement, and watched with anxiety as America headed to the polls. It has been a long, hard year.

But for the next five minutes, let's put that all aside. Let us think of those events, situations, and memes that brought us a much needed dose of joy. From Captain Tom's other record-breaking moment, to Greta Thunberg's flawless response to that Mastermind question, here is a rundown of the wholesome and hilarious moments this year had to offer. Because if you can't laugh, well... We deserve a giggle.

When Greta Thunberg changed her name to Sharon after that Mastermind moment

The year was off to a fantastic start when actor Amanda Henderson went onMastermind and tried to answer a question about Greta Thunberg with hilarious consequences.

“The 2019 book entitled No One is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?” the host asked. Her answer? Sharon.

To this day, no one knows who Sharon is, but the answer was so hilariously off that Greta Thunberg saw the clip online and changed her Twitter username accordingly.

When Captain Tom became the first centenarian to have a UK No. 1

Sir Captain Tom Moore is better known for the millions he raised for the NHS – he was knighted by the Queen herself for his endeavours – but there is another record that literally made our hearts sing.

In April, he become the oldest artist ever to claim the UK No. 1 spot with his cover of You’ll Never Walk Alone, recorded alongside Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care choir. He even beat Sir Tom Jones, who was 68 years and nine months old when (Barry) Islands in the Stream reached the top in 2009.

When the Normal People adaptation had us all thirsting over Connell and his chain

As soon as Sally Rooney’s Normal People adaptation for the BBC and Hulu aired, it was clear that this was Paul Mescal’s world and we were all just living in it. Not only did Mescal catch everyone's attention with his incredible acting skills, but his now iconic accessory took on a life of its own. It even had its own Instagram page. Shame on you if you don't still follow.

When #FindChanel brought the bird home

It started when Sandra posted a video on Facebook explaining that she had lost her beloved parrot, an African grey called “Chanel Chanellington” (not a joke). "Please everyone... my parrot's gone," she told viewers of the video as she sobbed. “She’s gone towards the canal.”

What ensued was a search epic in scale, as thousands looked through the internet's archives to find the perfect meme reaction. There was even a remix of Sandra's screams and Show Me Love. Fortunately for everyone involved, Chanel (the bird) was found safe and sound.

When the GBBO celebrity busts looked like we felt

Filming restrictions had a big impact on our viewing schedules, but there has been plenty of great British TV. One moment stands out? When Great British Bake Off contestants were challenged to make busts of their fave celebrities. The results? Well… they all came out looking rather cursed. From a drugged-up David Attenborough, to a horrific Lupita Nyong’o, these bakes were show stoppers for all the wrong reasons. But we loved them for it.

When Harry Styles dropped Watermelon Sugar

Nothing made us feel more alive than when Harry Styles dropped the horniest music video ever. After months of not being able to touch one another, Watermelon Sugar was a promise of a more tactile, fun world to come. Look at all the bright colours, the hot people, and the juicy, summer fruit. For a moment, it made us feel alive. Maybe next year, eh?

When Luke and Siânnise took their relationship to TikTok

Winter Love Island seems a lifetime away, but Luke and Siânnise really captured the nation’s hearts with their budding romance. What really sealed the deal? Their perfectly synced up rendition of Heatwave, of course.

"Their chemistry is not only in the bedroom, it's on the dance floor," as Demi put it. And they continued to build on that back on British soil, too. Sure, they didn’t win Love Island, but they've certainly become our favourite TikTok dance couple since.

When this very chaotic Come Dine With Me contestant made "stir loan steak"

I have no explanation, no commentary. Just watch. Steak will never be the same again.

When Strictly and The Simpsons came together

The year has felt like a fever dream, but nothing felt more surreal when Max George and Diane Boswell did a dance routine as Homer and Marge Simpson on Strictly Come Dancing. It was bizarre but incredibly entertaining to watch. I imagine this is what my last two brain cells look like after surviving this year.

When Marcus Rashford did the Lord’s work all year, forcing the government into so many U-turns

The 23-year-old Manchester United footballer became the hero we didn't know we deserved – but desperatly needed – in 2020. Though many of us wish the circumstances weren’t so terrible that he had to do so, Rashford forced the UK government into U-turn after U-turn. When the decision was made to cut free school meals to children from low-income families during school holidays in England, the footballer's heartfelt letter changed events, and gave way to other brilliant campaigns, too.

When Zara McDermott begged Sam Thompson to take her back. And he did!

Zara McDermott’s breakup with Sam Thompson was inevitable after news of her cheating on him came to light, but she really put on a show to get his attention and win him back. Not only did she beg him to restart their relationship on Made In Chelsea, willing to turn herself into a viral meme, but she also posted this video montage of their time together on Instagram. After months of silence and rumours that they’re getting back together, the couple have finally confirmed their reunion. Sure, we’re all still single and forever alone, but at least these two rekindled their love...

When Alison Hammond made the most Alison Hammond return to the This Morning studio

After 15 months away, Alison Hammond's return the This Morning studio in July was a joyous occasion. And I'm not just talking about her social distancing headwear – though that too was a beauty to behold.

"Every instinct in my body is just wanting to give you a hug right now!" said Holly Willoughby, channeling our every waking feeling. Five months later, when it was announced that Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary would be taking hosting duties at This Morning, we were all the more elated.

When Nigella's changed the way we thing of microwaves forever

Yes, the TV chef has got our tongues wagging on more than one occasion, but she truly whipped fans into a frenzy with her unique pronunciation of “microwave”. It came as she was cooking up a batch of brown butter colcannon on her latest cooking series Cook, Eat, Repeat on BBC Two when she offered up an unusual variation on the household appliance’s name.

Mid-mashing potatoes, Lawson carefully guided viewers through the steps to the recipe, which called for warm milk. How did she warm it? Lawson explained that she had warmed it in the “meecro-wah-vay”.

When Jordan North kept trying to visualise Turf Moor as his happy place just to get through this I'm A Celeb challenge

What is your happy place? DJ Jordan North's is Turf Moor. How do we know? During a rather stressful I'm A Celebrity challenge, he publicly admitted it. And it got him through the challenge, too.

But turning to his much loved Burnley FC during one of the gruesome phobia-filled trials, he unknowingly raised thousands of pounds for charity.

When Martin Kenyon, a man who got the new coronavirus vaccine, was the most British man ever

There has never existed a more quintessential British man than 91-year-old Martin Kenyon.

The hero got stopped outside of Guy’s hospital by a CNN reporter after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. When asked how he feels about being able to see his family again and being protected from the virus, he hilariously replied: “Well, there’s no point in dying now.” And even better, when he got interviewed by Piers Morgan the next day, he asked the presenter who he was.

Here's to 2021. May it be better, bright, and more social.