21 Terrifying Horror Movies On Netflix You Should Never, Ever Watch Alone


Horror movie lovers are known for having spines of steel and a very high tolerance for blood and guts. But even fans of the genre have to admit that there are some horror movies one simply does not watch home alone. And, perhaps most importantly, that one does not watch home alone in the dark and before bed. To avoid being scared for your life in your own home, try to avoid these 11 horror movies on Netflix when you're chilling solo.

If you're easily freaked out, then any horror movie is one you should never watch alone. But, some are even more freaky than others, specifically horror films that are essentially about a dark force or villain preying on an innocent victim in a lonely, isolated setting. Movies about home invasions or imprisonment are particularly scary to watch alone. Even when watched with the lights on, movies like Gerald's Game or the claustrophobic 47 Meters Down are guaranteed to send you rushing out for the nearest warm body so as not to be alone. And if you don't have any roommates, you might want to avoid watching these 21 horror movies on Netflix completely, let alone when you're by yourself. Seriously, you might never sleep peacefully again.

'Gerald's Game'

Based on the Stephen King novel, Gerald's Game is about a woman, Jessie (Carla Gugino) who ends up alone, handcuffed to a bed, with no food, no water, and no way of getting out alive. Not only will this film make you swear off handcuffs in the bedroom, it will make you swear off any secluded vacations.


Hush is a terrifying home invasion thriller about a deaf writer attacked in her home. If nothing else, it will make you want to get an alarm in your house STAT and make you rethink those fancy noise cancelling headphones.


The moral of Creep is really that you should never answer ads on Craigslist and never be alone with a stranger. The found footage horror film stars the incredibly lovable Mark Duplass, but don't be fooled — it's actually quite terrifying.

'Creep 2'

Creep 2 follows the found footage model of Creep, and features a similar set up. It is equally scary and also equally not suitable for watching alone.

'I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In This House'

Don't let the gorgeous visuals fool you, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House isn't all pretty sets and costumes. The movie is about a young nurse who moves into a remote home to take care of an aging author, and it will make you never want to walk down a dark hallway ever again.

'47 Meters Down'

Technically the two protagonists in 47 Meters Down aren't alone, they're just stuck underwater with man-eating sharks and no way of getting back to shore. Still, the isolating fear is just as scary as being home alone.


Have you ever thought that it would be cool to stay in the school dorms by yourself? Well, think no more. Kristy, about a girl who stays in school over Thanksgiving break, confirms that there is absolutely nothing more dangerous than being the only person on a college campus.

'The Nightmare'

The Nightmare is technically a documentary, which might make it the most effective horror movie ever created. The doc offers a deep dive into sleep paralysis and the terrors it can inflict on those who suffer from it.

'Honeymoon' ('Luna de miel')

The Mexican horror film Honeymoon is extremely disturbing and not for the faint of heart. The movie is about a man who becomes obsessed with a woman he sees jogging — so obsessed that he kidnaps her and tortures her into becoming his perfect wife. Good luck being willing to do literally anything on your own after watching this.

'The Babadook'

The Babadook isn't really about being alone, but it does point out the horrors that can be lurking in your own home, the very place you feel safest. Do not watch by yourself and definitely do not watch with your child.

'13 Cameras'

Want to never sleep again? Check out 13 Cameras, a horror movie about a young couple who move into a house that is actually wired with surveillance cameras courtesy of the landlord. The cameras, it turns out, are everywhere — the bedroom, the bathroom, the shower, everywhere. If you want to ensure you never feel safe in your own home, this one's for you.


One of the biggest horror releases of 2019, Midsommar is definitely something you'll want to watch with someone else around. It's less about some kind of supernatural horror and more about the horrors we can inflict upon each other and what they might look like carried out to their outlandish ends. Mild spoiler, but this is best viewed after (or during) a breakup.

Available on Prime Video.

'The Descent'

One of the scariest things about The Descent is how it manages to feel so tight and claustrophobic. It is, after all, a film about a group of climbers who descend into a mysterious cavern, only to find themselves pursued by strange, terrifying creatures. Warning: If you're claustrophobic, proceed with caution.

Available on Prime Video and Hulu.


Equal parts gross-out gore and paranormal horror, Hereditary made some serious waves with not just its violent imagery but also its highly gripping story of a family grappling with a horror that's plagued their bloodline for generations. It's a poignant film, in a lot of ways, one that definitely merits a group watch, if only to watch other people react to the things happening on screen.

Available on Prime Video.


Annihilation is definitely more on the science fiction side of horror. In the film, humanity is faced with a sudden new challenge: a mysterious force emerging from a crashed meteor that's changing the environment around it — including any humans who are foolhardy enough to enter. Lena (Natalie Portman) and a team of experts venture into the quarantine zone around the crash site in search of answers about another team who entered but have since been declared missing or dead. Included among that team is Lena's husband, Kane (Oscar Isaac), which complicates things beyond reckoning. It's a real exploration into existence and humanity's seeming penchant for self-destruction.

Available on Prime Video and Hulu.

'In the Tall Grass'

The Netflix adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill's 2012 novella In the Tall Grass manages to capture the most frightening aspect of the story: the helplessness of being at the mercy of forces you may never understand. All throughout, the grass' victims are forced to reckon with the notion that they may never escape their situation, no matter how hard they try.

Available on Netflix.

'The Game'

Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) is an incredibly wealthy banker who's sacrificed a lot of his life to achieve success. Things are okay for him, despite his loneliness, until his less-than-successful brother, Conrad (Sean Penn), re-enters his life to offer him an invitation to a mysterious "game," which sends everything Nicholas knows about himself winding into a burning tailspin. It's a movie so full of creepy and moody twists that it'll have you guessing at what's actually going on right up until the very end.

Available on Amazon Prime with a Starz subscription.

'The Invitation'

The Invitation focuses on what can be basically described as the creepiest dinner party ever. When Will (Logan Marshall-Green) gets an invite to a dinner party from his ex-wife, he suspects there may be an ulterior motive behind the invitation. But nothing he imagines can be quite as bad as what she — and all of her dinner guests — actually have in mind for him.

Streaming on Netflix

'The Ritual'

Somewhat like Midsommar-meets-The Descent, The Ritual is a film about strange, horrific rituals and mysterious forces plaguing a group of tourists lost in one of the most terrifying environments: a forest. A group of hikers, led by Luke (Rafe Spall), embark on a hiking trip through Sweden in remembrance of their friend who was killed during a robbery. Along the way, one of them gets injured, and in order to save time and get help, they decide to leave their marked trail and cut through a forest. They're haunted by strange phenomena, and one by one, find themselves isolated from the group, forced to survive against the forest's mysterious inhabitants.

Available on Netflix.

'Under the Shadow'

As one of the highest-rated horror movies on Rotten Tomatoes with a 99% critical rating, Under the Shadow certainly merits a watch. It tells the story of an Iraqi woman, Shideh (Narges Rashidi) and her daughter, Dorsa (Avin Manshadi), who find themselves haunted by a djinni, all against the backdrop of war-torn Tehran in the 1980s. The setting lends a fascinating social subtext to the horror, as it manages to make the world outside of Shideh's haunted apartment just as dangerous as the one plagued by a malevolent spirit.

Available on Netflix.

'Train to Busan'

Train to Busan manages to revitalize the zombie apocalypse horror flick by placing the survivors on a train to, well, Busan. The characters really drive the action, keeping things moving in fairly gory, action-heavy fashion.

Available on Netflix.

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