12 Ways Your Zodiac Sign Affects How You Manage Money

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Whether you're the kind of person who puts your card into the ATM praying that money shoots out, or you meticulously track all of your finances in a spreadsheet, how you approach money could be determined by the cosmos. Because of how the planets were aligned when you're born, your zodiac sign can affect your finances, and how you manage money.

I'm a Libra, and according to financial expert Meghan Fox from the mobile payment company Raise, Libras like deals. This is certainly true for me. In fact, CVS sent me an email recently saying that I was one of the top savers in California for 2017. Hey, it's good to be winning at something, right? Before I try something new I always see if there is a coupon first, like an offer to get 10 percent off a spa treatment for checking in on Yelp. Because I am living beyond my means most of the time, this is necessary to make sure I'm not always totally broke. And, OK, I'll admit it, I am pretty disorganized when it comes to tracking my finances. I have most of my bills set up to automatically come out of my checking account because I never open mail. Like ever. Any bill that comes in the mail will definitely get paid late. Or never.

Same? If you've ever wondered how your sign affects your finances, this is what the experts say about how you manage your money, according to astrology.

1. Trendsetter Aries Turns To Tech

According to the website Daily Horoscope, "Rams are the fighters of the zodiac, and one of the worthiest fights an Aries can undertake is the battle for financial security." So Aries, while you're out there taking over the world, you'll need some help staying on track financially. Raise recommends Aries use a goal-setting tool to save money and employ apps like Qapital or Digit to connect bank accounts and set up auto deposits so you can focus on what's really important — paving the path to the future like a boss.

2. Taurus Does Their Homework Before Getting Spendy

While the stubborn nature of Taurus can be frustrating for others, doing tons of research before making a purchase means that the bull is pretty on top of their finances. If you're a Taurus, Raise advises that you sign up for email alerts from all of your go-to brands (because the bull loves routine) so you're always in the know. If you're a Taurus who is living beyond your means, Daily Horoscope notes that you can get back on track by pairing down and selling some of your stuff. You can even use apps to make it easy as AF to turn your clutter into cash.

3. Gemini Gets All The Rewards

Super-competitive Gemini loves to win, which is why taking advantage of points programs and credit cards rewards is an ideal way for the twins to up their winning game, according to Raise. Gemini, because you're always ready for an adventure, using programs that give you things like flight rewards and hotel points makes it a whole lot easier to take that last-minute trip to Thailand. Additionally, because you're impulsive, Daily Horoscope recommends using a program to track your expenses. You know, so you don't end up in Asia with an empty bank account.

4. Cancer Saves By Shopping Secondhand

Cancer, you work hard for your money, which means you also have a hard time parting with it. This is why Raise recommends that the crab get thrifty by taking advantage of vintage and shopping secondhand. Having something that's new to you makes you feel good about saving and giving clothes and furniture a second life. What's more, Daily Horoscope notes that Cancers are pretty creative when it comes to getting out of debt. If you're not flush, consider calling your credit card companies to ask for a lower interest rate, commit to eating all of your meals at home, and start a side hustle to bring in some extra cash.

5. Leo Budgets Like A Boss

Leo knows how Madonna, the original material girl, got all of her stuff. By budgeting like a boss. According to Raise, "[Your] desire to defend and protect your finances makes a budgeting app the perfect tool for you to systematically save." Tools like Mint can help you see where all of your money is going so you can make informed financial decisions. If you notice that you're spending 50 percent of your income on going out to restaurants, Daily Horoscope recommends making some tweaks to your luxury lifestyle. Go out less, read books you already have, watch movies on Netflix, etc.

6. Virgo Hustles Hard For The Money

Virgo, it's no secret that when you want something you'll figure out a way to get it. While Virgos aren't necessarily great savers, they do know how to make money come in when their bank accounts are dry. "Whether you are flexing your creative muscles with an Etsy shop, driving for Lyft or tapping into the hospitality industry through Airbnb, the word is you have all the ambition necessary to make it happen," Raise notes. If a side hustle is not your jam, or you're already hustling your butt off, Daily Horoscope recommends seeking out a financial advisor to help you make a plan that will get you back on track.

7. Libra Loves A Deal

As a Libra, you likely love luxury, but you also love a good deal, according to Raise. Libras are the queens of coupon codes, Groupon deals, and sales. However, sometimes you buy things you don't need just because they're on sale, so it's important to check your impulses before coming home with eleventy million pairs of one-dollar socks from Target (guilty). Daily Horoscope advises that in order to stay within their means Libras should differentiate between luxuries and necessities. Do you really need 99 pairs of socks? Probably not.

8. Scorpio Researches Their Way To Financial Freedom

While you're the most mysterious sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, there's no mystery in how you manage your money. According to Raise, Scorpios are methodical about their finances. You likely know how to get all of the rewards from cash back programs, points programs, and membership clubs. If you do get into debt, Daily Horoscope notes that your keen ability to pull out relevant information means that you won't be upside down for long. While your financial independence might be a mystery to others, you have it all figured out, which only makes you more mysterious.

9. Sagittarius Takes Risks To Get Rewards

Sagittarius, it's no secret that your glass is always half full, which means you're usually pretty optimistic investing your money even when it's not a sure thing. "Unlike many of your peers, you are truly comfortable with change, which makes investing in retirement the best money-saving method for you," Raise explained. "When your 401K returns fluctuate, you take it in stride, knowing that everything will work out in the end." If your investment does go belly up, Daily Horoscope advises turning to family and friends for help to hold yourself accountable until you get out of debt, which you will. Because, duh, everything always works out for you in the end.

10. Capricorn Has Old-School Self Control

As a Capricorn, you're serious about saving your money, and you're most comfortable with tried and true methods. Raise recommends that you turn to a spreadsheet to track your expenses so you always know exactly where you stand financially. Additionally, Daily Horoscope advises that you allocate a portion of your income to go directly to a savings account so you always have money set aside when life goes sideways.

11. Aquarius Is A Creative Saver

Aquarius, as one of the most creative and independent of all of the signs, you're the most likely to stash your cash inside of your mattress or under a trick floorboard. Hey, whatever works for you. Raise advises that Aquarians can get more for their money by taking advantage of discounted gift cards to get more for less. If you're ready to take your money out of the floorboards, Daily Horoscope noted, "Creating good savings habits should make you value your money more, as well as the hard work it requires to earn it." Plus, you can earn interest by putting your money into a checking or savings account. Seriously, put that money to work for you.

12. Pisces Prefers DIY

According to Raise, Pisces likes to be in complete control of their finances. If you're a fish who doesn't like to swim upstream financially, consider the envelope system, which can help you allocate your money toward specific things. What's more, Daily Horoscope notes that an undisciplined fish can get into debt because they enjoy showering their loved ones with lavish gifts. Consider showing your love with DIY approaches, like handmade gifts and home-cooked meals, instead. While money doesn't make the world go 'round, knowing how to manage it like a boss certainly makes life a whole lot easier. #TheMoreYouKnow