Your Guide To The Hottest Festival Hairstyles, Makeup Looks, & Nail Art Of 2023

From Y2K updos to face gems.

Festival season is here once more — which means bohemian wardrobe staples à la Coachella-era Vanessa Hudgens and glitter-filled makeup looks are about to cover our collective social feeds.

Of course, highly-anticipated events like Coachella, Stagecoach, Lollapalooza, and beyond are all about appreciating your favorite musicians and exploring new up-and-coming artists IRL. But for the fashion forward and daring beauty lovers alike, it also just so happens to be the perfect outdoor stage to go bold with your look and get a bit creative.

The kicker? Over-the-top ensembles from year’s past have taken the back seat to more low-key looks (ICYMI: A-listers like Halsey and Hailey Bieber opted for oversized pants at 2022’s Coachella in lieu of more form-hugging fits). What’s more, the look has to be comfortable and long-lasting enough to take you from the heat of daytime through late hours of the night.

If you are planning your vibe for some upcoming festivals, here are on-trend hairstyles, makeup looks, and nail art designs to inspire your looks.

The 8 Hottest Festival Hairstyles For 2023

From slicked-back buns that have that early 2000s vibe to natural hair textures that are covered in UV and heat protecting products for long hours in the sun — festival hair is where fun meets practicality.

Bedazzled Spiky Buns

This easy-to-recreate style is serving all of the early 2000s vibes.

Slicked-Back Bun & Sleek Tendrils

Keep your hair off the nape of your neck with *the* it-girl hair style that is everywhere RN.

Carefree Natural Curls & Coils

Embrace your natural texture (but be sure to cover your tresses with some UV heat protection spray).

Space Buns & Butterfly Clips

Space buns are an iconic style for Coachella and beyond — and these oversized butterfly clips add just enough color and flair.

Wet Hair & Waves

The ultimate festival hair hack? An on-trend wet hair look (that actually just means covering your strands with hydrating oils, gels, and more).

Effortless Claw Clip ‘Do

When in doubt, go for an effortless claw clip hairstyle.

Braided Pigtails & Neon Clips

This easy updo is made all the more fun with some nostalgic clips in any color that matches your fit.

Baby Braids & Mermaid Waves

Seen on celebs like Margot Robbie and Bella Hadid — baby braids are a timeless festival go-to.

The 9 Best Makeup Looks For Coachella 2023 & Beyond

When it comes to festival-ready glam, bold eyes, playful face gems, and a fresh complexion (that’s slathered with a whole lot of SPF) are the move. In other words? It’s all about finding a look that is long-lasting and no fuss, but is still fierce and even far from your norm.

Fairy Eyes & Iridescent Lips

Ariana Grande’s most recent holographic, r.e.m. beauty-filled makeup look is the perfect inspiration for your upcoming festival lineup.

Siren Eyes & Glossy Skin

Sultry siren eyes are still having their main character moment.

Bare Faced & Bejeweled

Keeping your complexion dewy and lightweight? Elevate the minimal look with some maximalist face gems.

Colorful Wings & Sparkle

Colorful wings and pastel waterlines are the move — and festivals like Coachella are the perfect time to experiment with bold color on the eyes.

Bold Eyelashes & Frosted Lips

Unexpected brightly-colored lashes? Big yes.

Abstract Shapes & Vivid Hues

For the true artists of the world, abstract shapes created with long-lasting eyeshadow sticks might be worth extra time in the mirror...

A Monochromatic Flush

What’s more subtle yet chic than a monochromatic makeup look that features the same flushed hue on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips?

Grunge Eyes & Nose Bridge Crystals

Last year, Coachella trends leaned toward grunge. And with celebs like Camilla Cabella and BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim getting in on the rhinestone nose bridge gem trend, the look is probably going to be a vibe in the coming months.

“Barbed Wire” Eyebrows

For a look that’s modern and unique, use an eyebrow gel to sculpt your arches into edgy spikes.

6 Manicure Ideas For Festivals Nails That Bring The Heat

A fire mani is the perfect finishing touch on any look — and a weekend long festival is truly the best time to venture outside the ordinary and try out a new trend you’ve had your eye on.

Colorful Chrome Tips & Y2K Gems

ICYWW: Chrome is the nail trend that the likes of Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Lizzo, and more are loving.

Micro Cherries

Kourtney Kardashian’s most recent mani is serving all the warm weather vibes.

Oh So Opalescent

“Smoosh” manis are easier than they look to DIY at home — and this opalescent design is a rainbow dream.

Solar Neon Hues

Hailey Bieber’s yellow chrome nails were headline-making for a reason.

Patchwork Pastels

Opt for a different design on every single tip for a patchwork mani trend (that has Taylor Swift obsessed).

Unicorn Nails

“Unicorn nails” are basically the elevated, iridescent version of the iconic glazed donut manicure trend.