17 New Songs By Queer Artists To Stream This Pride Month & Every Month

From “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” to “Met Him Last Night.”

New songs from Lil Nas X, Demi Lovato, & other LGBTQ+ artists to stream for Pride month. Photo via E...
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All throughout Pride month, songs beloved by largely LGBTQ+ audiences like Madonna’s “Vogue,” Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own,” Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” and more receive immense play at queer nightclubs and celebratory festivals. While those tracks are undeniably queer anthems, it’s important to note that they come from straight artists who are considered “gay icons” for their allyship rather than actual LGBTQ+ musicians themselves. During June, it’s imperative to spend an equal if not greater amount of energy amplifying the work of artists who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, etc. — and it’s even more crucial to keep supporting such individuals long after their dedicatory month comes to a close.

Luckily, countless LGBTQ+ musicians have dropped incredible material since the beginning of 2021. From Lil Nas X’s pole-sliding, Satan-grinding, chart-topping viral hit “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” to Hayley Kiyoko’s ’00s-influenced bop “Found My Friends” and Orville Peck’s country-tinged cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” artists have unapologetically embraced their identities in songs and music videos, offering relatability and visibility to listeners in the community. So get ready to update your playlist; here are 17 new songs by queer artists to stream this Pride month and every month going forward.

Lil Nas X, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”

With a viral music video featuring a stripper pole to hell and a steamy lap dance for Satan, Lil Nas X’s chart-topping “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” will go down as one of the most iconic and unabashedly LGBTQ+ hits of all time. The song’s lyrics are full of references to gay sex, prompting a sea of homophobic backlash from conservative individuals and media figures — but Lil Nas X bravely weathered the storm and took the track all the way to the coveted SNL stage. Now that’s legend behavior.

King Princess, “House Burn Down”

Having mastered the art of writing about heartbreak through songs like “1950” and “Talia,” King Princess has continued her streak of top-tier emo bangers with “House Burn Down,” a fan-favorite song she released in June after performing it for years. With lyrics that capture the feeling of sticking out a bad relationship as you wait for it to crash and burn, the musician has fans ready to hear the rest of her to-be-announced sophomore record.

Years & Years & Kylie Minogue, “Starstruck”

Fresh off of his showstopping role in Channel 4 and HBO Max’s heartbreaking It’s A Sin, Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander recruited the legendary Kylie Minogue for a remix of his latest single, “Starstruck.” Featuring a pulsating disco-tinged beat fit for Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, the explosive track hears Alexander and Minogue raving about a crush as though they’re an A-list celebrity.

Rebecca Black, “Worth It For The Feeling”

Since publicly coming out as queer last year, Rebecca Black has been releasing bop after bop leading up to her forthcoming project Rebecca Black Was Here. Accompanied by a sensual, Queen of Hearts-inspired visual, her latest single “Worth It For The Feeling” recalls a real-life surprise reunion with an ex-girlfriend that developed into a second (and short-lived) romantic fling.

Dorian Electra, “Ram It Down (feat. Mood Killer & Lil Mariko)”

The latest single from their 2020 project My Agenda, Dorian Electra’s “Ram It Down” uses a sexual innuendo to comment on homophobes’ frequent requests for LGBTQ+ people not to display their so-called “lifestyle” in their faces. By the end of the raucous, high-energy track, Electra and their collaborators Mood Killer and Lil Mariko simply refuse to hide their queer identities, noting that they will “ram it down [your] throat.”

Bebe Rexha, “Sacrifice”

Bebe Rexha’s ’90s Eurodance-inspired “Sacrifice” was aptly released as nightclubs were starting to reopen after lockdown, as it’s literally guaranteed to get you sprinting to the dancefloor within its first few seconds. Accompanied by a ridiculously fun vampiric music video featuring Rexha sacrificing a man in order to party, this track is perfect to soundtrack your next night out.

Orville Peck, “Born This Way (The Country Road Version)”

Billboard described Orville Peck as “the masked gay crooner revitalizing classic country’s spirit,” which sums up why he was the perfect choice to cover Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way (The Country Road Version),” which she originally recorded for the deluxe version of Born This Way in 2012. In addition to bringing true yee-haw energy to the track, Peck updated the bridge’s lyrics to be more inclusive for 2021, swapping the words “chola” and “orient” for “Asian” and “Latinx.”

Slayyyter, “Troubled Paradise”

The title track from her debut album, “Troubled Paradise” marks Slayyyter’s transition from viral act to bonafide pop star with infectious dance production and clever lyricism about a relationship gone sour. “Reminisce on the days when you were mine,” she sings, recalling sweeter days with a lover when a simple activity like “watching lightning strike” was satisfactory.

Tinashe, “Pasadena (feat. Buddy)”

A charismatic summer jam, Tinashe’s “Pasadena” boasts bright, bouncy production and features a Micaiah Carter-directed video shot in picturesque Californian settings. With simple lyrics about romantic flings in the sunny state (“Hands in the wind, racin’ out to the coast / Feelin’ free, don’t get better than this”) and an arousing verse from Compton-born rapper Buddy, the track is perfect to bump at your next outdoor event.

WILLOW, “Transparent Soul (feat. Travis Barker)”

Willow Smith, who now presents as simply WILLOW, has come a long way since whipping her hair in 2010. With her new single “Transparent Soul,” she debuts a punk-influenced sound, following in the footsteps of her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who fronted the metal band Wicked Wisdom in the 2000s. Featuring drums by Blink-182’s Travis Barker and honest, cutting lyricism, WILLOW proves that she can not only take on any genre but execute it extremely well.

The Aces, “Don’t Freak”

On their latest single, “Don’t Freak,” Utah-born pop-rock band The Aces explore the awkward, painful experiences and feelings that follow the end of a relationship. Members Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty, Alisa Ramirez, and Cristal Ramirez reference the dramatic haircuts, uncomfortable run-ins, and inevitable overthinking that come with any breakup, queer or otherwise.

Hayley Kiyoko, “Found My Friends”

This infectious bop from Hayley Kiyoko, dubbed “Lesbian Jesus” by her fans, could’ve been a Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC single for its simple, repetitive, made-for-choreography bridge: “I just wanna dance with you tonight.” Released as the first single from her forthcoming sophomore album, “Found My Friends” details an all-too-relatable feeling of reuniting with friends after a long, anxiety-inducing period of being apart.

Clairo, “Blouse”

Clairo’s first single back from a two-year hiatus, “Blouse” features production from Jack Antonoff and background vocals from the ever-elusive Lorde — a favor Clairo returned by providing harmonies on “Solar Power." With lyrics directed towards someone whom the musician is interested in but only acknowledges her body rather than her personality, “Blouse” is a powerful statement coming from the 22-year-old artist as she begins rolling out her sophomore album.

Bronze Avery, “Happy With Nothing (feat. Kevin McHale)”

LA-based musician Bronze Avery recently teamed up with former Glee actor Kevin McHale for “Happy With Nothing,” a bop about being satisfied without a new romance to move onto after an unfavorable one came to a close. The song’s sweet, bright music video features Avery meeting up with McHale for friendly comfort and support after the relationship’s end.

Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande, “Met Him Last Night”

There hasn’t been this much belting on one song since Christina Aguilera, Mýa, Lil’ Kim, and Pink “Lady Marmalade.” On their latest album, Demi Lovato recruited Ariana Grande to duet on “Met Him Last Night,” a song about allowing negative forces, aka the devil, to tempt you into destructive behavior, something Lovato has publicly spoken at length about experiencing.

Victoria Monet, “F.*.C.K.”

Having helped craft hit songs for Grande, Fifth Harmony, Chloe x Halle and more, Grammy-nominated musician Victoria Monet knows a thing or two about clever songwriting. On the downtempo R&B track “F.*.C.K.,” her first single since 2020’s critically-acclaimed Jaguar EP, she redefines the swear word to stand for “Friend You Can Keep” as she sings about a platonic bond that includes casual sex.

Regard, Troye Sivan, & Tate McRae, “You”

This song of the summer contender features ultra-catchy lyrics about the difficulty of getting over a lover and continuing to return to the relationship. “When I try to fall back, I fall back to you,” Troye Sivan sings on the club-ready “You” by DJ Regard that also features pop newcomer Tate McRae and has already reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.