These Are The Sexiest Movies Streaming On HBO Go Right This Second

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Sometimes, you just want to watch a sexy movie. And if HBO Go is your streaming service of choice, the movies below might be just what you're looking for. It's true that there aren't a ton of specifically sexy movies streaming on HBO Go. (And if you want actual porn, look elsewhere.) But, some of the movies the site has available as of August 2018 do have sexual scenes and situations in them. (And sexy apartments, but we'll get to that). These "sexy" movies also span several genres, from drama to comedy to science fiction to action movie based on a graphic novel set in 1980s Berlin.

There is also variety when it comes to language — two movies listed here are in Spanish, while the rest are in English — and variety when it comes to what the people getting it on are into. There are two spy movies included in the six movies, though. Spies are sexy. We all know that.

So check out the trailers and descriptions below if you're a sexy movie fan who loves getting the most out of that HBO Go account. There are a lot of options on the site, so there's nothing wrong with trying to be a little more efficient when figuring out what to watch next.

Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron plays a sexy kickass spy, doing sexy kickass things while wearing sexy '80s-esque outfits and getting it on with another sexy spy played by Sofia Boutella. If you like sex scenes and fight scenes and Cold War era history, well, here ya go.


More spies! This time, Julia Roberts plays an ex-CIA agent and Clive Owen, an ex-MI6 agent, and they're working together... or are they? Either way, they're a couple and the trailer has a conversation about thongs that only two ex-high-level spies who are also in a relationship could have.

Entonces Nosotros

A couple that was previously very, um, open sexually (you'll see in the trailer), faces a hard time in their relationship and decide to take a trip to the beach together. But, they end up running into a woman there who makes things even more complicated.

Kiki, El Amor Se Hace

This Spanish film is a comedy, yes, but it's about fetishes, and tells the stories of five people who have various ones.

Sex And The City

There's not much sex for Carrie in this one — she and Big are broken up — but, unsurprisingly, Samantha still finds herself in sexy situations, including fantasizing about her neighbor who takes outdoor showers. Also, Carrie's new apartment is pretty damn sexy in its own way.

Vanilla Sky

It's kinda sexy, at least for a while, when there's the love/sex triangle with stars Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Penelope Cruz... Then, things get pretty wild and science fiction-y. Fun fact: It also brought us the three-year real-life pairing of Cruise and Cruz.

OK, so clearly, some are more blatantly sexy than others, but whatever you're looking for, may your streaming dreams come true!