22 Netflix Movies The Whole Family Can Watch Together

Have you and your family ever sat down to watch a movie together only to realize it's entirely inappropriate to watch as a family unit? Because I definitely have. And there's nothing more embarrassing than having to sit through awkward sex scenes or dirty language next to your parents or grandparents. It's also disappointing, to see a movie you're excited about but can't really enjoy because of your present company. Luckily, there are plenty of movie options on Netflix that you can watch with your family without fear of embarrassment.

From sweet animated movies to lovely, not obscene, comedies, Netflix definitely has plenty of family-friendly viewing options. And don't worry, you don't have to settle for some boring, badly-acted film. There are good movies both you and grandma will enjoy, I promise. And after extensive research and thorough vetting, I can proudly attest that these 22 movies are perfect for family viewing. There's something for everyone on this list, and hopefully, no one will be bored. Grab the fam, make some popcorn, and stream away.

1. The Princess Bride

This is a movie perfect for the family, you say? Inconceivable! But really, it is. There's action, adventure, laughs, romance... everything needed for a nice family film that's not too outrageous.

2. Zootopia

It's one of the best movies of 2016. Don't miss checking it out — everyone will love it.

3. Holes

Based off the beloved children's book, this movie is incredible and if your whole family doesn't love it then maybe you need a new family.

4. Grease Live!

Since I'm sure the fam has already seen the original Grease a dozen times, why not spice it up with Grease Live?

5. The Addams Family

You and your relatives should enjoy watching this wildly interesting family and all of their hijinks.

6. 13 Going On 30

Definitely a cute rom-com for the family to enjoy.

7. 50 First Dates

A surprisingly cute Adam Sandler rom-com.

8. Hello, Dolly!

A beloved classic — I mean... it's Barbra.

9. Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

My personal favorite of the "Honey we shrunk..." franchise.

10. Back To The Future

One of the greatest movies ever. Perfect for family movie night.

11. Footloose

Simply a must.

12. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Make sure to have a lot of tissues when you watch this one, fam.

13. Corpse Bride

A Tim Burton must-see.

14. The Boxtrolls

A perfect film for the whole family. No, really.

15. Hoodwinked

This one is fun. Trust me.

16. Legally Blonde

Legally perfect for the whole fam.

17. John Mulaney: New In Town

Even your grandpa will be laughing.

18. Chef

Prepare to love this one and then order a ton of takeout.

19. Blackfish

A documentary that everyone should see.

20. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Definitely a must-see documentary that I'm sure the family will love.

21. Tarzan

How about a family sing-along?

22. Leap Year

You'll be smiling by the end of this one.

Alright, folks. There they are — 22 perfect movies to watch with your family.

Images: Giphy (22); Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures