13 Celebrity Best Friends With Compatible Zodiac Signs

Talk about a match made in heaven.

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13 Celebrity Best Friends With Compatible Zodiac Signs, According To Astrologers. Kelly Rowland zodi...
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Astrology can offer us lots of insight into our social lives and relationships, so it’s fun to check out which zodiac signs are most compatible in friendships. And we can learn a lot by looking at the cosmic connections between some of Hollywood's most dynamic BFF duos, too. The astrological compatibility of celebrity best friends can tell us how these starry pairs vibe, what can lead to drama between them, and the reasons why they've stuck together through thick and thin.

Reading celebrity best friend astrology charts involves more than just matching up two zodiac sun signs. If we want to see what's going on beneath the surface, it's important to examine the connection between some of the other planets in our birth charts, too — such as the moon (the planet of emotions), Mercury (planet of communication), and Venus (planet of values). These personal planets have a major influence over the way we connect with people, build relationships, and share intimacy.

"Venus governs what and who we like, so friendships will often enjoy harmonious ties that involve this planet," astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst of Star Sign Style tells Bustle, while "the Moon indicates the way we seek and find comfort.” A compatible vibe between two people's Venus signs can add pleasure, fun, and affection to a friendship, while a kinship between moon signs can make the friendship feel comfortable, safe, and natural. Additionally, strong Mercury aspects between friends can strengthen communication and make it easier to connect intellectually.

Bustle chatted with several pop culture astrologers to learn about the astrological compatibility of famous celebrity friendships. From famous Capricorns paired up with fellow Saturn-ruled Aquarians to sparkly Leo BFF duos, read on for the planetary scoop on these star-studded ride-or-die connections.

1. Taylor Swift (Sagittarius) & Selena Gomez (Cancer)

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Taylor is a shoot-for-the-stars Sagittarius — full of fire, passion, and a craving for adventure. But she has a gentle Cancer moon, which means she has a deep emotional side, too. This makes her an ideal friend to fellow pop queen Selena, who is an introspective Cancer sun sign. With a sun-moon connection in a sensitive sign like Cancer, it’s likely that Taylor feels she can be vulnerable with Selena, and it’s probably easy for them to get swept away in deep talks about their feelings and inner worlds.

But their compatibility doesn’t end there. "Taylor's Moon in comfort-driven Cancer [...] complements Selena's Cancer Sun," Dewhirst says. "But more importantly, the two celebrities also have a generous dose of fire." Selena's Venus is in fire sign Leo, while her moon is in equally-fiery Aries — which combined with Taylor's red-hot Sagittarius zodiac energy brings tons of excitement to this friendship. "They are very different, but it's likely there's enough commonality and juxtaposition for it to be interesting and fun," Dewhirst says.

2. Beyoncé (Virgo) & Kelly Rowland (Aquarius)

On the surface, Virgo and Aquarius aren't the most compatible signs, so the reason these two former Destiny's Child stars have remained so close through the decades is likely thanks to the positive connections between some of the other major planets in their birth charts. "Beyoncé's Venus sign compliments Kelly's, as they're both in air signs," Dewhirst says. This means both singers value similar qualities in their friendships and have compatible ways of showing affection and appreciation within their relationships.

Additionally, Kelly’s grounded moon in Taurus forms a lucky and supportive trine aspect to Beyoncé’s pragmatic Virgo sun, giving them the ability to relate to one another with relative ease. According to Dewhirst, this connection makes Kelly "a great and supportive friend who can agreeably go along with Bey's perfectionist tendencies."

3. Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius) & Courteney Cox (Gemini)

They played friends on Friends, but Jennifer and Courteney's off-screen bestie bond is just as major. "They are both air signs that naturally understand one another's needs," astrologer Stephanie Campos tells Bustle. "Aquarius and Gemini have overlapping values, so they'll be respectful of each other's space and won't jump to conclusions if the other cancels plans." Their sun signs also form a near-perfect trine aspect to one another, amplifying the power of their air sign kinship and creating an easy-flowing connection in their friendship.

In addition to having a strong sun sign alignment, Jennifer and Courteney have super compatible Mercury placements. They both fall into like-minded air signs, meaning their communication styles work really well together. The well-matched air sign energy between them likely contributes to their strong comedic chemistry. They're both witty and quick-thinking, making it easy to riff off of each other's senses of humor and land jokes.

4. Oprah (Aquarius) & Gayle (Capricorn)

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Oprah has described her best friend Gayle as being "the mother, the sister, the friend in one person," according to CNN — and that relationship has been so powerful that it’s transcended into a professional partnership, too. "Their friendship is a wonderful pairing because they share an intrinsic understanding about life and an easy way of relating," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. Their professional partnership was only natural, as Oprah is a visionary Aquarius zodiac sign, full of innovative ideas, while Gayle is a pragmatic and hardworking Capricorn zodiac sign, who brings a grounded focus to Oprah's creativity.

While Capricorn and Aquarius aren’t necessarily considered compatible zodiac signs, they share some important common ground, as both signs are traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn. This bestows both Oprah and Gayle with a strong sense of discipline and morality, as well as a tireless work ethic. Together, this dynamic duo has the cosmic power to build great things and share them with the world.

5. Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) & George Clooney (Taurus)

Brad and George are longtime friends and costars, and their brotherly chemistry is palpable on and off screen — in spite of the fact that their sun signs aren’t very similar. Sagittarius is a fire sign that loves to take risks and be on-the-go, while earth sign Taurus prefers to take things slow and appreciates stability. This could make it difficult to connect in some ways, as Taurus’ more relaxed lifestyle might feel boring to an excitement-seeking Sagittarius, while Sagittarius’ fast-paced energy could cramp a Taurus’ style.

While these differences could cause friction in some friendships, Brad and George’s cosmic connection has depth, as both actors share a moon sign in down-to-earth Capricorn. This makes it easy to be real and vulnerable with one another, see past their surface-level differences, and bond on an emotional level. “[They] just get each other," Thomas says of this moon alignment. "They like to laugh together, work together, and have fun together.”

6. Rihanna (Pisces) & Cara Delevingne (Leo)

Pisces is a sensitive water sign while Leo is a gregarious fire sign, so these Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets costars may not seem like the most compatible pair. However, Rihanna actually has a lot of significant fire sign energy in her chart that sets off sparks with Cara's flashy Leo Sun, giving them a passionate and fun connection. "Although Rihanna is a Pisces, she's wild at heart, with [multiple planets] in fire sign Aries," Dewhirst says.

They also share a strong mental connection in innovative air sign Aquarius, as Rihanna has Mercury in Aquarius, while Cara was born just ahead of an Aquarius full moon — meaning their friendship goes way deeper than just attending A-list parties together. "This perfect blend of fire and air means the two share friendship and rapport, but also likely align on bigger humanitarian issues, too," Dewhirst says.

7. Kristen Wiig (Leo) & Maya Rudolph (Leo)

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A Leo and Leo combo? No surprise here! These two fiery lionesses love the spotlight, but they are fabulous at supporting each other with positivity. "Lions travel in packs,” Campos says. “No one else knows the depth and loyalty of a Leo's friendship like another Leo, and when two lady Leos team up, they're each other's greatest cheerleaders for life.” With this sun sign alignment, you can assume this friendship is full of heart, and that these two truly understand each other’s goals at a core level.

In addition to their double-Leo sun connection, both Kristen and Maya have communication planet Mercury in Leo, too. This means they think and express themselves in a similar way, and can align easily on their ideas and senses of humor. On top of that, these two comedic stars both have their moons in an air sign, blessing them with a lighthearted emotional bond in addition to their mental connection and general compatibility.

8. Tiny Fey (Taurus) & Amy Poehler (Virgo)

The astrological connection between comedy queens Tina Fey and Amy Poehler makes for a deeply valuable bond. Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, which makes this friendship a grounding and sensible force in each other's lives. "The best friendship between Tina and Amy is so easily seen within their natal charts," Thomas says. "Their connection is natural, supportive, and flows harmoniously [...] They work in alignment professionally and personally, and there is not a competitive nature between them."

Tina and Amy’s Mercury zodiac signs are the same as their sun signs, which extends this high-level of compatibility to their communication styles, too. This explains their incredible chemistry and strong ability to connect with one another through jokes. Additionally, Amy’s moon in Leo forms a supportive sextile aspect to Tina’s moon in Libra, giving them an easygoing and open-hearted emotional bond.

9. Matt Damon (Libra) & Ben Affleck (Leo)

Matt and Ben's astrology shows why these long-time best friends click so easily — and how they are born to support each other in the spotlight. "Leo and Libra are two of the most compatible zodiac signs, because they both love to be social, extroverted, creative, and expressive," Thomas says. The signs of Leo and Libra form a positive sextile aspect to one another in the zodiac wheel, bringing ease, affection, and fun to a relationship between these two energies.

Matt and Ben’s Mercury signs are the same as their sun signs, amplifying their affirmative connection and making it easy to brainstorm and collaborate together, especially when it comes to creative projects. Additionally, Ben’s deep and mysterious Scorpio moon connects with Matt’s devoted and intense Scorpio Venus, creating an emotional safe space for the two to share their feelings and take pleasure in their close relationship.

10. Vanessa Hudgens (Sagittarius) & Ashley Tisdale (Cancer)

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Wild fire sign Sagittarius doesn't necessarily seem like an ideal bestie for a gentle and watery Cancer, but these High School Musical alumnae share a deep connection that allows them to bond and recharge together outside of the limelight. "While Vanessa's outgoing Sun in Sagittarius might make a more withdrawn Cancer [like Ashley] shudder, her Moon is in Pisces — a water sign, just like Ashley's Sun sign," Moon says. "When two people share a connection between their Sun and their Moon, there is an instant rapport." Vanessa’s moon and Ashley’s sun form a near-perfect trine aspect to each other, which is one of the luckiest and most harmonious connections two planets can make.

When it comes to relationship-oriented Venus signs, these former Disney stars have theirs in a tense opposition in the zodiac — which could cause friction in their friendship or make it hard to see eye-to-eye on their values. However, opposites also attract, so drama aside, this could bring some added excitement and dynamism to their bond, too.

11. Kim Kardashian (Libra) & Paris Hilton (Aquarius)

Kim is a flirty and sociable Libra while Paris is an innovative and forward-thinking Aquarius — so you can guarantee these socialite-turned-business-mogul air sign sisters naturally understand each other. "Like looking in a foggy, glamorous mirror, both Kim and Paris have their Sun [in] an air sign," Dewhirst says. Both of these signs deeply value relationships, enjoy being social, and have a high-concept way of presenting themselves, so it’s no surprise that these two starlets have shared a long-term friendship.

Paris also has her Mercury in Aquarius, and it forms an exact trine aspect with Kim’s Libra sun — giving them a beautiful mental connection on which to build their friendship. They both view the world and communicate in similar ways, so they can likely text back and forth or gab on the phone until the wee hours of the night.

12. Sophie Turner (Pisces) & Maisie Williams (Aries)

Fire signs like Aries can be brash and headstrong, but water signs like Pisces tend to be ethereal and sensitive — so this star-studded bestie duo could definitely clash. However, Sophie and Maisie have some powerful cosmic connections in their charts that overrule their sun sign incompatibilities and make for a strong bond. That’s because while Sophie may be a soft-hearted Pisces, she has a fiery side too, as both her moon and Venus are in Aries. These placements build a bridge of passion to Maisie’s Aries sun (as well as her Venus, which, like Sophie’s is also in Aries), bringing the two lots of common ground and shared pleasures.

Their moon zodiac signs also form a beautiful exact trine aspect, so this friendship feels like home. In Sophie and Maisie's case, the lunar connection takes place in the fire signs, making their emotional bond feel fun and passionate. "Sophie has her Moon at 3º Aries, while Maisie's is at 3º Leo, so these two feel comfortable with each other, [making] for stellar dressing room downtime and selfies," Dewhirst says. Being vulnerable and real with one another is effortless for these two former Game Of Thrones stars, and they can always count on each other to cheer them out of a bad mood.

13. Busy Philipps (Cancer) & Michelle Williams (Virgo)

The signs of Cancer and Virgo form a fun and supportive sextile aspect with one another in the zodiac, so it’s no surprise why these longtime Hollywood besties are so gentle and compassionate with one another. "Cancer and Virgo are a beautiful and easy connection because these two elements — water and earth — blend together magnificently," Thomas says. "They're both loyal and sensitive, want to connect from a nurturing and sentimental side, [and are] able to confide in each other."

The powerful and loving Cancer-Virgo compatibility between these former Dawson’s Creek costars actually spans even deeper. In addition to their sun signs, Busy and Michelle both have their moons and Mercury in Cancer and Virgo respectively, too — meaning their emotional and mental compatibility is just as strong as their general chemistry. While their opposing Mars signs (planet of aggression) might point to an occasional argument or hot-headed disagreement, their breezy sun, moon, and Mercury connections can help them smooth things over with open-hearted discussions and maintain empathy for the other person’s needs.

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