April 20, 2021

Love Isn’t Dead: 10 Celebrity Couples Who Have Lasted A Decade Or Longer Together

Famous breakups make headlines, but these relationships are standing the test of time.

By Mary Kate McGrath

Marvel's First Asian Superhero Movie Is Finally Coming To Theaters This Fall

The just-released trailer shows Shang-Chi saving the day and enjoying karaoke with Awkwafina.

By Candace Cordelia Smith

Nomadland Doesn’t Have To Be Restricted To Van Life

Would you trade in city living for a life on a narrowboat?

By Irina Dvalidze

A Day In The Life Of A Millennial Matchmaker

A viral TikTok of a single friend turned into an entire career.

By Chloe Burdette

Halle Berry Has Perfected The Self-Care Bath Soak — Here's Her Secret

The actor shares her go-to wellness habits and current favorite workout.

By Rachel Lapidos

2000s Denim Trends That Should Have Been More Popular

Flares, patchwork, and more.

By Avery Matera

Kim Kardashian Made A Big Mistake On Kourtney’s Birthday Card

Kourtney took the error in stride by mocking her sister.

By Jake Viswanath

Pete Davidson’s Verbal Knockout Of Jake Paul Was So Brutal, It Got Censored

He also called the YouTube star a “piece of sh*t.”

By Jake Viswanath

The Rock’s Daughter Wanted To Meet Aquaman & Jason Momoa Made It Happen

Dwayne Johnson’s 3-year-old is obsessed with the superhero.

By Mary Kate McGrath

8 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including two stunning debut memoirs.

By K.W. Colyard

What Lance Bass Thinks Of His Assistant Pretending To Be Him On 'The Circle'

“If there’s anyone who would be able to play as me, the only person that could do that is Lisa.”

By Martha Sorren

The 9 Best Movies of 2021 (So Far)

Make some space on your “to watch” list.

By Arya Roshanian