14 Albums Every '90s Kid Knows The Words To

The '90s was an important decade in the music industry. From the bubblegum pop dominating the radio to the outbreak of alternative rock, the variety of tunes hitting the radio waves was vast — and it all influenced culture. If you were a kid in the '90s, you probably had a lava lamp in your room and when you came home from school you sat down in your blow-up armchair to listen to the hottest tunes. Boy bands were all the rage, the edgy music of the punk generation just got you, and music was what you used to release all of those straight-up '90s-inspired feels. However, no matter what genre of music you preferred, there were some albums that all '90s kids just couldn't ignore. If you even bothered to watch MTV's Total Request Live or switch on the car radio, you were in the know. And, odds are, if I pay any of those CDs today, there are some albums every '90s kid still knows the words to.

Whether you preferred the songs you could dance to or the songs you could cry to, there were a select number of albums that you most likely popped into your walkman at some point or another just because. If the holidays or your birthday was coming around, maybe you found one of these albums wrapped in Rugrats wrapping paper. And, now, it's time to revisit them. These are the 14 albums from the '90s you still remember the words to:

1. * NSYNC — *NSYNC (1997)

*NSYNC's self-titled debut album not only sparked most '90s kids' obsession with the band, but it also introduced us all to lovestruck ballads such as "Tearin' Up My Heart" and "I Want You Back." In fact, listening to the album today I'm pretty sure that I'm falling in love with these boys all over again.

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2. ...Baby One More Time — Britney Spears (1999)

Britney's debut album came out at the latter end of the '90s, and ended up being one of the most memorable albums of the era. From "...Baby One More Time" to other catchy hits such as, "(You Drive Me) Crazy," "Sometimes," and "Thinkin' About You," the album's 11-song track list launched Britney's career and made all of us wish we were her.

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3. Backstreet's Back — The Backstreet Boys (1997)

*NSYNC wasn't the only boy band to take over the '90s! The Backstreet Boys also came onto the scene in the '90s with hits like "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," "As Long As You Love Me," and "If I Don't Have You." Once you listen to this album, your '90s boy band loving heart will be officially torn.

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4. Millenium — The Backstreet Boys (1999)

And Backstreet's Back wasn't the only '90s album from The Backstreet Boys that every '90s kid rocked out to! The 1999 release of Millenium kept the party going with 12 songs including, "I Want It That Way" and "Larger Than Life." If you played this album at your birthday party, don't worry: Your friends definitely thought you were cool.

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5. Spice — Spice Girls (1996)

Oh, The Spice Girls! it doesn't matter if you related most to Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Posh Spice, or Ginger Spice, you sang all of the lyrics. And the Spice album was the very first time the girls stepped on the scene and with 10 debut songs — including "Wannabe" and "2 Become 1" — they made sure the '90s has their name all over it.

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6. Spiceworld — The Spice Girls (1997)

And The Spice Girls didn't leave you to other girl bands so soon! In 1997 they released their second album, Spiceworld , and introduced the world to hit songs like "Spice Up Your Life" and "Viva Forever." At this point in time, you and your friends probably already had her designated names and outfits together. And there was no way you were going to let any of the album's lyrics pass you by.

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7. The Writing's On The Wall — Destiny's Child (1999)

Before there was Queen Bey, there was Destiny's Child: The three girl pop/R&B group starring Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams. And it was their 1999 album, The Writing's On The Wall , that contains the songs you probably think of when you feel like reliving the past. Seriously, who could forget songs like "Jumpin Jumpin," "Bills, Bills, Bills," and "So Good"?!

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8. Christina Aguilera — Christina Aguilera (1999)

Britney Spears wasn't the only pop diva with an album you blasted! In the late '90s, Christina Aguilera stepped onto the scene with her self-titled debut album as well, and won our hearts over with songs like, "Genie In A Bottle," "What A Girl Wants," and "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)."

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9. Third Eye Blind — Third Eye Blind (1997)

But the albums of the '90s weren't all pop bands and choreographed dance moves. Third Eye Blind made their debut in 1997 with their self-titled album and gave us songs that spoke to our feels. Having a bad day? Playing songs like "Jumper" and "Losing A Whole Year" on your walkman was the answer.

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10. Come On Over — Shania Twain (1997)

If you were more into country music in the '90s, odds are Shania Twain was your muse. However, country music fan or not, Come On Over was the album to remember. With songs like, "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!," "From This Moment On," and "You're Still The One," this '90s album provided us with years of girl's night anthems and songs to have your first dance to.

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11. Jagged Little Pill — Alanis Morissette (1995)

"You Oughta Know," "Hand In My Pocket," "All I Really Want"... the list of incredible, unforgettable songs makes up this entire album. Alanis Morissette set the tone for what it means to be a true '90s artists, and inspired so many of the artists we have today. And, based off of this album, it's no surprise as to why.

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12. Enema Of The State — Blink-182 (1999)

Blink-182's Enema Of The State album was no small thing! The punk rock era of the '90s relied on this album and it's 12 song track list (with hits like "All The Small Things") to set the tone... and it's still there for '90s kids to appreciate today. Seriously, I'm never going to get sick of this album.

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13. II — Boyz II Men (1994)

Before *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys began their boy band battle, Boyz II Men smooth-talked their ways into our hearts with songs like, "All Around The World," "On Bended Knee," and "I'll Make Love To You." The II album's 13 song track list not only stole our hearts, but remains with us even today. Just try not to sing along to every word.

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14. Tragic Kingdom — No Doubt (1995)

Before going out on her own, Gwen Stefani broke out on the scene with the '90s band, No Doubt. And the punk rock generation of the '90s had edgy songs like "Just A Girl," "Different People," and "Spiderwebs" to rock along to. Tragic Kingdom is that '90s album you probably forgot about until now... but you most definitely still know.

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Excuse me while I spend the rest of my day listening to all of these albums. Seriously, who needs new music when these albums are timeless? The nostalgia feels are too strong right now.